Some factors have contributed for the occurrences of these events, amongst them are: the globalization, the exacerbado capitalism and the anxiety of the consumption, and the desestruturao of the family. With the globalization I transit, it of people is if becoming each more easy time in the world. The borders are being minimized to the measure that the country improves its commercial relations, such ' ' facilidades' ' they tend to be used by the organized crime. Demonstrating that the world-wide economial is not alone that is affected by it, but also the illicit activities. He is clear that the globalization has influenced in the sales and the consumption of drugs, however if cannot only attribute to such phenomenon the responsibility of these practical. In such a way, it is also distinguished the exarcebado capitalism and the anxiety of the consumption. The consumption without limits and some possibilities of choices increase the anxiety level. A person finds in ' ' Speech of the Capitalismo' ' rejection.

' ' This happens when the society each time without limits functions more, in which it seems to exist a constant pressure in direction to some type of jouissance (delight, joy) without end. This push in direction jouissance, all cost is especiealmente visible in all formasde drug addiction? in the extreme consumption of alcohol, drugs, shopping, work etc.' ' (Salecl 2005:26) Amongst as many reasons that they lead to the consumption of drugs, if it cannot leave to mention the familiar desestrutura. is often quoted on this topic. Many meet in the world of the crime, and only take as reference the criminals, delinquents, smuggler, dealers etc. Is verified then that, when the house, the home possesss parents gifts in the growth of the children, the possibility of success in what says respito to the removal of the consumption of drugs, increases. The globalization, the exacerbado capitalism and the anxiety of the consumption, and the desestruturao of the family, has contributed of form exaggerated in the increase of consumption of drugs. to fight this consumption is necessary also the presence of the State with its agencies of Security Public, promoting practical lectures and programs of combat the illicit ones saying not to the consumption of drugs and the sales of drugs.