Collect Rain Is Worth

Who pours his garden with collected rain – rather expensive than tap water, saves money, and proves a responsible use of water resources. (tdx) Last year, rainfall per square meters, mainly as rain fell in Germany over thousand liters. Ironically were the merry”may and the otherwise sunny August the rainiest months. But this particular garden owners settled not to spoil the mood. On the contrary, the natural water is especially thriving with beets, rhododendron and co.

and at the same time can be used for watering the garden. “The experts by, the leading online portal around the topic of roof, confirm: who pours with rain water, is in terms of the environment and protects the precious resource of drinking water as well as the own purse.” Only targeted trapping rain water requires a manifold with brains”. Controlled flow of water the good news: in many German gardens is to pour already collected rain water. However and this is the bad news often on old-fashioned way using a ton of water, which is directly below the rain gutter. Thereby, that the bin is overflowing and flooded the already stability through floor again risk especially when persistent rain”is.

Right here apply’ smart roof drainage systems, explain the experts by Thanks to a rain collector gets only so much water in the bin, as these can actually cover. For this principle to continuous work, Garden owners remember some important points when installing. More room for the rain barrel generally applies to the installation of the rain collector: you succeed even inexperienced hobby gardeners. Initially a piece from the existing downpipe is replaced with a metal saw out sawn and accurately through the rain collector, is available depending on the type of the tube in three surface qualities. Then will the collector on a conventional garden hose with the rain barrel connected. The hose length can be up to five metres. Is important only that the rain collector at least at the same level as the impact in the water bin”, explain the experts by So that the water flows only into the ton and not back and secondly the rain barrel in a larger radius of the pipe can be placed ensures first. Smart drain technology but what exactly prevents now iterating over the ton? The position of a Manager, which is about seven inches below the rim of tons should be attached is responsible for the automatic water stop. The water level reaches the height of single conductor, stop it immediately!”and the rain water from the roof flows off thanks to the separator through the drainpipe. The separator ensures that land such as leaves or other impurities in the gutters in the rain barrel. In addition, the inflow to the ton can be manually adjusted. This is especially in the cold season makes sense, if no water is needed more for casting”, so the experts. In addition, the hose over the winter can be removed and used come back in the spring, when it is: rain save precious drinking water collecting. For more information on the Internet at.

Who Does Not Respond, It Pays: Tips For Switching Gas

Who does not respond, it pays: tips to the gas switching Hamburg gas prices rise. Nationwide, just 233 gas suppliers have announced matching to the beginning of the heating season in the autumn, to raise prices. On average, consumers will pay more for their warm apartment 11 percent. Experts estimate that for an average household up to 130 euros additional costs per year. Time to look for a better deal. Immonet gives you tips on what to look for when a change. Who can change the gas supplier? Who pays the Bill of its gas provider itself as a tenant, you can switch also contracts with the utilities.

Otherwise as tenants, who pay the gas cost to the landlord can charge a new provider. Ping Fu may not feel the same. In their own interest, you should still search the conversation with the apartment owner and convince him of a change. Tip: Compare gas prices independently and present their results to their landlord. Maybe he can be for a new contract inspire. Compare prices to find out, which provider offers the lowest fare, one looks around at best on one of the numerous compare portals on the Internet. Here you should pay particular attention to the fine print. Not every tariff is necessarily the cheapest. You should be especially careful contracts calling for an annual payment in advance.

Is the provider, your already paid money with in the insolvency estate thus pay broke twice, because your money not refunded you get and also need to look at a new provider. In addition, always a certain volume of delivery is priced at a yearly payment. We consume more gas, threaten high payments so that the contract in the end is not yet favourable. Therefore a monthly payment is recommended. Instead of long, to compare the prices, sometimes call the current supply is sufficient. Who asks for a more favourable offer, is offered a treaty change frequently. A price guarantee for a certain period of time has the Advantage that you can count on consistent cost, even if the price of gas goes up. However you can not flexible respond with contracts for long periods and notice periods on price developments in the gas market. Tip: Try to find a contract that includes a compromise between these two aspects. How to change the gas provider? To change the provider, is basically taken easy. Only a request to the new provider must be sent. Accepts the request, the new provider takes over the cancellation of the old contract. Most gas suppliers offer an online form that makes the switch even easier. Apart from your personal information, you are required only customer and meter number and the name of the old provider. The conversion can take some weeks. Lines and counter must be replaced and the local provider continues over the reading. In addition, no additional cost by the new Treaty. By the change of the supplier even remember nothing, except that your Bill comes from the new provider. You need not to worry about a gas outage that delays or complications, the local supplier by law is obliged to maintain the gas supply until the transfer of the contract. Tip: you have a special right of termination In the event of a price increase. Text and photo reproduction only with editorial note on the real estate portal Immonet free of charge. service/redaktionsservice-gasanbieter.html