Refine deadlines for registration and documentation of ownership, usually the cost of the contract amount is not included. And finally, there are some points on which it is worth considering: Do you think that simply buying an apartment? You are wrong! For example, in the opinion of many construction companies, you involved in investment activities. Namely, they are putting in money for profit! In court, it is their main argument. I advise you to learn how to interpret the agreement on share participation in the company where you are going to buy apartment. Keep in mind that the investor bears all the risks. Not bad, provided that the income you did not get! Let it be a contract to purchase a share; In the contract (not all) and you might find this item: “pays interest holders home maintenance costs (electricity, water, heating, cleaning non-residential buildings, removal of domestic waste, etc.) from the transfer of a share paid by the time the housing above the house on the balance service organization. ” Please note that the specific term of this very moment of the transfer is not listed.

Example: The tenants of a house built by the company in 2003, were forced to a year to pay utility Technical services prices (2 times as much), before the house was passed serving organizations; Another point: “The cost of one square. m of floor space is … and can not be changed during the contract. ” All fine, but might get a situation: interest holders of one company, which entered into contracts prior to 2001 (low prices), of course, did not think that this company will change the owner.