Marking of goods to the immediate release of sales areas and allows more control over the sale of goods. So, we can formulate the requirements for modern management and accounting for the majority of retail medicine: automation of records management, use of customer service for passive or active ECR POS-terminals equipped with barcode scanner, a simple and convenient scheme of posting the product and its labeling; record cash balances in the context of the series of divisions and sales prices, inventory control scheme and the formation of residues defektovochnyh statements; scheme of wholesale prices for drugs listed in the "List of … ', flexible temporary social and discounts, and discounts on a category of drugs, the ability to service and manufacturing prescription drugs, medical records poseriyny; popartiyny accounting pharmaceuticals. Key criteria for selecting the ERP-system are: the cost of basic kit and technical support services (which is especially critical for non-network pharmacies), the ability to timely improvements of the system under the new market requirements and wishes of the client (user); low hardware requirements (server, workstation director, working the cashier) – this avoids the additional cost of purchasing new equipment and use already available computers, support system, a large range of peripherals (fiscal registers, barcode scanners, displays the buyer, print barcode thermal printers, etc.), availability and affordability additional modules to increase functionality of the basic set (especially important for dynamic drugstores), and the ability to interact with the most popular applications accounting. Read additional details here: Ping Fu. It is very important that the ERP-system was able to consolidate operational data for the rapid exchange of information about inventory in real time between multiple pharmacies as a network, and between pharmacies and the central office. The central office receives from the pharmacy records of sales of goods and on the basis provides procurement planning. Scalability is critical as ERP, especially in today's stage, when the pharmacies are increasing rapidly. .