The basic data is pretty standard. You can not really change where you worked, when he went to school and what grades they received (at least without running the risk of being exposed as dishonest and unethical). Where you can set yourself apart from the pack is in how you present the data. The words we use to describe the tasks performed in a job can communicate much more about you and your capabilities of a soft description ever could. More info: Ping Fu. For example, using action words to describe the work tasks you can tell your prospective employer that you are someone who can take the initiative rather than someone who simply responds to the circumstances. Examples of successful action-oriented form of writing are things? "Guidelines Applied business enterprise," rather than "follow the instructions from my boss." ? "Diagnoses and corrects the problem," rather than "found out what was wrong." ? "Company of nationally advertised products," rather than "was in travel sales." ? "Coordinate the activities of teams of employees," rather than "received reports from various departments of the company." How are the jobs you have held, the degrees you have received, and training that it has acquired a chronological resume, remember to use action words and phrases to communicate that there is more to you than the mere sum of their activities. Resume Skills One type different resumes with different objectives, seeks to resume the skills to communicate the skills they bring to a job and what training and experience you have. .