The results are there. Probably will be used space on this blog to tell later, some of the numerous, profound and sensitive organizational experiences I lived and which they can tell if adds it something to the reality professional and personal of every one of you. There is a barrel of two arrobas, built with a special wood, which keeps a special wine with a shield and a special phrase carved in a special corner of my house, gift of the, at the time, President of the company (thanks Paco), so today touches talk about wine. Antonio Gala deliciously expressed in the proclamation of the year 1990 Mollina wine fair: your wine is stimulant, generous, perfumed, sweet and sometimes dry. I.e. as a kiss.

Ranging from the soft color of Topaz clearer until that thick for Javier La Beira darker amber color, seems like a dream, and it is. The dream that had a town by writing their vital lines with ink of grape the singer was right: If the wine comes, comes life. The cooperative (more than 600 partners) emerged in the 1970s as a result of the effort and enthusiasm of farmers in Mollina. Jose. A. Munoz says Rojas: the heart runs over these fields. Eyes, ears, smell lead him. It makes sense to.

Currently has the following sections: wine, supplies, mill, credit section, dressing, shop and trading joint stock company. It has established itself as the largest producer of grapes of the denominacion de origen Malaga. On the other hand, also part of the set of cooperatives which today make up the Group Hojiblanca, considered today the largest oil distributor worldwide. The arms of the strains had broken stakes that propped them, rendered with the weight of the opulent bunches (J.M. Caballero Bonald). As regards wine, the company annually milled environment to 7 million kilos of grapes, mainly Lairen, Pedro Ximenez, Doradilla and Moscatel varieties.