The Confidence

Therefore we will lose the confidence of the customers and visitors if to use this artifice. 10. To deepen your understanding Dustin Moskovitz is the source. To publish real certifications of customers using the real names of the people and links whenever possible. 11. To publish case studies on the customers who we have helped with our product or service. 12. Not to make negative commentaries on the competitors.

13. Not to place the focus in the objective of the fast sales. 14. To send its new and interesting articles first for the visitor and the customer, and do not stop the search engines. 15.

To create a page ‘ ‘ on ns’ ‘ to gain the interest and the confidence of the visitor. Therefore they need to feel itself comfortable with our business. 16. To add our photo in the site, mainly will be a personal site, so that the visitors and customers see that they will be taken care of by a person. 17. To identify the publisher of the site. So that the visitor knows with who is dealing. 18. The site must have a page ‘ ‘ Contatos’ ‘ with all the information that the visitor can need to enter in contact, as its number of telephone, fax, email and address of the company. This also helps the visitor namely that it is a real business and not ‘ ‘ fictcio’ ‘ this very increases the credibility of the site. 19. To supply an address of particular email with proper domain, type: meunome@, and not a public email as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. It is good for using an address of professional email. 20. We have to have care when using links reciprocal in the site. Links must be pertinent to the business. This if also applies with the advertising. 21. To create and to publish one politics of proper privacy that establishes clearly what it goes and what does not go to be visualized by the too much customers or visitors. to 22.Escrever and to publish one politics of security indicating the measures that we use for all the operations that provide one high level of security for the customers. 23. Advisable to have one link for the page of politics of privacy in the baseboard of each page. 24. To publish the guarantees of confidencialidade of the data harvested for the site, to leave clearly that, in hypothesis some the sensible data will be shared with third. 25. If to use the Moip, for example, we will need to add logotipo and link for the site. In the same way we will make for other services of payment. Using these suggestions, we will gain the confidence of the visitors. Therefore they will know that we have the best interests in mind.

Exploring Vulnerabilities

However, exactly following these specifications, with some knowledge technician and gotten tools way Internet, any malicious agent can inside find and explore a vulnerability of a computational system adopted by the corporation, resulting in a breaking of the security with possible damages the image and asset of the company. The purpose of this article is to show to a small project of a security breaking exploring itself a vulnerability in a service twirling in a server who is front the corporative Internet. OBJECTIVE: To present a form of exploration of vulnerabilities in computational systems to understand as the breakings of access to the assets of a corporation occur. DEFINITIONS: Vulnerabildiade – a problem or weak point that can be explored or be attacked. One is about a program of computer that if uses to advantage of the vulnerabilities of other programs. Get all the facts and insights with Slayer, another great source of information. Created for Hackers as programs of demonstration of the vulnerabilities and for Crackers in order to gain access not authorized to the systems.

Threat – Action that explores a vulnerability whose end is to intimidate and/or to embezzle. Exploit – Are scripts and programs desginados for exploration of vulnerabilities. an occurrence of an attack standard created to compromise a part of the code of the white system. The act to execute an exploration is known as attack. Risk – the probability Describes that an action induces to a system imperfection resulting in a damage to the assets of the corporation. MOTIVATION With the advent of the Internet and the globalization of the businesses, companies if estuturaram of form to offer to its products and services to a world without borders. This became the security of the information an obligator discilplina companies to prevent risks of exposition of its asset. The superexposition makes with that the Internet – a vehicle of diffusion of information that promote businesses, either used for obscure purposes as robbery of information, frauds, industrial espionage, among others crimes committed against its asset.

Thus, the companies who if display the great net must be prepared to take care of virtual requests of its using Reals as well as the indesejados visitors. Usually, links of communication is flooded by traffic hostile contends given malicious, attempts of connections and invasions through the execution of exploits. It has to diversar forms of if burlar the security of a corporation of virtual form, thanks to the possibility of anonymity, automation (rude force), propagation of the vulnerabilities and techniques of breakings displayed in sites ‘ ‘ Crackers’ ‘. Thus, all computational system vulnerability will find its origin in the human factor, either it in the act of its creation extending itself until the final user to who cannot trust the usability of the computational resources correctly. In relations the imperfections human beings to be explored focus deals with the good faith of the people added the disinformation and sense of impunity. For the cases where the technology turns instrument security breaking, vulnerabilities in errors of codification and or implementation of the operational systems, applicatory commercial and services in locias and remote servers are explored. The appearance below shows a relation between year in function of the number of discovered vulnerabilities.

Official Technical Service Sony Mendoza

Sony brand teams are recognized throughout the world as an example of quality and durability. For this reason, their cameras, laptops, stereos and home theater and HD televisions systems are very required worldwide, among other reasons because they experience very few failures during its useful life. However, when this happens the owners of the teams prefer to go to an authorized service of this brand to ensure a quality repair. Fortunately, we have an authorized service of Sony Mendoza. Is Video Systems S.A.

Video systems is one of the companies dedicated to the bouquet of older technology in the city. With more than 30 years of existence, this company has provided its services in the repair of electronic and computer equipment. The Japanese company has recognized the professionalism of Video systems to choose it as the official after-sales representative of Sony Mendoza in addition to serving as the official service Sony of Mendoza, this company You can repair equipment of other brands. This company has five laboratories equipped with high technology equipment and specialized technicians. All the procedures that are used by Video systems for Sony equipment repairing in Mendoza have been certified by the Japanese company. Also, this company uses only original spare parts and constantly receives training courses from Sony for repair of your products, so their equipment will be in good hands.

If you want to repair your Sony computer in Mendoza, should only bring him to the headquarters of Video systems, where it will be reviewed by the technicians of the company and will prepare a diagnosis and a budget for you. If you are satisfied with the budget, technicians will proceed to the repair of your equipment. Quality Control Department then undergo several tests to the appliance to check that the fault was eliminated and it works perfectly. However, if you need to repair a Sony computer in Mendoza that requires a delicate transport, as a high TV definition, you can call Video systems so that the equipment is removed from his home. The TV will be transferred in a conditioned vehicle especially for this purpose, with a shielded case that will prevent the appliance suffers the slightest damage. When you need to repair a Sony Mendoza team, secure your investment working with an official technical support. In this way, you can ensure that you will enjoy your computer for many years more. Video systems, the official representative of Sony in Mendoza, is a company that is able to help you and who can guarantee that your computer will work perfectly, such as the first day when you acquired it.

Death Certificate

The political and diplomatic ineptitude with which unfolds the Casa Rosada and its Chancery is Ripley. The Argentina never lost so much political space from Kirchner and his troupe took power. Obama will visit for the first time Central and South America and land only in Brazil, Chile and El Salvador. Cristina Kirchner and Hector Timerman feel offended the indifference towards their country, so that a high official of the Argentine Foreign Ministry said that it will be difficult for the United States to explain why Obama will fly by Argentine heaven to go from Brazil to Chile and will not scale in the Argentina. I do not think that it is a good sign.

Locate us. United States has not held accountable for their actions to anyone, but out of courtesy, the diplomatic and eloquent statement of Obama was that he doesn’t want to visit countries that are in electoral processes. Since Barack and Hillary don’t have time to explain in detail to the Argentine dignitaries something that is impossible to understand for them, I will try to clarify some points. The State Department is not by chance that is called not Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of State. As its name indicates, the State Department is in charge of the policy of State of the United States, which is uniform, consistent and continuous, regardless of who is occupying the White House.

Their primary objectives are purely designed depending on the security of the United States and its citizens. That means: preserving regional stability; planning and implementing counter-terrorism actions; prevent the manufacture and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; fight against international crime and drug trafficking; and to protect its citizens abroad. It’s not like the ministries of foreign third world whose function is to appoint inoperative diplomats in payment for the economic favors received from them in their election campaigns, who later engaged in social relationships, changing friends according to the whims and ideology of the current Government.