The problem is that this discomfort and dissatisfaction recursively self-esteem plays like a broken record and little by little we lose our personal power, to feel dull, and lifeless. This is not the mood or the life I want for you. Today I want to help break this negative discourse expanding your mind to create new possibilities, but to create new and better possibilities in your life you must first learn to see, because if not vesa how can you be convinced that they are possible? And if you did not think possible, how can you have a predisposition to action to finally enjoy the results? What I mean by chance? I was searching in the Royal Spanish Academy: searched for the word “possibility” and took these two definitions whose meanings I want to be fixed in your mind: 1. Learn more at this site: Dustin Moskovitz. f. Ability, power or opportunity to be or be something. 2.

f. Ability or authority to do or not do something. My aim then is to help you generate in you that power, that “the power to do something. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dustin Moskovitz and gain more knowledge.. ” If you see it first in your mind and you will find a way to manifest your reality and finally “be” that you want to be “doing.” I want you to generate new patterns in your mind and eyes of possibility … a Opportunities to earn more money to live in more comfort, a opportunities to meet new friends and a potential partner to love and be loved, a opportunities work, a business opportunities, a meet your chances of being and knowing who you are and what else would you like to do in your life Well, so many possibilities you can create in your mind evaluating possible new directions.