Many foreign guys who come to Thailand or even those looking for Thai girlfriends or wives on the Internet are having problems on the launch of their relationship because they never know what might be a good topic for talk about with girls from Thailand. Keep in mind that you do not always speak with a Thai girl with the same subject as you do with western women, because some topics are acceptable, and some are not particularly about sex. Therefore, when foreign men are trying to meet a good Thai girl, and then ask her out, the problem may arise because they do not know how to talk to a girl from Thailand. Credit: Slayer-2011. If you take it on Today, the food is interesting in that it helps you how to use a date. Since most Thai girls love to eat, they are always welcome, if they have good food especially for special occasions. Speaking of food fun and help each of you a break from nervous tension (especially in the first dating). Read more here: Kerry King.

Thai women like to discuss what kind of food at me, and while you can share your views on the your favorite foods. This will absolutely help you two to know each other. Spend about 15 minutes, showing that you are interested in Thai cuisine, and some Thai dishes that you like, maybe she will remember and plan to cook for you for special occasions. In addition, when you already know her favorite dish, please note in your mind and take it in any good restaurant and order it for her whenever you go out.