Here are 4 simple steps I mention you have to do to make your own personal brand online, I want to ask a question How do you expect to make sales and generate leads if you like all entrepreneurs? Almost every online entrepreneur is doing the same and surprise that you think are receiving the same, it is time to set you apart from others, the first advice I give is to make yourself known to everybody, is much simpler trust someone when you know his name, when you see his face, when you know how is your voice, Even when people begin to recognize your name online, do not start to respect you if you do not give face, if you have any product sold online , then place a picture of you on the cover of your product, if you have a website also about putting your picture in the header for example and in other parts of your website, the second advice I give is that I make a lot of videos , The video helps to establish a relationship faster, shows people that are real, not just one entrepreneur invisible is to get your dollars, making many videos, people will remember your face and your voice, a tactic used by many entrepreneurs to use videos is first introduce yourself by name and website of your business, so many people you see in video remember your name your web site or to your product, the third piece of advice I give is that it interacts with your supporters or prospects, you can have a good reputation if your email marketing campaign is descente, but you can have a better reputation even if it interacts with your prospects, subscribers with video and still would be better if you gave the famous free teleseminars that are fashionable, people will love to know that an expert takes the time to give aa teleconference ordinary people and answer their questions, and I promise you’ll have fans for a good time and to top it all of this, people speak well of you and that is the best advertising you can have, the fourth and final advice I give is that you have excellent customer service, customer service not only T hose apex entrepreneurs who have a product also applies to anyone who has a list of subscribers or a list of supporters on a blog, if you had a problem with a client who has yours bought a product should meet immediately and try to solve your problem, so you will avoid speaking ill of you across the network and your reputation is concerned, very few people of this type are not aligned, but if you’re going to find, so you better fix your situation the best way so it is better to have a good customer service so that you have satisfied customers and spread the word that you are a serious and respectable entrepreneur … . .