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Air cargo will save time and facilitates the entire logistics process commercial shipments abroad are costly and complex demands on the entire logistics process. Who transport their products by Streiff & Helmold can benefit from comprehensive products and services relating to packaging, warehousing, logistics and transport. Ensures smooth running of security for air cargo since the mid-1990s the Braunschweiger company logistics, fulfillment and warehousing services are offered. On the subject of air cargo, the company now owns a certificate as a regulated agent. Add to your understanding with Ping Fu. This allows that the cargo without additional controls at international airports can be edited.

This saves the customer time for lengthy Customs processing and can ensure that its cargo quickly, safely and without prejudice to arrive at the destination. In addition, Streiff & Helmold has also an organic certification. This speaks for responsible storage of organic products in compliance with the necessary requirements.. Details can be found by clicking Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta or emailing the administrator.

Strategic Partnership Vantargis

Advisor shows boards of financial alternatives to bank credit on Munich, 13.4.2010 – the Publisher IDG business media with its Portal and magazine for financial manager CFOworld and the less of Vantargis has recently increased cooperation, better to advise CFOs and managing directors. The number of questions on the subject of corporate finance rose sharply since the beginning of the year, says Sascha Alexander, Editorial Director of CFOworld. Many entrepreneurs have financed so far mainly via the classic credit and are now disappointed in their local bank, if there is no further loans for new investments and additional collateral or higher terms are required. That’s why we started together with Vantargis AG. the corporate finance Advisor” Claus Durr, CEO of Munich-based financial House, added: we feel an increased readiness to deal with other forms of business financing in the market. At the same time, we see that the alternatives for many business leaders still are not so well known. Together with our partner CFOworld we want therefore increasingly inform and indicate solutions to companies in the current situation.” The first part of the series discusses under the title liquid without a bank loan”, which approaches a company financing can track if it wants to be dependent not only on bank loans and the goodwill of the financial houses.

Interested in liquid also without – bank credit find it. The second article deals with the subject of factoring, so the continuous sale of claims, and its advantages. In the third part, the readers will learn how they can minimize the risk of debt default. More articles for Advisor heading are currently in work. For more information see. There also the free magazine can be ordered with knowledge, tips and trends to corporate finance middle-class India log. Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class.

Vantargis not helping its customers as a broker, but directly as capitalists. In case of need, Vantargis arranged additional sources of funding within the framework of an overall financing plan in addition to its own liquidity for its customers, for example, with active guidance to public funding and grants. Profile CFOworld the financial portal and community CFOworld.de provides daily compact and independent financial decision makers and senior controller of all industries with financial and management information and allows CFOs and financial experts have their say. Magazine combined with the quarterly exclusive CFOworld executives will receive a unique mix of strategic financial topics for job and career in German-speaking countries. enquiries and more information: Vantargis AG Widenmayerstr. 28 80538 Munich Ilka Stiegler head corporate communications phone: 089 2429373-25 E-mail:

Capital Invests

The venture capital fund m8 capital announced the investment in the amount of $ 4.2 million in the Hamburg-based technology company malicious. Dustin Moskovitz often addresses the matter in his writings. London/Hamburg, January 10, 2011. The venture capital fund m8 capital, which exclusively invests in mobile technologies, today announced the investment in the amount of $ 4.2 million in the Hamburg-based technology company malicious. The technology developed by malicious extend 7000 allows the mobile operation and monitoring of machines, systems and plants global companies. The access is doing through mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android/Windows or even iPads and tablets. The new technology increases the efficiency of automated systems: with extend 7000 can directly control equipment and machines from any location, detours via the central control accounts for. This response times reduce system failures, reduce downtime and increases system availability. s_stmp’>Primerica shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Extend 7000 helps global corporations to save time and costs.

MALWARE is the provided capital use to further develop of its product, as well as to the global expansion. Also the High-Tech Grunderfonds, which is already involved in seed and start up financing, takes part in this second round of financing, led by m8 capital. Within the last two years the technology used by malicious by leading global corporations–including Ford, BASF, Vanderlande Industries, FRoSTA, Deutsche Lufthansa, Volkswagen, as well as the airports Cologne/Bonn, Munich and Berlin. In recognition of his achievements malicious recently received the “BlackBerry EMEA innovation award 2010”. “With its impressive portfolio of clients – including Volkswagen and BASF – malicious has proved that its technology helps global corporations to increase their profitability. “With the m8 capital investment malicious will establish itself as a leader in the field of mobile control of large industrial plants of which we are convinced”, explains Joseph Kim, partner at m8 capital. “We welcome the m8 capital team on board.” They bring expertise and comprehensive “A know-how and will promote the future more growth of malicious”, says Alexander of Frankenberg, Managing Director of the High-Tech Grunderfonds.

Most Russians

When ordering the Russian consumers had of the concern that the product would not so delivered, as it was ordered, and would deliver a pre-paid goods not 2012. Household appliances are needed at online shops in Leading Russian online stores offered Russia 2011 most clothing and accessories as well as computer and electronics. Most profitable product category was followed 2011 electronics/appliances, computer/notebooks and shoes/clothing. l. Most Russians, however, ordered home appliances, books and cell phones. The delivery of ordered goods ran 2011 halfway through delivery companies, with large online retailers have developed their own solutions. The ruble is rolling in the Russian online trading and online supermarket wants to put Utkonos.ru on Internet sales full on online trading want online supermarket Utkonos.ru from 2013 and close all of its supermarkets and pickup stations. If you look at the sales, the leading online shop in Russia, was 2011 followed by Ozon.ru and Komus.ru of Utkonos.ru. The merchant has shipped nearly 2.5 million orders 2011 Ozon.ru.

in 2010 there were still 2 million. Most consumers ordered books and electronics here. Also the dealer Svyaznoy has success in the sale of electronics. 75 Percent of online selling goods of the computer and electronics retailer include mobile devices. Almost four million rubles was through the sale of office supplies to one of the largest online dealers and generated Komus.ru 2011. The report “Russia B2C E-Commerce report 2012” by yStats.com shows that the Russian online trading evolves constantly and especially in the field of electronics products finds many supporters. For more information about the report, see: ystats.com/en/reports/preview.php?reportId=998 press contact: yStats.com GmbH & co.

KG Behringstrasse 28a, D-22765 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 50 fax: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 51 E-Mail: Internet: Twitter: ystats LinkedIn: company/ystats Facebook: ystats about yStats.com since 2005 researched yStats.com current, objective and requirement-oriented market and competitive intelligence for executives from different industries. Focus of the Hamburg-based company with an international orientation is the secondary market research. yStats.com offers both market – and competition reports as well as customized research services. Customers include leading companies in the areas of B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banks and management consultancies.

Miller BSC

This article examines why a BSC includes report decision factors, which are important for the management. Corporate governance must be viewed regularly specific reports. One of them is the BSC report. This provides information that is needed every day. The balanced scorecard helps the management to be up to date on the performance or efficiency of the company. For this, a number of factors are measured. The Organization must meet all of these factors.

The management reviewed these factors very closely. The staff can track turn the progress of the entire company on the basis of the BSC reports. Another important reason for the use of these reports the BSC are forecasts. Through a comparison of results, management can better predict their next steps. As a result, also a different approach can be developed if the company gets into trouble.

You can hold but also on the strategy, which the company to now has led to success. The balanced scorecard can determine exactly which business actions bring benefits and which should be changed by them. A further advantage of BSC reports is that generates the data daily. Thanks to this report, one can easily judge how the shops are gone during the day. In addition, it can be detected that the company is weak. Is therefore a balanced scorecard set up the executives should highlight those factors, which they see as essential for the company’s growth. Simplifies these tasks with the help of the balanced scorecard, it will be even easier, to consolidate the success situation of the company. This also depends on whether the selected success factors are co-ordinated. The BSC forecasts are also for the establishment of important components of the balanced scorecard by importance. This is another reason that a BSC report on the part of the company should be created. The different areas can Business transactions are monitored. On the other hand, internal processes from multiple perspectives can be assessed. Depend, for example, the finance and business development by the customers of the BSC will visualize this relationship in the company report. Therefore, they should be carried several examinations and tests before the introduction of the balanced scorecard to identify whether the report can track the targets of the company. These objectives are then serve as the guidelines and make recognizable whether the management well doing his thing at the management or not. As an employer the corporate governance should know at any time about the current situation of the company. Correct decisions when events should be made that were not expected, as well as specific problems for which solutions must be found. This is also an important reason that a reporting system with the help of BSC should take place. Business owner must make sure that they themselves understand where your company is, to make strategically correct decisions. Once the balanced scorecard contains all the necessary information, key figures will deliver all data, which are for the companies of importance. In this way you will have all business perspectives, bringing the company to further growth. Are the guidelines laid down in the BSC is not met, the can must discussion be conducted between the workers and employers in the context of a meeting, which measures for the continued success and growth.

Lathes Machines

New innovative lathes in the SWM product range Mosbach 04.08.2010 – acting as a global specialist in stationary metal working machinery puts SWM emphasis on quality and functionality of its products. SWM is constantly working to optimize his metal-working machines and can be included also all technical innovations and innovations in the development. The now newly introduced lathes of SWM are outfitted with your quality and precision. They are the ideal solution for the machine or tooling. But also in the industry the new company SWM Lathes are used, not only, because the right quality and price and performance in a very good relationship with each other, but also because SWM is your competent partner in the service. The lathes are easy to use and have a hugely powerful engine so that a largely constant torque is guaranteed, they are according to DIN 8606 Bedienfreundlich are made toolmaker precision as well as with equipped modern technology for a variety of applications. Www.swm-maschinen.de/ lathes/index.php you have offered under himself which the possibility about the newly launched in the program, various lathes of brand SWM in different levels of quality and price ranges are to inform, and to order online. Furthermore, the SWM metalworking machines product group includes a variety of different but technically innovative machines, such as for example, notching machines to clean, Burr-free punching, bending machines for tubes, flat and round steel, swivel bending machine for bending of various sheet metal structures, table shears, milling machines, metal band saw u.v.m SWM machines machines-INH. T. Karavelis bruhlstrasse 4 d-74821 Mosbach Tel. 0 62 61 / 67 52 99 – 0 fax 0 62 93 / 92 82 81 email: Web:

Important Trading Assessment

The balanced scorecard KPIs records, which are necessary for each object of the control (the production or structural outline), as well as the methods of their assessment. The system of financial and non-financial indicators refers to the system of KPIs, which affect the quantitative or qualitative change of the results in relation to the strategic goal (or the expected result). The balanced scorecard KPIs records, which are necessary for each object of the control (the production or structural outline), as well as the methods of their assessment. The given systems or methodologies provide a basis for the decision, based on the assessment of the effectiveness of activities of the company and are focused on the achievement of the strategic goals of an organization. The assessment of effectiveness is just that tool that determines to what extent the management of the organization is equivalent to the level of achievement of the strategic objectives, as well as the strengthening and growth of the market value of a company.

It should be noted that this methodology is only the instrument that makes it easier to make the administrative decisions at the expense of the supply of a guided tour with the full information. It is but no panacea in solving system problems of a society. The present methodology allows to identify the fact and the area of the occurrence of a problem, but does not the finished solutions. The task of KPI and balanced scorecard consists in the transfer of a company strategy in the complex set of indicators of its activity, which determines the main parameters of the measurement system and the administration. The set of indicators is a company’s strategy as a basis for the formation and absorbs the quantitative characteristics for the informing of employees about the main factors of success in the present and the future. Sets a goal is a company with expected results and creates the conditions for its realization, and the highest leadership is the power, the ability and the knowledge the employees on the solution of the tasks of a long-term perspective.

Board Member Slobodan Cvetkovic

Emerging financial company is also the sports sponsorship no detours; Professionalism and accuracy called for Wurzburg, June. After his first victory in the Amateur Championship of the ADAC GT masters at the Sachsenring, Arjan van the Zwaan triumphed in the race in Zolder (Belgium) last weekend. Thus the native Dutchman clocked up a victory R8 LMS on his Audi for the second time and now stands after five races ranked two of the best drivers. The Zwaan UHC, a merger of Motorsportbegeisterter drives in the team of the sponsor Prosperia Brinkmann. Luximo holding Board Member Slobodan Cvetkovic, even passionate driving race, keeps this way for an important part of companies to promote social life sponsorship commitments. That he could make friends with just with the Motorsport, lies in the nature of things, because for him as CEO of a financial company, there are many matches between the two areas. But otherwise, Cvetkovic is socially engaged in a variety of areas.

Cvetkovic: when the Motor sports is perseverance, professionalism and innovativeness. Small, deliberate actions often targeted lead to great results. Ill-considered acts ever to crash. It is so similar to our industry: the financial products that we make, are characterized by focusing on the essential through precision in the conceptual design, as well as selecting the appropriate assets. Also the topic of innovativeness plays an important role with us, because at luximo holding, there are no products off the shelf!” The luximo Holding AG is an underwriter, which offers private investors as also asset management investments. The focus equity in private, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and multi asset. The chance to be invested together with leading institutional investment companies and banks due to the excellent networking of luximo Holding AG as a co-investor, resulting in these asset classes. For more information,

World Novelty Trading From The House Of DELO

DELO industrial adhesives has developed an entirely new system for non-contact dispensing of liquid media. Windach, 7th October 2013: The unique all-round Jet system DELO DOT PN2 has great advantages in installation, operating and maintenance costs due to modular design. Through two years of intensive research and development work we succeeded, to produce an optimum Jet valve. With DELO DOT PN2, the customer receives an all-round Jet system that is all along the line”, says Christian Walther, Sales Director Germany. The new system made in Germany”is compact, accurate, light and has a unique, modular design. DELO-DOT PN2 can be easily disassembled into its individual parts, it is easier to clean and each part can be exchanged quickly.

This flexibility saves in the manufacturing of the customer time and money. Another special feature is the robust actuator, the PN2 in the DELO-DOT with a long service life (> 1000 million cycles) and a very high Jet impulse equips. DELO-DOT PN2 DELO brings a Jet valve on the market, the new standards with regard to life, range and ease of use. About DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2013, 350 employees generated a turnover of 51.7 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and resellers. Press contact: Katrin Kirchgassner DELO industrial adhesives DELO-Allee 1, D-86949 Windach phone + 49 8193 9900-391 fax + 49 8193 9900-5391 E-Mail:

Joachim Wilczek CTS

CTS composite on the boat 2014, Hall 11, booth C69 CTS composite technology systems GmbH, leading European supplier for fiber composites, presented as an exhibitor at the largest Marina and water sports trade fair in the world solutions for more security and efficiency in hydraulic engineering. The GFK specialists from Geesthacht show stand C69 jetties, catwalks, gratings made of fibre composites for use in maritime areas on the boat 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany from 18-26 Jan 2014 in Hall 11. Corrosion resistance to seawater, no rust or rotting education and durability are criteria for the use of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) in the maritime sector. GFK combines high strength with low weight, as well as slip resistance for high comfort and is easy in handling and processing. Many years of experience in the areas of materials application technology and processing and installation of bridge equipment, grid systems, running surfaces, railings and substructures are CTS composite Basis for customer-oriented applications. The North German assist its customers from technical consulting throughout Europe to the individual implementation and Assembly by investors, swimming docks, mooring and anchor platforms for new installations as well as the project management in the refit of traditional systems.

On the boat of 2014, experts from CTS composite give an insight into the variety of proven GRP construction solutions in the maritime sector. In addition to the excellent material properties convince the solutions of the CTS composite by minimal maintenance and high efficiency. The operators profit of persistence resulting from the high durability, as well as more security and the long-lasting quality, which also positively affects the appearance. And: the boats are fiberglass already why not also the dock facilities. About CTS composite CTS composite technology systems GmbH, leading European supplier for fiber-reinforced composites (FRP) from Geesthacht, supports its customers with individual solutions for 20 years for professional designs with Fibre composite materials in architecture, railway engineering, chemistry, energy, automotive, amusement parks, marine, waterways, and public areas. The services range from the beratung, planning, development of to the Assembly of new solutions. Many years of experience in the areas of materials and application technology, as well as the machining and Assembly of profiles and grid systems are the basis for customer-oriented applications.

The solutions help to optimize applications and sub are traditional materials. A high efficiency achieved CTS composite with the fibre composites for their customers. Contribute to this long life, the high strength with low weight at high UV and weather resistance. The possibilities are varied and allow room for a variety of applications. Contact: Joachim Wilczek CTS composite technology systems GmbH Mercatorstr.