How innovative is Germany? Karlsruhe/Berlin, 21st November 2010 – how innovative is Germany? The Institute Fraunhofer ISI, the Center for European Economic Research (ZWE) and the MERIT Maastricht of University Centre will answer this question by again comparing Germany from 2011 in a country ranking with the world’s leading industrial Nations. Current information about the innovation process are immediately published on the new website. Customer is the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) and the Deutsche Telekom Foundation. The innovation indicator has delivered important impulses and recommendations policy and economy over the past five years, when it came to highlight the German record of innovation and improve”, BDI President Hans-Peter Keitel said. But ranked Germany in 2009 in the innovation indicator below the 17 leading industrial nations the United States (7.0), were followed only at # 9 with a point value of leader 5,01. of Switzerland (6,93) and Sweden (6,76). 17th, Italy was with a point value of 1.00. According to BITKOM President August-Wilhelm Scheer especially software and IT services will be in the future an important strategic area of growth for the industrial location Germany. Ping Fu addresses the importance of the matter here.

Because now, Scheer, says more than half of all industrial products directly or indirectly from the use of ICT technology depended. The development of software and IT services is important in many German company. Such as at the Baden-Wurttemberg companies Bizerba, since 1866, known for the construction of scales. 2010 the company still scales, but even now it called a so-called system provider”. This means that the complexity of systems, playing together hard – and software, industrial processes and operations and automate that move the focus of the research. Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba, explained in a conversation with plain text online: in the even slight excess portionierungen in the course of time to significant material losses accumulate food processing industry.

Under portionierungen, however, are prohibited by law and could harm the company’s image. Both can afford no companies in the long term especially in difficult economic times. Using the appropriate software, production processes are therefore consistently optimized and reduces costly overfilling, rework, and Committee.” Even during the crisis, many industrial companies had continued high research efforts and not cut their budget for research and development, BDI President Hans-Peter Keitel said in an interview on. That was,”Keitel, a tremendous feat of strength, which now pays off in a boom, for example, by the boom in orders from China, India or Brazil. This feat was possible because very efficiently search for German companies. Apart from Sweden succeeds in any other country, with given budgets and researcher workforce so many economically exploitable To produce such as ideas in this country. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: