Jose Luis Perez Caminero

EP Counsellor delegate of Atletico returned to discuss the situation of the Argentine. Daryl Katz video gathered all the information. Florentino has given me his word, says Gil Marin. The leader has asked that the future of the Kun is resolved before June 15. Counsellor delegate of the Atletico de Madrid, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, has reiterated that his team won’t negotiate by Sergio Aguero and has referred to the 45 million rescission clause for it fiche by any less club Real Madrid since Florentino Perez promised that he would not make a hostile operation and he believes in the word of the white President. Gil Marin made it clear that the future of Aguero through two alternatives. related topic.

To stay or to come a club that is not Real Madrid with 45 million. Florentino I guarantee that he would not make a hostile deal. The player will not go to Real Madrid because I believe in the word of Florentino, so the debate of Real Madrid is closed. Barcelona can go and to the Alcorcon also, He noted in statements to the be. The leader has asked that the future of the Kun is resolved before June 15 because it is a decision that involves too much sports planning. In this regard, he recalled that the club has no intention of negotiating and revealed that the only team that has shown a formal interest in Aguero is Juventus, through a letter that has requested to open negotiations. But we are not going to negotiate because we want to stay, stressed the President. With respect to such planning, Gil believes that already have taken the first step to change people, but above all model in sports direction, brushed with the signings of Jose Luis Perez Caminero and Carlos Aguilera.

The second will be the coach, for which the Chief Executive has given a deadline of ten days, and the third is the template.The club lived in permanent seizure. We want that professional football and soccer base they may be one. Caminero and Aguilera are two maximum representatives of the Department of football, but all with the same structure, not as before that was differentiated. The coach what we will propose Caminero and we cannot be too long without deciding, he talked about the next coach. After assessing Luis Enrique as a perfectly qualified person, just like the ten coaches who have emerged in the press in a week, Gil Marin described profile seeking: must be able to understand this club, which is not easy; bring good relations with the media; and above all that is able to achieve the minimum goal, enter the Champions League. After hiring a coach, rojiblanco team’s objective will be to define a template that is made and that the only thing that can alter it will come by De Gea and Aguero and their possible transfers. GEA has not signed with Manchester United, said Gil, contradicting the words of Alex Ferguson, that the last week was made the hiring of the goalkeeper. Source of the news: Gil Marin: “Aguero can go to Barca, and the Alcorcon also; “Real Madrid, not”

European IMF Miniature

The grandeur has these things. French President Nicolas Sarkozy – who said that at a meeting of the G-20’s are going to refound capitalism-, said on Thursday night that the European Rescue Fund will be a sort of embryo of the European Monetary Fund. The eurozone has increased the power and flexibility of the Fund: you can buy debt in markets as one investor lends money to countries with problems to a more affordable interest rate and more loose deadlines, acting as a firewall to support banks if necessary. And even authority to undertake preventive actions, a military term has to demonstrate its power of deterrence: If EU investors are attacking any country’s debt, this salvaestados Fund has ability to enter the market and thus cornering speculators, as it has done the European Central Bank (ECB) in the worst moments of the crisis.

Bullfighter Jesulin

The judge estimated that Spain asks, Bethlehem responds is a copy of I have a question for you from TVE. Telecinco considered guilty of an infringement of intellectual property, moral damage to the public broadcaster. It is forbidden to repeat the format or the program. A Madrid Court has sentenced Telecinco to pay 60,000 euros to RTVE as the Spain program asks, Bethlehem responds is a copy of the program of RTVE I have a question for you. The complaint was filed in November of last year.

As well, the judge at the juzgado de lo Mercantil No. 12 has valued at 20,000 euros patrimonial damages for a breach of the intellectual property and 40,000 inflicted moral damage to copy and exploit a format of interview which RTVE had acquired French Television advertising. Moral damage comes from the fact the Spain program asks, Bethlehem responds it was redifundido, aired three times on channels of the private channel and was hung in the web page. By all this is evidence of obstruction of the normal activity of the imitated and the loss of his reputation and such concepts have to be compensated, detailed sentence. Telecinco will no longer airing in addition, Telecinco shall pay the costs of the trial and will not repeat the program format or reissuing the images of the starring the former girlfriend of the Bullfighter Jesulin de Ubrique and co-anchor of space save me private chain, Belen Esteban. The ruling may be appealed to the Provincial Court of Madrid. Source of the news: Telecinco sentenced to pay 60,000 to TVE by copy I have a question for you