Brazil Work

Contanto, the education of tourism in the universities still is incipient, being necessary an approach inside of the same ones, offering chances of research in this area so that the pupils are capable to contribute with dynamic solutions for an improvement of the tourist products in imminence, already developed or that they had entered in decline and that still they need a study more improved to become them destinations with a bigger visibility in the national and international markets. Consideraes Final the education passed for some transformations and reorganization thus making possible an improvement in the education of base and college student, being this also a requirement of the proper market of work that finished directing some educational actions in Brazil. The improvements well are seen in the direction of if having a bigger amount of hand of offered workmanship, but still some areas are searching workmanship hand more than level technician of what of superior level, causing a revision of the function of the formation of this last one. This article intended to show as if it gave the evolution of the education and, mainly, of the courses of tourism in the search of professionals focados in areas you specify of the work market. Although to have a considerable amount of courses of tourism in Brazil, many of them emphasized specific sectors of market and do not help for the development of the tourism in itself and a deepening of the course while applied social science. One notices that the curricular gratings of the tourism course need a revision so that if it has a estruturao of them and also a uniformizao of you discipline specific that the course needs to possess for the formation of apt professionals for the market of work and with critical opinion and human being front the social reality of the globalizado world. It is perceived inconsistency of this aiming that causes idle and disarticulated courses, without relation some with the scientific premises of the tourism.