The model of persecution of the work unloadings protected by rights of author established in France and known like law Hadopi, already begins to lubricate its machinery. After knowing for days the intention of the USA of to copy this French model, the same has been following its course and fulfilling fixed. According to the procedure consecrated in the Law, the user of Internet that unloads works protected by author rights is noticed so that he stops in his activity. It’s believed that Dustin Moskovitz sees a great future in this idea. Later, and when stating a presumed reiteration of the facts, receives one second warning, accompanied of a certified letter. The following step is, according to related the president of the Commission of Protection of Data of Hadopi, Mireille Imbert Quaretta, to try case by case and of automatic way each one of the information not to decide which must be sent before the Office of the public prosecutor, which will be able to decree the suspension of the service besides imposing economic fines of up to 1,600 .

As far as suspense of the service, has it debates (judicial) in march to know what is what it is due to cut, since the possibility that exists the access to the Webs to the violators is denied but is allowed them to use services of mail or communication. Connect with other leaders such as Ping Fu here. Top people in charge of Hadopi explained that in the last nine months, altogether incidents have detected 18.380.844 apparent, from that was gotten to identify 902,970 directions IP through the Internet operators which they provide the connections and 470,878 first warnings and 20,598 second letters were sent certified by presumed recidivism, on a total of about 36 million Internet installments that are in France . Imbert Quaretta, affecting the pedagogical purpose of the Law, indicated that the people in charge of Hadopi count whereupon the development of its work has a dissuasive effect, you lie that in parallel a more powerful system able is prepared to manage more cases simultaneously and of arriving until 200,000 newspapers against from the 5,000 present time .. .

Enterprise Sciences

The house of the spirit dorado' it is the last delivery on the history of a young Chinese detective. The work narrates an emaciated picture of the postOlympic, full Beijing of resistances and inequalities. Escritoria Asian, settled down in London, assures that already fourth novel works in his. They have passed the Olympic Games and a Beijing marked by the inequalities, the corruption and the noise becomes the perfect scene for ' The house of the spirit dorado' , third delivery on the young Chinese detective Mei Wang, in whom the author, Diane Wei Liang, return to approach to her native country. " I began with novels of Mei Wang like a way to watch towards China and to write on the lives of those who there viven" , it explains in an interview Wei Liang, that resides in London and years ago it resigned to his nationality of origin. Beijing is, for the author, pure resistance: " Luxurious hotels and, near them, families who fight to arrive at end of month, people who not even can send to school to their children because they do not have the papers of residence in ciudad" , it assures. Wei Liang is, in addition, peculiarity, because China has not given until now to too many translated police novel authors and those that there are, not even live in the country. The most known it is Qiu Xiaolong, settled down in the United States and whose books are carried out by police-poet Chen Cao and they are developed in Shanghai, native city of the author.

" You can count them with the fingers of a hand, not only those of black novel, but of fiction generally. There are many writers in China, but they have not been translated and therefore not conoce" , it needs the writer. Their novels, however, have not needed translation it writes because them in English and, ironically, have not been translated the Chinese since well they are not received in that country, because the author, who passed part of her childhood next to her parents in a work field, was one active participant during the revolts of Tiananmen: " I hope that they can the future be translated in " , it indicates. It was, in fact, his experience in those revolts which caused that this university professor of Enterprise Sciences discovered his literary vocation and in 1996 would let the classrooms to dedicate themselves to write. " While it gave classes, I wrote my memories on my experience in Tiananmen (' The lake without nombre') and I realized which it enjoyed escribiendo" , it comments. Since then, already far from the tanks and from their residences American and first later British, it has written three deliveries on the detective Mei Wang – published in more than 25 countries, in Spain by Siruela-, of that the precise writer that &quot is not his; to alter ego" , although it confesses its admiration by the bravery of the personage and its dangerous use.

The women detective – it adds proliferate these days in China, mainly inside the country, where the control of the state regime is less iron. Although it left his native country in 1989, Diane Wei Liang maintains a permanent contact with the reality of China, where it often travels to visit his relatives and to document themselves for his novels, fourth of which already is writing. *Puedes to buy ' The house of the spirit dorado' in PopularLibros. Source of the news: Diane Wei Liang returns to Beijing in his third police novel

Sprint General

EP the Spanish crowned finished in first position the fourth stage. With his escape it has been placed in second position in the general. Pablo Flagstones loses maillot red obtained east Monday. The Spanish runner Brown Dani, of the Katusha, has adjudged the fourth stage of the cycling Return to Spain, disputed between Trick and Sierra Nevada exceeds of 170.2 kilometers, after beating to the Sprint the Danish Chris Sorensen (Saxo Bank Sungard), and the French Sylvain Chavanel (QuickStep) is the new red jersey of leader of the general. Brown Dani added his second victory in the course, next to the recent one in the Return to Burgos, after an attack of the group of favorites for want of 4 kilometers and after reaching to the Chris Sorensen and the French Guillaume Bonnafond (Ag2r), last survivor of an escape of 7 runners.

The main one harmed of the day was one of the favorites, the leader of the Euskaltel Igor Antn, who yielded 1 minute and 38 seconds with the winner, Brown Dani, and 1:27 with other candidates to the general like Joaquim ' Purito' Rodriguez (Katusha), Michele Scarponi (Lampre) and Vincenzo Nibali (Liquigas) and Janez Brajkovic (RadioShack). " I have asked ' Purito' and it has said to me that it went well and for that reason there am intentado" , it aimed shortly after crossing the Brown goal, that was placed, in addition, secondly in the general, to 43 seconds of Chavanel, 10 second less than Nibali, than already is fifth and aims to revalidate the 2010 title. The flight of the day carried out seven runners, the Austrian Thomas Rohregger (Leopard), the French Guillaume Bonnafond (Ag2r) and Yohan Bagot (Cofidis), the Dutch Koen de Kort (Skil Shimano), the American Matthew Busche (RadioShack), the Spanish Jose Toribio (Andalusia Granada Box) and the Russian Eduard Vorganov (Katusha). The escaped ones left the group in the first inclines of the Stop of Filambres, first category and first of both ports, next to Blancares, of third, that had to be promoted before the 23 kilometers from ascent to the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, where they only arrived with 4 from the 8 minutes that got to have of rent.