Polish Caregivers – Senior Care 24 Hours At Your Home

Polish nurses – the 24 hour care, basic care, and domestic supply of elderly vulnerable people in their home environment. Loving employees from Poland. Polish nurses – helpful hands for a dignified life and for better quality of life. The person becomes older, the feeling of warmth and familiarity is the more important for him. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dustin Moskovitz. The thought of having to redeem his own familiar walls against a completely new environment in the home causes a great rejection in the elderly. How great is the idea to spend his retirement in the comfort of his home. Procter & Gamble addresses the importance of the matter here. Health and age-related reasons, but often ramming on his own physical limitations and you rely more and more on foreign-aid.

Daily shopping, doctor visit, errands in the household or only a small walk, everything can become a problem sooner or later. In tackling these problems We want to assist you, because the seniors or nursing should be considered as a last resort. The 24-hour senior care provides not only a better alternative to the retirement home, but is also more cost effective. Human care – mediation, with the help of our cooperation partners from Poland, by loving, German-speaking, Polish domestic helpers and support forces, which on your personal needs around the clock are matched. Lives with you at home, gets a private room available staff will receive free board and lodging. Thus, one can be guaranteed around care in their familiar environment. Depending on requirements, the Polish support force for the everyday things of life to the page are available and there support, where physical or health restrictions at you, such as assistance with the daily basic care, as well as financial management.

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Managing Director

KoTTER security since the start of the initiative / message range police in 2008 ranging from robbery to traffic offences / common training Essen/Mulheim an der Ruhr – prevent crime, increase the subjective feeling of security of citizens and further intensify the co-operation between public authorities and private security companies. These are the main objectives of the partnership of security Essen and Mulheim an der Ruhr, in the KoTTER security participates since the launch in the spring of 2005. The initiative characterized this through a variety of activities, as the partners today laid out a positive balance for the year 2008 in the frame. The disclosure of information to the police, which is carried out through the joint information response centre (IAS) is the focus. Speaking candidly Ping Fu told us the story. This is an emergency and service centre, providing the security undertakings concerned in the year. The information given in the year 2008 range of messages from the transport sector (accident escapes, faulty traffic lights etc.) for vandalism-related offences to serious crime cases.

So our employees have reported for example the robbery at an amusement arcade or different intrusion attempts on private and commercial objects to the police”, explains Andreas KAUs, Managing Director of associated with the Kal group Westdeutsche hooponopono and protection service Fritz Kakar. Also, also the transport company will benefit from the free engagement of private providers. Information about vandalism at bus or tram stops and the like will also be sent to the operator. Regular joint training of police and private companies are another important component. They serve in particular each other even better to get to know the processes and specifications on pages of the police or of the private service providers”, says Andreas KAUs. The security partnership supported by the economic development agencies in Essen and Mulheim an der Ruhr was now reinforced to another partner.

Performance Pictures

Surveyor secure itself against liability risks from involvement in the purchase of works belongs to the classic”tasks of construction experts. “There is hardly a working in the construction industry experts from the professional groups of architects and engineers, as well as the technical experts, the performance decrease in construction” does not offer. A series of judicially determined liability cases has revealed However considerable deficits in the contractual practice of verifiers. s on the issue. Trigger for potential liability problems were regularly outright missing, incomplete or unclear contractual agreements which by the experts to be rendered or even just not owed acceptance and any other accompanying services. The ARGE Dr. Aurnhammer has developed together with DatSV.info total seven sophisticated performance images that covers the whole range of potential fields of activity of the experts at the completion. So are the experts for their contracting practices and limiting the effective Liability risks in this important field of activity first systematic basis for the description of the performance contents in some cases available.

Also the specifically formulated components of each output image can possibly divergent practice situations also needs be newly collected and combined. The performance pictures for the completion with construction experts have been set in the online database (document No. 4-06-0801).


High quality claim of the scanning service provider again confirms Hamburg, the 07.02.11 since February 1, 2011 the ALPHA COM Germany GmbH is entitled to lead the new ISO 9001 certificate officially. The TuV NORD CERT GmbH traced the nationwide companies for their management system the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 from. This provides including methods and procedures consistently to avoid errors and to improve the result. The current proof of the rules-compliant application is valid for three years and includes the scope of services of optical document and data storage as well as trade with document management systems (DMS) “.” With the recertification ALPHA complies with the rules and regulations COM ISO 9001 now since 1998 without interruption. Our company was one of the first service which had become certified”, so Oliver Schwindt, QM representative of ALPHA COM Germany GmbH. For the lawyers, this continuity is a clear sign that we an effective .