Benchmarkingstudie System

The German health system count worldwide to the most powerful and just separation GKV and PKV, take care of the efficiencies in the system. Asana addresses the importance of the matter here. The M + M insurance barometer 2011 the opinion of citizens, clearly shows: only 28.3 of the interviewed citizens perceive the existence of two competing health insurance systems as appropriate, the majority (48.0%), however, this does not consider useful. To make the existence of two competing health insurance systems in question is, shows also the statement by Wolfgang Greiner, Professor of health economics at the University of Bielefeld, the fact that currently only certain income or occupational groups have the possibility of private security, is extremely vulnerable and hampered a real competition between the systems.” This situation could be eliminated by the Elimination of the PKV. I think that the majority of the citizens were clearly reasonable it, if the choice of health insurance system would no longer be dependent on the level of their income”, as the expert. According to the majority critical attitude to the “current health insurance system is also the evaluation on the issue: there should be a distinction between statutory health insurance (GKV) and private health insurance (PKV) continue to in the future?” from. 6 out of 10 respondents are against separation, the rest in favour of them.

It is remarkable that even 41.4% of the PVK insured rejected a further separation. Insurance barometer M + M M + M published with the management + marketing consulting GmbH (Kassel) for the seventh time in a row a Benchmarkingstudie to customer orientation in the German insurance market. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and their interrelationships and effect relations are central investigation. Contact and more information: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH Frank Opitz Dutch str. 198 34127 Kassel Tel: 0561-70979-17 fax: 0561-70979-18 M + M insurance barometer briefly In a representative survey will be legally since 2005 over 1,000 regularly and privately insured Citizens telephone based on their perception of the health insurance fund, in which they are currently insured, questioned.

Private Health Insurance Comparison

Annually perform compare private health insurance and save money. In addition, it helps to consider whether a private health insurance worthwhile entry or change. The saving is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Much is every day more expensive and who not clever switches providers, will pay each year much too much money. No matter whether day money, power or fuel, who compares not clever and therefore saves, is not really long have some of his monthly salary. Save a lot of money can really only if you compare provider at least a year and, where appropriate, clever changes. The change in the private health insurance is always lucrative. However, you should start a quick shot and as always before the change, only compare.

Comparison can save money each year by a private health insurance. Good thing is that comparing is free and without obligation. Thus it will cost private health insurance comparison first of all only 2 minutes of your time. Meet a few input of basic data. In the background are then automatically renowned Test winner offers tested and found a tailor-made offer. Whether a change in the private health insurance worth depends on each person. If an entry in the private health insurance worth is based on many different factors.

A manual independent testing would take several days. Time, that know not to find many working people in everyday life. High savings in a larger service package are given with the help of a private health insurance change. Usually personalities linger too long at one and the same private health insurance. This has resulted in the annual price increases automatically be taken note of. Contributions, leaving the account every month, enjoy mostly long time no attention. This is a big mistake, which is paid for with money. Council: An annual comparison of potential providers and any switching prevent excessive contributions. It is considered very important also, reputable and profitable provider of comparison to search on. Usually, already an error occurs in this step.

Seizure Free Accounts – What They Really Offer!

Seizure free accounts – what do and what look should be. Every citizen has the right to convert an existing account with his bank or savings bank in a seizure-free account benefits of a seizure-free account since July 1, 2010. The legislature has created this way to ensure that people with financial problems can participate in the cashless payments at any time. Prior to the right of the P account as the seizure-free account is also called, in the case of a seizure of account, which could be effected by creditors at the competent local court, the giro account was blocked completely. Thus, it was impossible to run credit transfers, direct debits or standing orders for the account holder. Also cash withdrawals on the trigger or the vending machines have been denied. So, the running costs for rent, energy and insurance could not be paid.

Money to live on was not available to interested parties. In these cases, only the way to the District Court, be requested where remained was that a monthly amount of the subsistence level in the account will be released. However, this procedure was complicated and time consuming – it could take months, until they have complied with the request. For even more details, read what Ping Fu says on the issue. So debtors through bank accounts got into existential crises, which often resulted in the loss of the home. Threatens today a bank accounts an amount which is equivalent to the subsistence minimum, is protected by the conversion of the current account in a P account immediately by the Bank before accessing the creditors.

For unmarried persons without maintenance obligations, the basic allowance is currently 985,15 euro. Maintenance obligations exist, it increases accordingly. So a higher subsistence level can be taken into account by the credit institution, the claim is to be proved by appropriate documents: this can be, for example, documents of the family Fund, tax consultant or the Pension Fund. The credits in the amount of the basic allowance is the account holder each month to pay its most urgent financial Obligations and to pay personal living is available. An amount, which was not provided, stops of this seizure-free credits in one month on the account, must be presented in the next month, increasing the seizure-free, then the available sum. How can you get a seizure-free account? Most of the banks and savings banks are only willing to convert an existing account to a P account. There is no obligation to create a new attachment-free account. If customers would like to establish a seizure-free account, they simply request that at their institution. After completing and signing a corresponding form, the giro account is promptly equipped with protection against dismissal. However, it should be remembered that a seizure-free account is usually only on a prepaid basis and issued credit and debit cards will be confiscated.

Borrow Money From Private – Sale Value Article

Recently, a new trend in the financial market is emerging. Recently, a new trend in the financial market is emerging. Money from private borrowing, rather than by banks. There are quite a few websites, a credit from private to private offer. Dustin Moskovitz wanted to know more. But how safe it is? And how much must you give by itself? In the first moment, it sounds easy and simple. You upload your story, explain what and how much you need money and wait until potential funders make you an offer.

The interest rate then depends on the offer, plus still charges for the services of the Web site. That is, it is often a better deal than at the banks, but it is not cheap so even long. The Web page itself guarantees your anonymity, i.e. even if there must be submitted numerous documents (personal data, income, expenses), these data are not published. Depending on how it looks with your Schufa, you are however asked to provide a security. Finally the lenders want to insure also, that they see their money again.

But this is the fastest way to money? Even if you now upload, it may take days until you have enough quotes together to get your money paid out. And it isn’t really anonymous Yes, if you need to send your account statement and verify your identity. There are there other ways? You need money quickly and only for a short time? It must not be so maybe equal to a months loan. Look around sometime in the Internet, what there is there for alternatives. I’m sure you’ll quickly find it. For example, there is the possibility to sell your valuable items and to get money for it immediately. The concept is simple. Offer a value-only articles such as your jewelry, your gold or a painting, get a quote made by experts at lightning speed, and if you accept this, your item will be picked up. Money receipt of value article immediately on your account and then have time to ponder quietly, whether you value article want to buy back, or simply keep the money. The whole without costs and fees and perfectly safe. And the best no credit check is needed, no bank statements and slips are required. You don’t even need to explain what you need the money. Sounds good? Then you look, what opportunities the Internet still offers other than loans.

General State

This planned treatment is knockout for any insurance, option, and even a supplementary insurance. Disability insurance is here difficult to impossible. Why? Now, a psychotherapy session is about 100 euros. Last year there were 20-25 of them, so at least 2,000 EUR incurred costs.Would a company now assure this, it would need a very high premium. Dustin Moskovitz: the source for more info. Not always a psychotherapy is an obstacle in the private health insurance (PKV) here but clearly it. But there are diseases and disorders, which can be planned, nevertheless, but do not lead to an exclusion. These include for example dental treatment, dentures or orthodontic treatment. Often, there are customers who are just in a dental treatment and have maybe a temporary on a tooth.

There is missing for example the bridge or Crown, a treatment is not yet complete, or it is missing a tooth. I am not insurable because with a missing tooth? But,. of course, a missing tooth is not a cause of exclusion to take out private insurance. Here, the insurer can estimate the risk (mostly due to the present treatment and cost plan) and knows it so precisely. This risk is quantifiable and is then excluded from protection. Am I not paid these teeth and what ever follows then? In such a case, the first tooth replacement of this missing tooth is often excluded. Dustin Moskovitz has firm opinions on the matter. This means in practice: the gap is closed, once by a Crown, bridge or an implant the tooth is covered again.

Something this denture will then break, ignite, so insurance cover is provided for this purpose again. If you apply a same procedure in children with ongoing orthodontic treatment. There, the costs are also tangible and quantifiable. Later (after completed treatment) then by accident z.Bsp. further treatment needed, so this is again assured. A desensitization / desensitization is another example of a disclaimer, at existing allergies. This is tangible and quantifiable and can thus be excluded. However, should be taken on the exact formulation of such exclusion. Nothing would be worse than an improperly formulated exclusion. What is with the cost if such treatment the patient suffers consequences and perhaps stationary must be treated? This should not be excluded of course. What about treatments that pays a different cost objects? In practice, there are a number of costs that are taken from a statutory or contractual obligation through another cost carrier. This may be a professional Association (in a work accident and its consequences) or costs from damage to military service. Here are the costs of not the (future) private health insurance burdened and can therefore be ruled out. Better wait and later assure, or live with exclusion? This is an interesting question but not sweeping answer can be. The variant “wait”, it has the chance later without an exclusion to be insured. But what if until then more diseases are known, an accident occurred or the General State of health has deteriorated? Then is perhaps permanently locked away in private health insurance. The version 2, so exclusion complete with, at least the guarantee to have insurance, even if it is restricted in some areas it is. For the exact wording but it is important to not go in hidden cost traps. In all other cases we also, so applies also here: don’t hurry and consider the decision well. Nothing is worse and financially more burdensome than a hasty wrong decision.

Choose The Appropriate Construction

Everyone needs insurance at the present time actually without insurance, nobody comes certainly at the present time, because everyone must effectively protect himself and his own fortune against various risks, so as to ensure that it defies an unforeseen damage in arge financial distress. But to choose the right insurance, even needed, is sometimes not so easy and requires most definitely also a certain time what it should not be forgotten. Anchin spoke with conviction. After all, the offer on this area is now enormously large and there are many ways that go great but by far not all also to every man and his needs, so you should consider first some, before it makes its selection. First of all, it is useful to address what major insurance man as a basis would like to have or rather should have the question. This should then in turn list on and tackle one after the other. How high and the protection here should be extensive arrives on the own case and your own needs, you should deal with it is next, so that people know what services you do without the individual insurance never. This is done you should take also the time to choose a good insurance comparison, in the, you can enter some data about yourself before you get then displayed the different matching results. From these one finds easily offers is, that correspond to the individual wishes and needs and that are also inexpensive, so you can keep the financial burden of the insurance as low as possible. Is uncertain whether you alone actually correctly can make all of these important steps, then you should consult rather a competent advisor, which further can help you in this matter and who knows by his experience, what you should be aware of everything.

Internet Consumers

Study promotes interesting figures revealed a representative study of Commerz Finanz GmbH, which has carried out in cooperation with the market research institute BIPE, every second consumers in Europe would finance his car with a loan. Using the auto loan, wishes can be realized relatively quickly for a car on the otherwise long must be saved. Was that more and more consumers compare the terms and conditions for the offered loans regardless of age and value put it, that the corresponding service is provided in connection with this study also found. The financing directly from the dealer more than half of the surveyed consumers open faces the financing offered directly from the dealer, which come directly from the car Bank associated with the manufacturer. Many consumers use but also the credit of a bank branch or a direct bank, if you promise there lower borrowing costs. Also, it is interesting that today more than 80 percent of all customers, the a car loan record, that do not spontaneously, but compare different offers and interest rates. Where the younger more advantage comparison, than do older consumers.

More than 70 percent of consumers obtain several quotes for the generation of under-30s. At the over 50, there are just over 60 percent, which is not the first offer, but make a comparison of the credit. Consumer behaviour in Europe nearly identical results from this study show that consumer behaviour when it comes to the purchase of a vehicle, is quite similar in Europe. The differences can be not in individual European countries, but in the age of the consumer. The Internet affinity of younger people as an advantage is evident here, because the Internet just offers the best comparison possibilities. Especially when it comes to financing a new car, it means to compare not just the interest rate. Correctly save can options at a higher interest rate, if this be opened to receive grants high discount on the actual price of the vehicle.