It was one morning pparently normal. The little time wakes up and, in search of something good to attend in the TV, I impatiently pressed the buttons of the remote control. I heard a pleasant sound, a pretty, brown, lean woman and high it sang a beautiful song in ' ' Xou of the Xuxa' '. I thought that never my life had heard something so pleasant in all and was then that I stopped and perceb that it did not sing in our language, seemed something different. She was when the presenter spoke to the end. ' ' Vocs had finished to hear the American singer.' ' – I understood! It said ' ' americano' '. That legal thing – That I remember to me, I must have one five years of age and not wise person well on this. He wanted to hear more, to know more, to understand the direction of those words whose sound was so soft but so deep that, for me, the pleasure feeling would be inesquecvel.

Some years if had passed, however my will to learn English to sing, not. At that time, all did not have this easiness, did not have Internet. As it would go to learn then? I always liveed in a simple quarter of a small city of the interior and, had to the fact of my father to have lost the job, he studied in a state school. That is, we did not have English lesson until arriving at the time at basic the two (' ' fifth srie' ') It waits, its hour it will arrive, it said my mother. It tried to make the possible one to keep new vocbulos as ' ' hot dog' ' , ' ' self-service' ' , and it is clearly, without forgetting it to me ' ' hello' ' of ' ' bye-bye' '. Already I started to be happy, but