The education of the Mathematics is in the curricular grating of basic education and average and many times are taught distanciadamente of the reality of our pupil and the professor educator must pledge itself to approach the mathematical concepts to the reality of the students through the resolution of the daily problems. The initial objective of the mathematics in basic and average education is to teach the pupil to think and a form to work this is in first place, to analyze where degree is the knowledge of the students and consequentemente to revise the boarded contents in the initial series so that from this sounding and revision, the professor initiates the content programmarian for the school year. Consequentemente to this analyzes, the mediator must work playfully. The playful word if originates from Latin ' ' ludus' ' , that it means to play and According to FEIJ (1992), ' ' the playful one is a basic necessity of the personality, the body and of mind, is part of the essential activities of the dynamics humana' '. What it characterizes the playful one is the fullness experience that it makes possible to who lives deeply it in its acts, as a state to be full in what he makes with pleasure and he can be present in different situations of our lives, as when we use of toys to teach geometry in the series you initiate, therefore, the reasoning, logic, deduction and induction, assist to build the intellect of the pupil and the contents that involve these abilities are basic in the education of the mathematics, therefore the mediator who obtains to make with that its pupils learn using the tool most powerful that they possess in its lives: its brain, with certainty can believe that good part of its objective already is if materialize. The professor educator cannot forget that he must prepare the pupil for the life and is necessary to use in the lessons, activities that contribute for the development and perfectioning of inherent abilities to education of Mathematics, as creativity, initiative and reflection, beyond all the mathematical knowledge that the pupil needs withholds, after the mathematics disciplines is it that it can contribute for the intellectual development, personal and social of the pupils..