Vienna Science

When tenth that something is scientist, usually we give to understand that he is authentic, evident and safe. For that reason, all want that their area of knowledge is treated like scientist. Other fields of study are described like pseudo-ciencientficos or false sciences, whose medical instructors denominate to their scientific activity and they even use the scientific language. But, how can be separated the scientist than he is not it? It is not easy task. To delimit the borders of science would be a work without xito1. This border that separates the science of pseudo-science is defined by the demarcation criterion that is used. This one has been object of debate of many scientists and philosophers of the science of century XX. Kant settled down that the judgments that constitute all science you must a priori be synthetic.

Synthetic because there are to be extensive, that is to say, our knowledge of science has to be extended. And a priori because its truth cannot depend on the experience, which is particular and nonuniversal; this way also they are necessary. This one is an example of demarcation criterion. As so saberes prevails to others to be called scientists. Another criterion of demarcation would be the one that established the Circle of Vienna: he is only scientist what he is empirically verifiable. What it is not possible to be demonstrated by the experience is not true nor false, makes no sense, is not scientist. Popper was critic before the Circle of Vienna.

Its criterion of demarcation was based on the falsabilidad. This one establishes that verifying continuously a theory does not serve to prove its validity because can have an object that has not been put under analysis and that denies that theory. Many verifications do not prove the absolute validity of a theory but a single refutes that it invalidates it.

Exchange Perhaps Flutuante

The valuation of the real exchange can lead dficits not sustainable in the current accounts, indicating the necessity of exchange readjustments; to the measure that the speculators take conscience of that, or potential a banking crisis, or a contraction of great depth, inhibits the authorities to raise the taxes of interests, finishes recognizing the biggest probability of success in case of a speculative attack (KRUGMAN, 2001). According to Kaminsky, Lizondo and Reinhart (1998), the valuation of the real exchange is one of more efficient the antecedent pointers to detect the risk of an attack especulativo.2.2 the Regimen of Exchange Perhaps FlutuanteO floating exchange regimen is adjusted for developed economic markets and steady, not being toa that the biggest countries of the world use this system, where the value of the national currency is stipulated by how much the purchasers they are made use to pay for it. Such aspect is determined by offers and demand that, in turn, is determined by the foreign investment, taxes of importation and exportation, inflation and a set of other economic factors. According to Gordon (2000), the regimen of flexible exchange can be ' ' limpo' ' or ' ' sujo' ' , depending on the intervention level of the government in the exchange taxes. The system of exchange tax ' ' limpo' ' he is that one that is pure, without no intervention of the central bankings, whereas in an exchange system ' ' sujo' ' , the government, through its Central banking, does not allow that the national currency floats with total freedom, using itself of intervention to prevent that the currency is depreciated in the international market beyond a definitive platform. When &#039 is identified to fluctuations; ' above-normal ' ' in the quotation of foreign currency, as much for top how much for low, the Central banking enters in action as buying or selling, to tranquilize the operators of exchange how much to the normality of the situation.

Hugo Morales

Others, who are not clamoring for space in such programs. What is not disputed is the gain of money obtained through these, but what me occupies now is to know if anything goes in function to succeed. If you have 5 points of rating is to be really successful and deserves some special recognition? Or also ask ourselves, that understand success by those who watch it? Victor Hugo Morales because some exist because others also. As society until point are successful. That sort of thing us placed in a place of privilege as a society.

That hits can talk to everything that happens to us. Or are an image of success that we don’t have and deposited in others what we are not? Can it one speak of a society successfully when the most numbers that govern our tell us that there’s more to the must that be? It is by chance that some programs of tv and radio, have hearing because they only give things or is a good form of enslaving you through an award so you’re a captive viewer/listener? Do we really want to be or are what we hear / see? Surely there are more questions, in this sense, as also many possible answers. If I have clear, that such indications are not nothing more than numbers that speak of the richness of some, by on poverty and abuse of others and their needs. Is it because of this that such programmes in countries more developed than ours have not succeeded the younger and had lower programming? Is it casual also have schedules that emit some cable channels or the same public tv not posted numbers so high in audience as of gossip or comical political? To many questions with difficult answers, I am clear that money is not any synonym for total success.