Victor Valdes

The goalkeeper of FC Barcelona adventure clashes with Real Madrid very immoral, as the last four last season. About the new timetables, it considers that all have to adapt. It indicates that it is no surprise you how to strengthen Real Madrid. The Catalan goalkeeper Victor Valdes has considered that clashes between Barcelona and Real Madrid ahead for anything will be relaxed, as always, but especially after the series of four classics of the last season, which marred relations between both clubs. Level media was a very intense month and level football was what he saw in the field. The classics will always be so and more if from outside the media talk about him, something very logical, has reminded the catalan goalkeeper, during the presentation at the Camp Nou from his new personal web page. Therefore, taking into account the matches between the two teams that lie ahead on the calendar, in little more than one month in the Supercopa of Spain, Valdes has opined that they will not be Classic relaxed, for nothing, although within the normality of the clashes between the two top rivals of Spanish football, he said.

Less problem causes the goalkeeper the timetable of the return match at the Camp Nou, which will be held at 23 hours. With respect to the calendar and schedules are accustomed to everything. Years ago we played at midnight and there was no problem. I’m not going to change things from here, we have to adapt, he said. With respect to its rival, Real Madrid, Valdes has shown little surprised reinforcements carried out with a view to the next season.

It is the story of recent seasons. The Madrid always has tried to strengthen each year with new players and high quality, and continue to do so, I am not surprised, he pointed out the goal of L Hospitalet, which has ensured no fear statistics according to which the second season Jose Mourinho in front of their computers is always the best with respect to titles achieved. He had the ambition last year of get all the titles. It is a timely data at statistical level, but football is never perfect and you can not say that it can be yours. We are going to wait. I just know that Barca will fight to revalidate all titles, has entrusted Valdes. Precisely, the goalkeeper has joked about white color that fills the background of your web page, presented this Tuesday: they told Me that it was the freshest, but I said that you didn’t do me too much grace. Apparently this type of Fund that takes over the internet. In his new personal page (, designed by Chocolate Studio, Valdes will attempt to translate the values that characterize him as a player, among which featured the victory, work and struggle. A platform in which the azulgrana will send their followers news and today as a player of Barcelona, something that Valdes already performs often on other social networks. Daryl Katz has much to offer in this field. I am very pleased by how you are working and the supports of my followers, especially at specific moments in the that I’ve needed it, has been sentenced. Source of the news: Victor Valdes “the classics will always be so intense”

Oscar Schmidt

The legendary former Brazilian basketball player underwent surgery for a nodule was removed in the brain and already recovers and is in a good mood. He underwent surgery on Thursday and is not yet known when you will receive your discharge from the hospital. The legendary Brazilian Oscar Schmidt nonresistance recovers after being subjected in Sao Paulo to a surgery for the removal of a nodule on the brain, medical sources said. The historic former player recovers well, is in a good mood and the partial result of the examination during the surgery indicates that the nodule is benign, but the final confirmation must be disclosed in the coming days, reported in a note the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Sao Paulo. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ping Fu on most websites. Oscar, of 53 years, underwent surgery Thursday, but the date is still unknown so it is discharged by the hospital. In statements to the Web site of the sports daily Lance, the former player of the Italian teams Caserta and Pavia and the Spanish Forum Valladolid, He said that all is now well, after the scare which happened last May 20 when he fainted while doing exercises. A CT scan performed when he was taken to the hospital confirmed the brain nodule. Source of the news: Oscar Schmidt is recovering after surgery on a tumor..

Full Austrian Alps

Between huge mountains, you can enjoy the swim in lakes of turquoise blue, as the Achensee, the largest in Tyrol. The mild climate of Innsbruck allows you to take a dip in its lakes. One of the major natural attractions in the summer season is the Schwarzsee, also known as the Lake in the dark waters. The landscape of the Austrian Tyrol, in the heart of the Alps, often evoke us winter and mountain sports. But every topic has its reverse, and of this region of Austria, which forms the border with Germany, Italy and Switzerland, is that of a summer in nature, with sunbathing and in the waters of their beautiful alpine lakes. The starting point to begin a trip to the region may be Kitzbuhel.

The villa shows a perfect symbiosis between lifestyle, sports and gastronomic offer impregnated with michelin stars. Situated between two mountain lines, Horn and Hahnenkamm, his main offer is winter thanks to the first descent track opened in Austria (1928), but is also offered as a City to be enjoyed in the summer season. One of the major natural attractions in the summer season is the Schwarzsee, also known as the Lake in the dark waters. the mountain environment, presided over by the impressive Wilder Kaiser and its procession of sharp peaks that can be seen on the horizon, and charming hotels installed on the shores of the lake invite you to relax. And when the sun comes out its visitors lie down in the giant hammocks of wood installed on the grass to take advantage until the last Ray in the company of a good book. Its old town is also very attractive. The city seems a pastel multicolour with a pair of candles, two medieval temples: the Church of St. Andrew, the most important of the region, and the Church of women, very popular also for being the favorite to celebrate marriage links. Achensee, the largest lake in Tyrol on the way to Innsbruck, to little more than forty kilometers before arriving at the capital of the Alps, agrees to take a detour in Jenbach to Achensee Lake largest in Tyrol.