What is the IRR? IRR (dystonia) – a designation number siptomov pointing to an imbalance of autonomic nervous system observed in various diseases. Synonym – NDC (cardiopsychoneurosis) How shows the IRR? In the form of subjective feelings of weakness, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath periods, periods of increased anxiety, irritability, or sometimes fearfulness. May be manifestations in the form of discomfort in the abdomen or other body parts. In this multiple check-up, as well as laboratory data indicate almost perfect health, or the upper / lower limit of normal. What if the doctor diagnosed me IRR? Pointeresovatsya politely, why he did it. VSD diagnosis in modern medicine does not exist.

Then what to me? Or physical disease – iron deficiency, hypothyroidism, hypertension, chronic ischemic heart disease, etc. Or mental disorder – anxiety, depression, somatoform dysfunction of autonomic nervous system, etc. What should I do? 1.Poyti a therapist and find out whether all the disease excluded, as these concerns may cause many medical disorders (see above). 2.If all diseases are excluded, then the next your visit to be a therapist / psychiatrist. Maybe it means that I making this up? Of course not. You feel it and you badly. The fact is that if no organic cause is found, the state that you are experiencing is called a functional.

This means that the structure of your body is almost not disturbed, suffers only a function of the work. And I can to a neurologist? No, not neurologists are treating depression, anxiety and other mental disorders, so it's possible that your neurologist again to write the IRR and appoint vitamins which in this case are not effective. The best thing that can make a neurologist – you have to exclude neurological disease and refer you to a therapist / psychiatrist. Go to a psychiatrist – that means I'm "crazy" crazy, and I sent to the loony bin? If you do neither himself nor others do not cause physical harm, to work properly, behave appropriately – you do not "crazy." "On account" you will not take. Your treatment the therapist / psychiatrist is ambulatory. And of course, voluntary. And how can I help the therapist or psychiatrist? First, the doctor determines that you – depression, anxiety, panic attacks or any other disorder. Depending on this, will be assigned to a treatment that can include drug therapy (antidepressants, tranquilizers) and / or psychotherapy. Lyubimova N., MD

ENEMY Alcoholism

Among patients with alcoholism is not only spineless and feeble people. Often can not independently overcome alcohol dependence are successful, talented, and people with a strong character. Alcohol is strong and crafty ENEMY. Loss of control, loss PROTECTIVE physiological reactions, withdrawal symptoms, hangovers, the appearance of drinking bouts, memory lapses – the brightest and most sure sign of Alcoholism. Sometimes it is enough to pay attention to APPEARANCE patient.

Puffy face, red with a bluish tinge below the eyes bags, red-rimmed eyes and eyelids. There are other signs of alcoholism, which, in view of the individual and genetic characteristics of an organism, appear each in different ways. In medicine, are three stages of alcoholism. THE FIRST – the patient socially adapted, looks fresh and cheerful, is adequate, can be successful, advance in employment. Of course, others are not guess the outbreak of the disease.

At the same time, consumed DOSE modest, however, regularly, as they say in the face. The second – the dose increases, the memory lapses occur, shows irresponsibility to work, family, reduced intellectual ability, there is indifference to the passions. Often want to Hangovers happen binge. On the third – critical collapsing personality: indifference to everything and anything except drinking, loss of work, family, home, friends, shame or conscience, begin serious health problems. Man plunges down! ON THE BOTTOM! Instead of looking for ways to stop drinking, alcoholics started trading with itself themselves. With the same stubbornness dreams to regain control over alcohol consumption. Hard, from time to time, trying to experiment with a dose, then with the strength of drinks, hoping to be able to control the situation. But The result is the same: getting drunk to unconsciousness, to the loss of pulse, then booze, more or less long-term abstinence and went to a new circle. Therefore, the case is hopeless. No brakes, they already never will be. Moreover, the medicine has not been known to regain control. After several attempts, even if successful, AGAIN breakdown. If you want to get rid of alcohol addiction, we must think about how to live, not touching the stuff. It is important to always remember that there should not be the first drink and learn to enjoy a sober life. In the alcoholic must truly be Hamlet's choice – to drink or not drink.