If you are looking for to buy wax low fusion, I recommend Planetdepil to you – wax low fusion for professionals-.Es a wax of very high quality elaborated with microcrystalline waxes, paraffins and beeswaxes. The format is of 1 kilo and this available one in rose, chocolate, blue ivory and. The best thing of everything – separate of his quality it is his fantastic price. From 4.64 Euros by stock market. The importance of using a wax of low fusion of quality is maximum at the time of the hair-removing process. A wax that do not contain paraffins, nor beeswaxes will cause that the shaving is not of quality, aside from drying out the skin of the client.

With this type of wax a smooth and effective shaving is obtained. In order to make but the shaving effective and pleasant post is fundamental to use a hair-removing oil that will cause that the birth of the hair is slowed down, aside from calming the irritated zones. Also you can use in the shaving a blister retardant to avoid that the hair returns to leave with as much rapidity. Aside from being a service of added value and consequently you will be able to acquire but money to yours clienta (you can receive 3 Euros calmly) it gives to a value differentiator to the hair-removing process.