Tradingfonds, or better managed accounts? It’s actually a perfectly logical way for informed investor, to improve the structure of the own portfolio at regular intervals and not to adhere to outdated investment models. In this respect, it seems reasonable to consider short-term trading strategies in the portfolio especially in a market environment that allows no accurate long-term forecast. Trading strategies that set their focus on trends and turning points within a very short period of time. At least an important principle is the combination of successful classic investment strategies and successful daytrading strategies unmistakably meet: diversification. Towards the diversification as so often, there are several ways to achieve the desired diversification. About managed accounts access to very good trading strategies is open to long institutional and high net worth private investors. Through improved technical conditions in the trade can also be used by the operator lately “Offer accounts with smaller minimum investments, so that even normal” come investors benefit from active trading systems. Meanwhile, the fund industry trying to unlock.

After here in Europe for decades across mostly only access to passively managed mutual funds and only thanks to relaxed investment directives also to long-term trend following models was possible, open doors to very active trading strategies via UCITS III mutual funds increasing lately. With the increased withdrawal of trading strategies in mutual funds new, very interesting opportunities for numerous Fund-based portfolio by asset managers, roof fund managers, insurance companies and also private investors. Trading strategy and packaging but regardless of which way the investors choose to achieve the desired diversification: interested parties should confront a very precisely the underlying trading strategy. And it is equally important, to even the cover deliberately is be, in which the strategies are packed. For investors who have the corresponding basic understanding for trading, managed accounts offer the unbeatable argument of transparency. Since the trade on their own account, can each transaction be followed second.