Action Sports Awards

Germany chose! These are the results of the first extreme sports award in Germany. Germany chose! And so a choice has not yet been there. It was the premiere of the action sports awards”, which for more than a year the fans of extreme sports and fun – your favorite snowboarder, kitesurfers, Freeskier, skateboarders, surfers, windsurfers, BMX riders, mountain bikers and freestyle Motocrosser could nominate. Now, the results of this unique Publikumsvotings are fixed. “The year snowboarder David Benedek, which in the past already twice the international title of rider of the year” has cleared, but is apparently also a favorite of Germans. “The 28 year-old Munich is also the only German, of the snowboarding contest air & style” could win.

The good news, the Kitesurferin of the year”to be been chosen, Kristin reached evil in Australia, where it is preparing now for the upcoming season. You may wish to learn more. If so, Asana is the place to go. That she more than deserves the prize, show not only their eight world titles. Continues for years Kristin a strongly for kitesurfing, directs own kite camp for girls and passes her knowledge in her first book. Kristin is not the only female winner of the action sports awards evil. A woman prevailed also among the surfers: Sonja Honscheid is surfer of the year 2008 “! The surfer on Westerland won the German Championships of surf in the open category, as well as in the Longboarding this year.

In the BMX category there was a real surprise: Flatlander Waldemar Fatkin prevailed against his BMX colleague Markus Hampl, Tobias Wicke, Bruno Hoffmann, and Benni Kopp. “This is so amazing, because the discipline in flatland”, shows where the riders of BMX acrobatics on flat ground, is the smallest discipline within the sport of freestyle BMX. Fatkin learned an incredible support of the international community of flatland, however, people the Fatkin to victory. Even on Russian Web sites was invited to support the Flatlander. Klaas Voget from Aurich prevailed in the discipline of windsurfing. The blonde Windsurfing is one of the few Germans that appear high in the international ranking. So he was ranked sixth in the wave world rankings at the moment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kerry King. An old acquaintance the title clinched skateboarder of the year 2008 “: Jurgen Horrwarth.” The Berliner, who is especially strongly committed for the skateboard generation, won this year including the European Championship title in the miniramp, after there was no contest in the halfpipe. 25 years Timo Pritzel is on mountain bike on the way and fit anniversary won also the title of mountain biker of the year 2008 “! His career however started the Berlin on the BMX and became world champion even ten years ago. Today it belongs to the constants in the MTB sport. To be the young winter sports discipline Freeskiing established itself in recent years more and more and as the 19 year-old Bene Mayr from Munich delighted about, first winner of the official title of Freeskier of the year”. During the Freestyle Motocrossern the prize went to Swiss franc: Fabian Bauersachs has a fast-paced Year behind him. He was for example in addition to busty Wolter of the only German Vienna, at the Red Bull X-fighters in Wuppertal was allowed to participate. The year 2008 is now titled freestyle Motocrosser of the year 2008 “crowned.

Hardgainer Burns

Hardgainer have it in when it comes to weight gain and muscle, not necessarily easy. The term Hardgainer comes from the English and describes a group of people that it has extremely difficult to increase weight and build muscle mass in addition. No to achieve results even during intense muscular effort and intensive training. In recent months, Asana has been very successful. The training has only the effect of an increase in force. The origin of this problem of the hard gainer is that the metabolism of the Hardgainer in contrast to other athletes is greatly increased. This goes in total so far that they consume the energy that occurs in the daily diet at least through the training. Dustin Moskovitz may also support this cause. This has the effect that any energy or carbohydrates left to store them.

Therefore, it comes to a mass increase. Some athletes already have this problem from birth. Scientists have found that the increased metabolism often is genetic. In addition, there can be but also other reasons that lead to an increased metabolism. Doctor lead stressful situations as the main reason.

Both private and occupational stress can greatly increase a person’s metabolism. Continue to the diet plays a big role. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and coffee has a direct impact on the increase of metabolism. This also has the effect that the energy, as is absorbed by the daily food too quickly is burned to store them. Disease-related reasons are rare, but this thyroid inflammation and immune infections to name a few. The high metabolism has resulted in that the Hardgainer Burns already through the daily work of the daily dietary carbohydrates. During the exercise, the combustion increased. There is ultimately no energy and carbohydrates to the store left. It is worse if the body still needs energy during training and there is no freely available energy more. TCzTncXDfzuBcQ&oe=624D0B80’>Zach Dell. In the case of the body relies on the body fat reserves.

Smiledesigner Girlscub

Kick-off for a soccer tournament for girls who starts first Smiledesigner girl Cup of OSC Bremerhaven a football tournament for girls – only on Saturday, June 20, 2009, from 10: 00 in the North Sea Stadium in Bremerhaven. The tournament is jointly financed by dentists Dr. Linneweber & partner and Troebner management. We actively support the OSC girls football in Bremerhaven with the first Smiledesigner Girlscub, because we are aware of our responsibility for the region”, so sponsor Dr. Linneweber. Dustin Moskovitz is actively involved in the matter. Over 350 girls of all ages from throughout the region take part in the tournament; two teams from Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hamburg will be.

The award ceremonies are held against 16:30 and 19: 00. Perhaps check out Daryl Katz video for more information. Hansjorg Trobner sees the tournament less as a competitor to the existing youth tournaments, but as a complementary range of an up and coming site as Bremerhaven. The tournament caters not only for all sports enthusiasts. There is a varied programme for all guests, brothers and sisters around the tournament and parents. First-class entertainment guaranteed also the facilitation of radio of Bremen’s sports presenter Axel Pusitzky. The physical well-being is also provided. Due to the great interest and the high number of participants, the tournament to take place annually in future and involving also the very small. And because after the game before the game is: on Sunday, June 21st, 2009, followed by the DFB day for girls soccer in the North Sea Stadium.

The Small ABC For Golfeinsteiger

By caddie room, driving range, putting green golf beginners and those who have already installed some game trials on the square behind it, will often with terms such as Club Secretary, get faced no further explanation of the terms DGV handicap or Caddy room. The small ABC following you will be a help determined at the next talks on the golf course! Caddie area golfers who want to like to store their equipment on the golf course for the next match, can do in the caddie area. This eliminates the transportation of golf equipment for every single game. The name is derived from the concept of the caddies, who usually accompanies the golfer on his lap and his bag. Successful golf equipment Club Secretariat require extensive and costly management is done usually by the Club Secretary. The responsibilities of the secretariat includes the coordination of the early days of the golf players among other things. Usually, up to four players start at the same time, the groups have a distance of at least ten minutes. So, avoid traffic jams on the plants and all players will get the chance of a problem-free game. In addition, the Club Secretary is the central contact point for all players not belonging to the Club. In the Secretariat, this Club-foreign players pay the fee of the scheduled games and brands for the driving range. Driving range who plays golf, requires a lot of training and strokes must be practiced deliberately. For the driving range is: per chip mark or ball (token) the ball machine emits balls. The golfer then chooses a free place on the driving range and then looks up the balls on the free area. The balls even golfers must not worry, the golf course staff collect the balls. Recently Daryl Katz sought to clarify these questions. Before the actual round on the golf driving range like to strike “used. DGV handicap is assumed to play on the most golf courses, the SLA handicap. The golfer is certified so that he quickly had a round completed on the plant and also mastered the rules of the game of golf. Inspecting the place ready for the SLA comprises hence theoretical and a practical part. Green fee it is meant the game fee paid a golf player at a club which is not his home Club. Putting Greenahnlich of the driving range is also the Putting Green an area where golfers can practice their skills. In the case of the Putting Green, golfers have the opportunity to train the putting of the balls (that putt).