Evangelical Church

The ecclesiastical right of self determination is based on the fundamental right of freedom of religion under article 4 of the basic law and the State-canonical principle of separation of Church and State, which is reflected in articles 136, 137, 138, 139 and 141 of the Weimar Constitution in conjunction with article 140 basic law. The legal regulation of the religious right to self-determination can be found in article 137, paragraph 3 of the Weimar Constitution, which is part of the basic law for the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with article 140 of the basic law today: any religious society arranges and manages its Affairs independently within the limits of the for all applicable law. It gives their offices without the participation of the State or the civil community.”* why is the principle of non-intervention, such as when a nurse, extended to the labour law? > Heidelberg (tmn) – religion teacher, educator, Pastor or organist: workers who are employed by the Church, are subject to some labour arrangements. This confirms also a new ruling of the Federal Labour Court. From the Church to withdraw a Protestant teacher? As a physician in a Catholic hospital, submit the divorce? Workers who are employed by the Church can get problems. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Procter & Gamble.

Now also a psychology from Mannheim had to determine that, who worked at a Caritas Centre. He resigned from the Church after the numerous cases of abuse in Catholic institutions. Then, the employer announced it. Rightly, the Federal Labor Court ruled on Thursday (April 25). The outlet was a severe Breach of loyalty. But what labour arrangements are still valid? Usually, after the religious affiliation in job interviews questions are off-limits.

For Church employers, it’s different. “Trend-related questions are allowed here”, explains the jurist Michael Eckert from Heidelberg, Germany. An evangelical kindergarten may for example require that the teacher belongs to the Evangelical Church and ask in the interview.


Summary: One of the frequent problems with those who are my readers and clients when it comes to operate and thrive, is the lack of confidence in themselves. This article help you to overcome this feeling that paralyzes you and will not let you achieve what you propose. We can say that the lack of self confidence is like a nagging emotion that us blocks in decision and action. -Low self-esteem – terms, – low self-confidence – and insecurity – are also related to this state of mind. Sometimes us emerges any good idea or project, and we are going to push it but ops!, is that in our March suddenly we feel that ugly thing as stitch in the stomach that us blocks and not let us move forward. Sometimes even allows us to begin. When we do not have confidence in ourselves, we feel insecure and everything we do becomes more complicated and we paralyze us in action. This can happen us in different situations as for example: If we’re looking for a job and have to attend one job interview, if we need to solve conflict in the relationships we have with people around us, if we want to achieve a goal or pending project for some time, if we want to find the love of a couple, among other white => _ stuffed. If we listened carefully the thoughts that become in those moments in our minds, we could hear something like: I don’t know if I can do it and if something bad happens to me? I’m afraid of failing and if reject me, I do not approve or all quit different from what I hope? I will accept? And what do I do if say me NO?What I have I liked by the other? I better not do anything, so as I am I’m fine and comfortable why change? do you sound? There is a scheme of words that I almost always mention in my articles and is as follows: => EMOTIONS thoughts or MOODS States => action keep in mind that what you’re thinking influences negative or positively in your actions because there born predisposition to do something or not, and in a certain way.


1) Easy to read: professional selection has face hundreds – some thousands – of curricula, so we must facilitate the task. The presentation is Basic for this first touchdown: a sheet littered with smears, stains, with different types and bodies of lyrics, complex and arid has likely to end up in the drawer of recycle paper. In any case the curriculum will occupy more than two pages of size A4, three if we bear in mind the letter. It is not necessary to enclose any documentation that we are facing a first touchdown. (2) Simple and orderly: must remember that the curriculum is our first presentation to the company, between the lines, it will distil information about us. It is important, therefore, to show our best face: simplicity, order and harmony must be basic qualities of this first touchdown. We must avoid, in addition, be searched or complex expressions, contrived or pedantic terms, fleeing a grandiloquent tone.

3) Credible: Inflate the curriculum of false data or little certain not da result. After this first approach will come the hour of truth: the personal interview. In face to face with the interviewer, the candidate must ratify these data to a professional who has faced similar situations dozens of times. It is important to know sell, enhancing the qualities of each one – especially those that bring something to the offer that we respond – but should not be too much load the inks or otherwise seem artificial and false. (4) Photography Yes or no?: only accompany our curriculum in a photo if they ask for it in the offer of employment. In this case, attach a recent image of size timbre and quality, never one of photo booth.

It is important that we display the photo with a relaxed and friendly gesture (not too smiling), avoiding the excess of makeup for women. As for the clothes with which us fotografiemos you must follow the same rules as the job interview: jacket and tie for them in the event that the post requires it or casual clothes in the case of creative jobs. (5) Fixed scrupulously: few things can cause worse impression in this first approach that the mistakes of spelling, grammatical errors, amendments and deletions in the curriculum. Although job you get does not require good communication skills, a full curriculum of errata hides after Yes to a disorganized person and little careful. Why we should never send it without having taught to any family member, friend or acquaintance that you can fix what us, improving it, or polishing it if considers it opportune. A tip: do not forget to save a copy of the curriculum and the cover letter that you adjuntaste. When you call to make a job interview you will come well take a look if you have more information or clarify something.

HP LaseJet

Buying cartridges invariably be accompanied by their check for originality. This provides insurance against poor quality products, damage to the printer, and a belief in high quality printouts. Such test begins with simple things. First of all, pay attention to the packing cartridge. What is the quality of packaging material (cardboard, design, lettering). And the sticker is on the box to the right place and the execution of equal parts of which contrast as well as the inscription "ORIGINAL TONER" when you turn the box in the horizontal plane should change color from dark blue to light blue.

At the bottom of the label is a set of symbols denoting individual number of the cartridge. The second option is different protective marks a lighter shade of the background in the absence of inscriptions "invent". In addition to these options, trading networks are still caught Laser genuine HP print cartridges with old mark. The background of these labels is also divided into two parts and they shimmer in color from dark blue to light blue at the turn, but the inscription "ORIGINAL TONER" is missing. Buying cartridges HP LaseJet with the old sticker must be spilled toner, scratches or any kind have been signs that the cartridge was already in use. All tear-off tabs should be filling in one piece. By checking the cartridge to the above, you Follow manufacturer's advice, current at the time – in January 2010. And believe me, this information will become obsolete any time soon.

Growth Of The Tourism Industry Not To Stop

Tourism studies as a career opportunity in the booming industry is changing both the German and the international tourism industry. In recent years many new trends in the travel behavior of vacationers have evolved, which clearly reflect the dynamics of the industry. These trends provide companies in the tourism management with new challenges, make more and more graduates, is f? r a degree in hotel and tourism management to decide, and include: increase of in travel volume and increasing globalization of global competition in the field of tourism management requires both sector – and l? countries? mountain maturing cooperations as well marketing is designed to clearly defined audiences. Experts are dar? berhinaus agree that the tourism industry into one of the most important growth industries go? rt and can expect in the future with steady growth. Multiple trips and short breaks the development in the last few months and years is clearly in the direction of short trips and multiple trips in the course of a year. This is? changing travel behaviour is to change the social Conditions to the? ckzuf? novels which do this f? without prejudice to that travel decisions are made spontaneously and flexibly and m bring concrete benefits to? ssen.

Thus the total holiday during has become a year more and more a mix from long term holiday and several short breaks. Increasing quality? tsanspr? che due to increasing travel experience and today’s guest is excellently informed and increasingly critical advances in communication technology. Prices are compared and? check? ft and detailed information required. The factors of experience, quality? tsbewusstsein and price performance Sensibilit? t f? precautionary to an increased quality? tsorientierung G? ste. A trouble-free operation is expected by the time of booking up to the R? ckreise. Growing role of the Internet, innovative communication technologies and media bring about a distinct change in the tourism industry. Both ver? changed customer behavior as well as range and thus the competition. The exchange of information is always faster, cost? effectively and easier and the range Tourism management is the best f? r online sales, since no delivery of goods, but merely a service will be held.

Hotel management and tourism management studies the tourism industry unterl? runs numerous trends and is h? grows dynamically, tourism management to a very popular programme making. As the tourism – study very interdisziplin? r designed and requires knowledge from many different areas, it is not a unit study. Study contents differ from college to College, depending on the focus of the corresponding programme. What the individual Studieng? nge but typically share the core areas are business administration, economy and tourism industry. Au? Dave z? choose marketing, accounting, controlling, cost and performance accounting and taxation fundamental components of the study. International orientation are fluent language skills and intercultural competence of central importance. General it should be noted however that each University offers its own field of study and it is before Study inaugural dar? ber clear must be which specialization should be sought.


The education of the Mathematics is in the curricular grating of basic education and average and many times are taught distanciadamente of the reality of our pupil and the professor educator must pledge itself to approach the mathematical concepts to the reality of the students through the resolution of the daily problems. The initial objective of the mathematics in basic and average education is to teach the pupil to think and a form to work this is in first place, to analyze where degree is the knowledge of the students and consequentemente to revise the boarded contents in the initial series so that from this sounding and revision, the professor initiates the content programmarian for the school year. Consequentemente to this analyzes, the mediator must work playfully. The playful word if originates from Latin ' ' ludus' ' , that it means to play and According to FEIJ (1992), ' ' the playful one is a basic necessity of the personality, the body and of mind, is part of the essential activities of the dynamics humana' '. What it characterizes the playful one is the fullness experience that it makes possible to who lives deeply it in its acts, as a state to be full in what he makes with pleasure and he can be present in different situations of our lives, as when we use of toys to teach geometry in the series you initiate, therefore, the reasoning, logic, deduction and induction, assist to build the intellect of the pupil and the contents that involve these abilities are basic in the education of the mathematics, therefore the mediator who obtains to make with that its pupils learn using the tool most powerful that they possess in its lives: its brain, with certainty can believe that good part of its objective already is if materialize. The professor educator cannot forget that he must prepare the pupil for the life and is necessary to use in the lessons, activities that contribute for the development and perfectioning of inherent abilities to education of Mathematics, as creativity, initiative and reflection, beyond all the mathematical knowledge that the pupil needs withholds, after the mathematics disciplines is it that it can contribute for the intellectual development, personal and social of the pupils..


The good mood is symptom that things go well, but of course we can also say that when we are in a good mood things go better, therefore it is important to try to be as good as usual is in some places. It is often elusive, discover how to catch him to not let him go. Humor is contagious, just as human flu, so being close to people with good humor is gorgeous (not use cover mouths you will notice the smile); who has this virus keeps the mood high, falls ill shortly, creates an environment to its around stable and much more happy, it retains the personal balance with ease to everyday problems and your environment is perceived well-being in general. It is true that there are pleasant events that can cause us a feeling pleasant or happy and contributing to be well, but ultimately feel in a good mood is a personal decision, is an attitude towards life, is a matter of control. If humor often flees from you, here are some suggestions to catch him. Make a list (phrases reminder, do not have to describe in detail) welcome events of his life, 3 or 4 will be enough, put it in places where you can find it by chance (within a book, the pantry, down a folder, in the drawer of the Bureau, on the small secret section of your portfolio, etc.). Surround yourself with meaningful images that bring you good memories (photos, pictures, clippings). Make sure you have at hand those odors or flavors that associates with pleasant experiences (the seasoning of the grandmother, sweets for children, popping corn, etc.) Integrate into their environment some of soft music, always gives good results. Combine work and rest in the correct proportion, more it is worth one hour of real concentration and productivity than a whole night with mediocre results and damage to health. Place a slogan to view for example: does anyone have more ideas? Share them!

The Potential

We will define three block spaces or contexts of intervention: the individual relationship, everyday life and relationship with the Community (Funes et al, 1998): the individual relationship: the individual relationship is marked by the personal interaction. The educator plays an important role in this relationship, since he is the person in charge of launching the process of change, in principle, creates the framework of trust and sincerity taking as a basis the dialogue and the conversation. Everyday life: should highlight the role that plays daily life in the family intervention process. One of the ingredients needed to make the family intervention is the everyday life of the family, their living space, which translates into the home. We will have to understand the everyday is an indispensable educational element, and why this should be understood as a context that facilitates and organizes namespaces, the time and resources of the family institution in a structured and consistent way. The family educator works with the family in its own territory, in that vital space of coexistence.

The educator is going to the meeting of the family, in what we call home visit. This is a space (home) and a time (the visit) during which you work the collective organization of common life and cognitive stimulation of all areas of learning through experimentation of forms of relationship that do not usually manifest. Accompaniment during the development of the daily activities is intended to enable parents to do it for themselves, and will assume and understand that they must accompany their children during their learning process. The activities to develop are the following (Bosch, j. M. and Sanchis, M., 1999): the relationship with the community: relationships and activities carried out in standard contexts are a purpose and a medium at the same time.

They are a purpose for the potential learnings and are a medium because they play the role of mirror between what has been achieved and what had to have achieved. Relationship with standardized frameworks is fundamental, because we know that new apprenticeships behave difficulties, doubts and, most often, failures since learning behavior difficulties, doubts and with much often, failures because they are very tender structures that need to be reinforced by the repetition of successful experiences. In this space the educator has a relevant role, because it performs the function of the new learning support these different contexts of intervention set a large number of functions (developed by the educator, and preferably have a preventive character) as the following (Bosch, j. M. and Sanchis, M., 1999): be point of support in the accompaniment of the process of awareness of own situation (self-knowledge) making persons who make up the family. Foster emotional ties that favor changes in the family, through a sincere and honest relationship. Perform an emotional accompaniment of the person, respecting his own experiences. Make possible the creation of areas of development that are coming and to generate new learning spaces; i.e., provide tools to the family so that they can make the right decisions in those situations that involve a somewhat higher than the current risk. Provide guidelines and educational skills in order to improve the interrelations between the members of the family and its surroundings. Stimulate the capabilities and resources of each person and of the family group, in order to increase their individual and collective self-esteem, and thus help them to integrate better into their social environment. Original author and source of the article.

Paris, The City Of Lovers

Paris is one of the most beautiful capitals of old Europe and one of the world's most romantic. It is known as the "city of lights", as it was the first city in the world to have electric light or as the "city of love", as every corner evoke romance. It is also one of the most tourist cities in the world, walk its streets every year about 30 million tourists. Paris is famous for its cultural and artistic value. What was once a haven for artists and bohemians, it is even today icon of free thought and a point of reference for the current cutting edge. It brought together the elite of French cuisine, the incredible world of fashion and haute couture, the best and most attractive museums, the harmonious coexistence of traditional and innovative … all this makes Paris a truly fascinating city.

Visit Paris in a few days is very difficult. Too many delights to discover, from his most famous architectural works such as the Tower Eiffel or the Arc de Triomphe, through its more than 150 museums such as the legendary Louvre or the Pompidou Centre, to one of its most magnificent streets, the Champs Elysees. Paris traps all, and no person who has visited you do not want to return. And is that the city of lights, dazzle. The Champs Elysees The Champs Elysees is one of the most famous avenues in the world and the largest street in Paris, with 2km long and 60m wide. . Credit: -2010.


Move from relative stability have a work and income fixed (even if not desired) to adventure and risk of working as a Freelance, is a delicate transition, can only enhance it with proper planning of your professional development. From the moment that arises the concern to work on our own, believing firmly in our abilities and skills to succeed, it must also start a planning process to prepare us intellectual, psychic and strategically to cope successfully with the transition. NEW role, new responsibilities the successful years of experience, the dozens of accumulated contacts, the hundreds of tricks and shortcuts that we have developed, are just the technical basis of our new adventure professional, we must be prepared to assume a new professional role, which makes us responsible for all the production cycle of our new personal company. Some of the tasks of our new professional role are: realization and follow-up of service offerings knock on doors in search new business opportunities direct and continuous task of customer billing processes, fees, and related. Assume new expenses and costs keep constantly updated our portfolio performing self promotion on line and off line anyway, is a new era of responsibilities which is also accompanied by new benefits and bonuses. Then let’s see some practical tips to make the transition from being staff employed to become Freelance more successful: begins to train you with the idea of your new style of work before leaving your job is important that you start your activities seriously freelance, working on your days off, in your free time, etc. You have to experience now that new professional role that you will deal directly with your customers. I recommend being very careful with the self promotion of your services as a freelance before formally leaving your job, because you could cause bad misunderstandings or allegations of conflict of interest.