DC welding has advantages over the variables. First, it reduces the content of the filler metal electrode in the weld. Second, it decreases the amount of dross on the joint. This increases the strength and quality welding in comparison with electric welding with alternating current due to the greater depth of penetration of the material. Third, the DC welding reduces the loss to spray, so reduces the amount of filler materials, fusible electrodes or wires, which reduces cost and increases profitability. Read additional details here: Slayer. And finally, fifth, using a DC voltage is less impact on the stability of the arc, due to which facilitates the work of improving the performance and welder. Thus the intention to buy a welding transformer rectifier instead of a more rational way.

Welding rectifier welding machine is composed of transformer and the semiconductor rectifier unit also containing elements to smooth the ripple of rectified current. Some Rectifiers are used as components for improving the stability of the arc and additional equipment to allow weld non-ferrous metals and iron. nd it difficult to be quoted properly. Logical in this case, the increase in size, weight and cost of welding rectifier with more than offset by the advantages of electric DC. Sale of welding rectifier must be accompanied by expert advice. In accordance with the requirements of the quality of welds, welding skills, tasks and other settings particular company, you can choose and buy different types of welding rectifiers, and design. Single-phase welding rectifiers have the highest amplitude of the ripple current than the three-phase, and are intended for domestic use. Most of the welding rectifiers, industrial use of three-phase current standard 50/60Hz. Welding rectifiers differ depending on the rectifier unit: Single phase Chetyrehventilnaya scheme is used in consumer welding rectifiers.

Three six-phase rectifier and the scheme provides a smooth curve of output current with minimum ripple and apply professional welders. On the characteristics of the rectifier also affects the type of rectifier block elements: Silicon diodes are less compact and heat resistant, but sensitive to overload. Selenium diodes have a high resistance to overload and stable performance, but can work with smaller power supply. Thyristors allow you to adjust the arc current in a wide range and stabilize it, but require special control unit. LLC "Trading Company" Bamz "sells welding rectifiers in a wide range, from household to industrial. Our experience in the shipment of welding equipment and work with many transport companies allow you to not only buy a welding rectifier, but to get it in the shortest time virtually anywhere in the world. We value each client and our reputation as trusted and reliable supplier.