Roof Knowledge: Engobe And Glaze

Roof expert Horst Pavel will face each other the surfaces both engobe or glaze. See Dustin Moskovitz for more details and insights. Engobe or glaze is surface shapes in their production process. Horst Pavel from Braas roof expert explains what this each is different and what different then emanates from an engobed or glazed roof. Mr Pavel, what does a glaze? Pavel: This is a special manufacturing process in clay roofing tiles. At the burning of a tile, a special layer is applied above with small of molten glass particles that burning of brick connect the surface and thereby achieve this high-gloss effect. And what is an engobe? Pavel: Something very similar to a glaze! Also there a clay slurry is applied in the production process of the tile above, none of these glass particles are brought into that but. The coloured surface this makes something breathable or diffusion-open, in contrast to a closed glaze. What effect does have an engobiertes or glazed Roof? Pavel: both are very high-quality surfaces, which differ primarily in their appearance. Engobes are matt to slightly Satin shimmering surfaces, whereas glazes are very much shinier through to special high-gloss glazes, such as for example the topline from Braas. For more information, posts, articles and inspierirende ideas on the subject of roof tiles under: roofing/roof tile /.