It Is Hour To Add, Not To Divide!

She is not rare people to notice, in diverse segments of the life, that has people, either for personal interest, vanity, or to have the call ' ' fifteen minutes of fama' ' , that they act in the line of ' ' how much worse, better! ' ' We believe that this is serious, therefore many of the situations is not if treating to sazonal question or passenger, but yes of something bigger, that not rare it defines better or worse situations for much people. This can happen since inside of a club esportiva amateur even in other spheres of associations or same in professional categories. Until we could enumerate hundreds of them, but this would not come to the case and could provoke discomfort in this or that category. Learn more on the subject from Kerry King. The certainty is that, at moments where the participation of all is necessary, or at least of the well intentioned majority, for some noble objective, the hour is to add and to never divide. Some times the people leave of enxergar all to focar in its interests and later it can late be for repentances. In the history of humanity, also in the routes of our country, we had provoked examples of errors and rightnesss more for omission of what for action of the majority moved for good intentions and above all joined, not divided.

With respect to all religions and the sacred right of freedom of worship, we have as certain that a source of teaching for the humanity is the sacred book of the Christianity, the Bible. In it, the tickets are not few that tell the internal division as the way fastest for the ruin. Mateus (12: 25) nail: ' ' All kingdom divided against itself exactly, finishes in ruin, no city or house divided against same itself will be able subsistir.' ' Already Timteo (3: 10) alert: ' ' It prevents the man who provokes division, after admonishing it first and second vez' '. Right to choose the proper ways was in the data as favour, but after much perseverance and fights. To use it with discernment we always believe to be what more we are waited of all.

To use to advantage a situation to demonstrate itself the opposite it, exactly after having shared of that as if was the thing most certain of the world does not seem to be act of that it has sincerity and it wants the good of its next one. Inside of this optics, we do not see difference between who if it divides vendendo in parts and that one that if vende entirely. One or another one will be merchandises of exchanges for which they do not have other names, seno of treasonous cowards or. I read certain time and I do not forget that ' ' all man has price, but its dignity no' '. He will be that I am made a mistake!

Enable Collaborators

Tax burden high, interests and the tax of exchange. These are some of main ' ' adversrios' ' of the Brazilian entrepreneurs in its Organizations. Moreover, the competition is each incited time more with the constant importations of foreign products. Ahead of these scenes, the organizations have invested in the qualification of its collaborators as alternative to dribble the competition. Another reason that takes the visionary entrepreneurs to invest in the qualification of its collaborators, either in training and development of people or after-graduation, is the scarcity of talent in the market. Therefore, one of the great concerns of the entrepreneurs and managers is the retention of talentos. To invest in the collaborator makes with that it if feels valued by the Organization and thinks ' ' duas' ' times before accepting a proposal of the market. However, to choose who to enable demands care.

So that the organizacional climate is not affected, she is necessary that if it develops one politics clear for this benefit, thus preventing internal disputes. Organization and collaborators need to understand which questions are taken in consideration in the hour to select them. On the other hand, it is important that the collaborator is cliente of the expectations of its organization how much to its frequency and performance. These item must be part of the politics of qualification established for the organization. It has cases where the conclusion of the qualification is established for the collaborator a minimum time of permanence in the company after. When one is about agreements, everything what it is clearly for both the parts does not leave ' ' caro' ' for nobody. It stops in them becoming each time more competitive and to hold back talentos in our organizations, fatally we will need to pass for constant qualifications. Good Studies!