Assuming that we would like to create a travel agency with presence in Internet, one of the important things to try is, who will be the target audience of the services that we offer. In this sense, we could say, for example, travel and services offered programs are generally aimed at everyone. But, given that you may have established a classification of travel programmes in different categories, there will be a majority in each of them, such as for example public: Los Viajes family mainly aimed at married couples married with young children who want to spend a holiday together. The specially designed honeymoon travel for the newlyweds. Space travel, due to its price, may be performed by people with high purchasing power. The adventure travel for young people and sport. The travel of the third age suitable for older people.

The travel agency must try to have satisfied customers who hired the services of the same. So, it is very important to have a good plan of attention to the client. So, stay happy with services and speak well of the company. Customers advertising is the best thing we can have. In addition, it is much more cost-effective to gain the loyalty of customers who make new customers, since no spending anything on advertising to attract them. Through the website will pretend to apply Business typology to Consumer, whereby, consumers can communicate with the Agency obtaining information on different aspects of the trip who want to carry out (time at the place of destination, required paperwork, possible vaccines, things to keep in mind, etc.) using e-mail, will also enable videoconferencing. Of course, booking of travel and your payment will be possible through the web. If you liked this article and want to include it on your website, you can do so, provided quote as source at to find out more, visit the Carlos Pes of Internet Marketing course.