The shaman is a versatile class that has a variety of talents and skills, in other Word, it is a truly hybrid class. Currently, World of Warcraft players have 10 classes options to choose. They say that for the newbies or beginners it is advisable to choose the WoW warriors to start its competition of tolelar damage, but it is entirely possible to choose a hybrid as a shaman or Paladin class if they have understood their styles. Now go to detail certain important factors of the shamans need to know before you actually choose to play with this class: its advantages and disadvantages according to their talents. As mentioned before, the shamans are versatiloes.

Versatility means being able to do everything. They can be a danador for his skills both as a Melee DPS. Moreover, they are able to heal his comrade, in other words, several people at the same time. Its outstanding and unique point is the ability to be able to resurrect his friends and himself. Apart from this, the chamandes has to be able to transform into a Wolf Ghost; the ability to ride above the surface of the water; and you can immediately cast damage spells. In terms of its disadvantages of shamans, is that the totems are f? agile and as a result, they will be destroyed easily by only direct attack; and that depend much of mana because its branches of talents require much use of both to survive and to do damage to enemies.

To summarize in short, shamans are not experts of a specific role for its wide range of talents, and that can be a positive or negative depending on the understanding of class and competence of a same player during the game. There are various means to access to experienced players for tips & tricks profitable to raise levels without wandering. To save time, you can spend a bit of money buying WoW guides and point. Personally, I’m more go to a guide of class that I’m playing. It is easier and more comfortable.