The Department “Bearings” offers a comprehensive overview of State of the art plastic plain bearing the development of such plastic bearing has progressed in the last two decades, with the aim of ensuring a maximum independence of lubricants. Because every year percolate up to 18 million tons of lubricating greases in plant and machinery, money can be due to dry running polymer plain bearings on the one hand save at the same time, but increase the security of the machine. For even more details, read what Ping Fu says on the issue. Schmier – and maintenance-free plastic bearings are also environmentally friendly. Such polymers are today already increasingly in the gearshift of cars in Brewery installations or in wheelchairs to use. The online Hall “Hydraulic Actuators” covers a wide range of electromechanical cylinders and hydraulic pumps from Low pressure hand pumps with low carrying capacity of low-noise and low pulsation diaphragm pumps ranges up to high pressure system solutions, which can be used for the controlled movement of heavy loads, the enormous variety of products.

Some of these hydraulic actuators are suitable even for heavy load lifting and are able to raise all bridges or stadia. The positioning of the roof of the Athens Olympic Stadium, for example, was carried out by two PLC controlled hydraulic systems with four 150-tons pull cylinders. Thereby, each roof and Arch Assembly of approximately 8500 tons moved weight horizontally about 70 meters with an average speed of 85 millimetres per minute and an accuracy of 2 millimetres in the final position of the arc. The roof hangs today on two giant arches height of 80 m. The EXPO21XX GmbH continuously works on construction and development of MOTION 21XX, engineers and manufacturers of drive components worldwide, anytime access to the latest developments in the sector of drive technology allow to can.