The good mood is symptom that things go well, but of course we can also say that when we are in a good mood things go better, therefore it is important to try to be as good as usual is in some places. It is often elusive, discover how to catch him to not let him go. Humor is contagious, just as human flu, so being close to people with good humor is gorgeous (not use cover mouths you will notice the smile); who has this virus keeps the mood high, falls ill shortly, creates an environment to its around stable and much more happy, it retains the personal balance with ease to everyday problems and your environment is perceived well-being in general. It is true that there are pleasant events that can cause us a feeling pleasant or happy and contributing to be well, but ultimately feel in a good mood is a personal decision, is an attitude towards life, is a matter of control. If humor often flees from you, here are some suggestions to catch him. Make a list (phrases reminder, do not have to describe in detail) welcome events of his life, 3 or 4 will be enough, put it in places where you can find it by chance (within a book, the pantry, down a folder, in the drawer of the Bureau, on the small secret section of your portfolio, etc.). Surround yourself with meaningful images that bring you good memories (photos, pictures, clippings). Make sure you have at hand those odors or flavors that associates with pleasant experiences (the seasoning of the grandmother, sweets for children, popping corn, etc.) Integrate into their environment some of soft music, always gives good results. Combine work and rest in the correct proportion, more it is worth one hour of real concentration and productivity than a whole night with mediocre results and damage to health. Place a slogan to view for example: does anyone have more ideas? Share them!