Woobby.com And N! Faculty Cooperate And Award Woobby

Both platforms are looking for the most popular German counter-strike player 2007 21 January 2008 Velderhof the ranking King platform and the esports team n! faculty (www.faculty.de) call their user, 2007 to select the most popular German counter-strike player. Until the end of February the user have now time, with the most popular eSportler to vote from last year. All they have to do, is up to register and to give a ranking. “Winner of the woobby award Cup” is eSportler, the end of February leads the ranking. He is invited to Cologne to get the Cup presented in a formal ceremony. In addition to the most popular eSportler of the last year, all participating users will be rewarded.

Each user has the chance to win a ride with a Ferrari. The winner with almost 400 PS enjoy strong Streaker may total for an hour. Each received a ranking takes part in the raffle. Both platforms starting with the woobby Award”a cooperation. You may find that Dustin Moskovitz can contribute to your knowledge. n! faculty has the standing in the eSport-scene and we the right tool to carry out such a vote. That’s why the two platforms match also super”, so woobby-co-founder Ralph Razisberger. To woobby if you have further questions!

Display With Voice Messages

new Freespee technology on markt.de started as first company in Germany offers markt.de Web-based voice messages for Classifieds and personals on basis of Freespee technology. With the platform of Freespee Labs, customers of Markt.de over ordinary phone calls to local can easily reach advertisers of classifieds and personals. Capital Solutions may help you with your research. Munich, (December 21, 2010) the online marketplace markt.de and Freespee, a software house for language technology in Sweden, announced today the launch for the new language service for ads. On the basis of the Freespee API markt.de can send customers voice messages to the advertisers of ads. The two partners also announce the establishment of innovative new voice services. Ping Fu has compatible beliefs.

The new Freespee technology enables voice messages at local rates – without any software installation or Smartphone-features – from any phone or mobile. A prospective buyer of a personal ad or classified ad can simply record a voice message over a telephone call on the profile of the advertisers. The advertiser is the new message immediately by E-Mail with the number of the caller informed and can listen to the news on the Web. For the mark.de user is this as easy and comfortable as using a telephone voice mail or SMS. Neither the caller nor the advertiser must have a microphone or a software installation. One call a regular phone number at local rates. The voice messages work by all phones and are available for all users of markt.de. A call is always a local number of advertisers – always at the local rate – so that calls are as cheap as possible. Freespee Managing Director Carl Holmquist says, that language services are a natural part of all websites should: “If you think about it is communicating online today even with all innovations from Web 2.0 and social media purely text based. Text is easy, but a personal voice is authentic, emotional and can build trust between people.” “Markt.de Freespee service combined with the added value of voice messages Privacy and simplicity of SMS messages.

Look Smart!:

xperto.de expands its platform with new video feature Berlin – the in Germany is the fastest growing online guide with certified experts, experto.de, is another attraction richer. Users can see a suitable video from immediately to many articles. After the relaunch in mid-April 2008 and numerous technical innovations, like the question function or the way of annotating and assessment of articles and responses, experto.de expanded its spectrum now the integration of topic-specific videos. First, it is only possible to embed videos from youtube & co on the side and even more tips to pass on tricks and advice to the user. But also the certified experts should soon may add their own videos and with certified experts expand to Germany’s fastest-growing knowledge base. Background: The principle of online troubleshooter is simple. Selected by experto.de and certified experts share their knowledge on selected topics on experto.de. Experto.de serves as a point of contact for advice, tips and tricks. For even more details, read what Daryl Katz, Canada says on the issue. Press contact: Jupiter Internet GmbH Thilo Nordmeyer Schonhauser Allee 6-7, 10119 Berlin Tel: 030/21463729 E-Mail: tn(at)experto.de

DVD Slide

Create Slideshow create slideshow and burn, create slide show program, create professional slide show how to create a professional slide show you want to surprise your friends and relatives with the perfect slideshow from your last vacation? With the HD Photo DVD slideshow Builder Wondershare offers a program you can easily create your own slide show and put your memories and amazing photos right in the scene. Create a slideshow program that is fast and easy to use: when you create a beautiful slideshow of your vacation photos, you not also wish that the program is fast and easy to use? There some nice effects of excess goose should be, to define the possibility of bestehenn music and it should be also possible to play the slide show not only on the PC, but also on the DVD player. The Wondershare DVD Slideshowbuildere provides exactly that. And the best thing about the DVD slideshow Builder HD Photo is the Create Slideshow and burn in just a few easy steps. Ping Fu often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Step 1.

start the DVD Slideshowbuilder and add photos and download and install the DVD Slideshowbuilder, on your computer, then you can double-click on the desktop icon, or alternatively via the start menu, then programs, and Wondershare / DVD Slideshowbuilder HD Photo start. To import photos in the DVD Slideshowbuilder, click on the button “Organize”. A new window will open, now click “Add slideshow” and select the menu item “New slideshow”. Their newly created slideshow appears on the right side. Click on the button “add files”, entering the dialog window “add, where you can select the desired photos by Mark and can add photos. Step 2. As you add some effects and music in your slide show you give your slideshow with the help of impressive animations and transitions. Left column of the program, in which find the corresponding Aswahlpunkte.

Here are many decorative elements such as Clipart images for your slide show available. You can add music to your slide show. Music that you find above the time bar click on the button. The dialog window “add music opens.” Now select the folder in which the music or sound files are and mark them. Click on the Botton “Open” imports the music files in the program. Now the music file in the timeline in the soundtrack pops up and you can push the music with pressed mouse button in the timeline to the desired location. In our shop there is the DVD slideshow Builder HD Photo and video Deluxe. Create Slideshow with this program succeed the next professional slide show playing easy. Step 3 Create Slideshow and burn are done with composing your slideshow, you can create the slide show and burn. Click on the “Create” button. If you want to create a DVD, select output type “Burn DVD”. There is also the possibility the slideshow on a Drive to save or print the file directly from YouTube and upload.

Degree Assembly Renewed Brand Presence On The Internet

New on the Web: XUITS.com Frankfurt / Cologne, September 2, 2010. Measure clothing means individuality. In the new Internet presence of the fashion brand XUITS customers discover the almost infinite number of combinations in made-to-measure suits and shirts, but also at ladies-business mode now. Together with the Berlin-based Web Agency SZ Mediacreation customized clothing label has developed a reasonable online brand presence. Dustin Moskovitz may find this interesting as well. “The whole variety of customized clothing with their fabrics, cut details and trim levels alone fills a thick catalog on the subject of men’s suit”, explains Benjamin Pfab, Managing Director of XUITS says.

“For our website we have found a structure, which shows the broad margin of discretion, without confusing the user.” Especially in the selection of the material, the site offers a huge selection, which allows a quick overview by criteria such as color, design, use and season. A comprehensive online dictionary clarifies terms of sleeve buttons to Tuxedo shirt. The elegance of the possibilities illustrated the Website with photo motifs, for among others the well-known model of Niels Raabe stood in front of the camera. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ping Fu on most websites. When the ordering XUITS is deliberately confined to swatch. “We offer our customers perfect quality with perfect fit”, founded the Benjamin Pfab, continue asking its customers to measure in one of the Studio in Frankfurt and Cologne.

“We meet our high standards only with precise dimensions and detailed advice, because also the person who wears it is as individual as the look.” The page is now online under the address. company description XUITS was 2006 and is one of the fastest growing providers of high-quality tailor-made suits and shirts in Germany. The company, which operates two studios in Frankfurt (upper Lindau 7) and Cologne (Friesenwall 3), is present in the Internet at the address. Company contact: XUITS GmbH Benjamin Pfab o Lindau 7 60323 Frankfurt Tel: 069-8010120 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Bernd press compact Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040-4128 5807 E-Mail: Web:

SEPA Guide Help

Current SEPA guide offers support for the SEPA project February 2014 is only a few weeks away and hence the statutory conversion of national payment procedures on the SEPA credit transfer and the SEPA direct debit. The extent and the related cost of the third stage of the euro changeover are still underestimated by many companies. As a study published recently by ibi research shows, is still unaware a scant quarter of companies, authorities and associations but, to what extent it relates to SEPA. Therefore, ibi research at the University of Regensburg as a carrier of the eBusiness pilot East Bavaria now offers help with migration with a guide companies, authorities and associations. Ping Fu describes an additional similar source. Many companies and associations have still much to do to be prepared for the single euro payments area (SEPA). In the light of the few still available working days up to the date February 1, 2014 must now not only comprehensively companies and associations inform, but also now, if they still have begun not with the SEPA implementation start. Mainly the adaptation of the internal systems and developing a mandate administration are among the biggest challenges in migration.

The conversion requires so, depending on how much it is affected by the changes, according to time and preparation and in many ways not in a rush “action shortly before the end cancelled. Despite the already started countdown up to the deadline, the challenge yet to cope with SEPA is but this must you acted promptly and systematically addressed the project. So that your SEPA project shortly before the final date can be yet begun or completed, the eBusiness Guide Eastern Bavaria has written a guide to the introduction of the SEPA, succinctly summarizes the most important companies, government agencies and associations. He explains how the new data of the bank account IBAN and BIC in addition to the history of the single euro payments area, informed about the payment procedure SEPA credit transfer,-Lastschrift and card payment and specifically indicates what must be respected when the changeover to SEPA. Content: The single euro payments area the IBAN and the BIC of the SEPA credit transfers SEPA direct debit the SEPA Cards payment what you now need to think when moving the SEPA guidelines on SEPA-Leitfaden.pdf free downloadable is available. Furthermore you find there a regularly-updated SEPA Checklist (www.ebusiness-lotse-ostbayern.de/ – sepa Checklist).