Move from relative stability have a work and income fixed (even if not desired) to adventure and risk of working as a Freelance, is a delicate transition, can only enhance it with proper planning of your professional development. From the moment that arises the concern to work on our own, believing firmly in our abilities and skills to succeed, it must also start a planning process to prepare us intellectual, psychic and strategically to cope successfully with the transition. NEW role, new responsibilities the successful years of experience, the dozens of accumulated contacts, the hundreds of tricks and shortcuts that we have developed, are just the technical basis of our new adventure professional, we must be prepared to assume a new professional role, which makes us responsible for all the production cycle of our new personal company. Some of the tasks of our new professional role are: realization and follow-up of service offerings knock on doors in search new business opportunities direct and continuous task of customer billing processes, fees, and related. Assume new expenses and costs keep constantly updated our portfolio performing self promotion on line and off line anyway, is a new era of responsibilities which is also accompanied by new benefits and bonuses. Then let’s see some practical tips to make the transition from being staff employed to become Freelance more successful: begins to train you with the idea of your new style of work before leaving your job is important that you start your activities seriously freelance, working on your days off, in your free time, etc. You have to experience now that new professional role that you will deal directly with your customers. I recommend being very careful with the self promotion of your services as a freelance before formally leaving your job, because you could cause bad misunderstandings or allegations of conflict of interest.