It was empty and wild Taman Peninsula. “And once again delight and grief, again, as before, as always, his gray mane waving sea, fly in Desert Cities Bright meteor has highlighted the history of medieval Taman Peninsula Tmutarakan-fiefdoms son of Prince Vladimir of Kiev Mstislav, nicknamed Udaloi. As a strong pillar of the Kievan Rus distant lands, a major trading town and sea port, Tmutarakan reached its highest peak in the xi century. “In medieval Tmutarakan life was – wrote Lev Gumilev – not boring. Go to the pier to moor boats full of silver fish, grazing cows and sheep, on the areas prancing, riding horses, slender, kasogi, and steppe jars drove the sheep to sell. ” In 1022, according to ancient tradition, as reflected in the Russian chronicles, prince Mstislav went to kasogov. “But when he heard about it, Prince went out to meet him and said:” Why should we destroy our squad? But get together themselves and extortion.

And if odoleesh you take my property and my wife and my children and my land. If I conquer, I’ll take yours. ” And he said, Mstislav: “Be true.” And he went Mstislav winner! And returning to Tmutarakan, built a church of the Holy Virgin, who “towered in the lap of other houses, like a jewel in the frame. And that, perhaps, attended a monk of the Kiev-Pechora monastery, one of the early Russian chroniclers Nikon, twice escaped from the wrath of the princes in Tmutarakan. According to legend, he founded a monastery in Tmutarakan by which to chronicle of Russia have been made to information from history Tmutarakan, his hand had been written many Tmutarakan events witnessed by him. Latest news about Tmutarakan contained in the chronicles in 1094. In the xii century, information about it lost. No trace of her on the ground remained. Credit: Republic Services-2011.

And only the author of “Lay” puts into the mouth of the boyars Prince wish to find a distant and long forgotten town: “You, prince, mind is full of sorrow: two falcons flew away from the desk of his father’s gold – the castle itself Tmutarakan search In 1794 the church was laid in the name of the Holy Virgin (celebrated its 200 anniversary celebration service and Archbishop Ekaterinodarskoye Novorossiysk Isidore), the bell which, according to legend, were poured out of old who visited the battle-guns Cossacks sechevikov in memory of promateri Kuban Cossacks – Sech. “All along the southern boundary of the new Russian Cossacks settled. It stretched for hundreds of miles along the bank of the Kuban and more. But the ringing of bells, Taman lived in the heart of every Cossack.