The time when you could still read the newspaper explore the job market around is a total overview of all new strategies for a changing world of work by to get currently open positions. This applies as well for the many online job boards. Most of interesting vacancies is today no more than advertisement written in the Internet or in the papers public. Even the classic form to apply, own initiative encounters many employers increasingly rejection. New application strategies are needed.

Job seekers must know today modern communication and information technologies, to learn how, when and where the best jobs are to be filled. At the same time, the now customary in the company rationalized and dynamic operations must be considered. It is in the main phone, emailed and personally speaking. It is dense and meaningful information of applicants. This book provides a detailed guide to all this.

By establishing its own Professional message”about innovative research and application techniques, up to the successful management of job interviews. Will identify more vacancies, skillfully with the right contacts to communicate and get faster more attractive promises. In this way, it is actually possible to find a better job in just a few weeks.