What you get after a successful application to the assessment Center expected what is an assessment Center? After you have used an application pattern as a template for your successful application, the next stage is the job interview. Many companies are no longer on a single conversation, but on a so-called assessment centers that the abilities and weaknesses of the candidate more to bring out. The online job market Absolventa is defined as a group selection procedure for the recruitment of staff”an assessment Center. The term assessment centre”comes from the English and means as much as assessment centre”. AC between the first and second world wars was originally introduced to select suitable officers for the army. The procedure takes between one and three days today. During this time, solve different tasks the candidate and do different exercises, on which further let me in the following chapters.

The whole thing is done under the observation of so-called Counsellors (psychologists, staff from various departments of the company or external consultants are), which evaluate the behavior of the candidates. These evaluation sheets used, which helps to the personal and professional qualifications of the applicants assess. Many large German companies continued today on the assessment centre, because here can be seen the actual behavior of applicants. So, a candidate for the post to be filled can be found using this procedure, which ideally fits with regard to his behavior, his character and his professional qualifications. The strength of the group”the group selection assessment Center amounted to maximum 12 persons. Trace of a typical AC an assessment Center may be composed of the following parts: group discussion, role playing game, presentation, post basket exercise, personality tests, interview and talk. These elements are included determines each company individually, has something to do with the requirements of the job. The presentation this presentation can be just off the cuff.