I am lean. Son of lean father and mother. Granddaughter of lean people and niece of the aunt Adelaide, who of lean would retire only has it. My genetics is thus, no matter how hard I insufle my stomach with guleisemas, in the maximum what profit is gases. Already I tried affection, already I took boiled must and bateladas of biotnico Fontoura, without success. I made until musculao to acquire mass, I lost five kilos in one month, gave up there. The mother says that when I to engravidar go to be more cheinha, does not believe very, the mother came back to the normal one as soon as we give birth 3: the Lu, the Carlos and me. In more the step hours and hours seated, waiting that some customer goal the face for that door and comes to lease a film, but today the thing you the ugly one.

Two little boys had passed here to remove the Sherek (for the tenth fifth time, I find), a student came behind a set of documents of that I never heard to speak, for the college work and one velhinho leased one by mistake porn. It said that he was in order to see a bang-bang had the lenses of the thick eyeglasses almost thus thicker than mine legs read ' ' War ' ' was chipped, tomorrow the master comes to complain. In these hours that I am thankful to be able to be seated, gaining bunda and obstructing me of Cocaine-glue and stuffed big cookie, still I see of first hand the launching just left the cinema and take the newness for house. But it has times that I roll all, the line goes of the balloon to the door. I make receipt.

I receive. Cato the original. I give I change. I place the film in the petty cash. I say: ' ' thanks a lot, sempre&#039 comes back; ' , equal the Mirta owner guided. One day I complained: ' ' Necessary of ajuda' ' it left the warehouse there (that it is the kitchen of the house of it) facing was, gave to see me buo hairy, that nor a caranguejeira, thought that she was to advance in me. The eyes, two black holes, I remembered the witch of the film that had attended in the previous day. ' ' If you of the account of the service do not go to have that to arrange another one pessoa' '. I was dumb and I dedicated more to give I change, to receive and to catar the films. It leaves exausta and with anger. If I was bigger, full and round as the aunt Adelaide went to botar fear in the monster! But it was not it had to conform that me with the franzino skill of being. I disconnect the computer and I erased the lights, until I left under the balcony the comedy that had separate to lead. That night did not give will to laugh. While trancafiada the door, felt in mine cangote the warm hlito of the revenge and it again made me to this to lose the appetite.

Ski Resorts Dombay, Christmas Tours

Dombay ski resort at the northern foot of the Great Caucasus Range in the southernmost part of Karachay-Cherkessia, surrounded by a dense ring of mountains, is Dombay Valley. This piece of paradise – a grain of sand among a huge mountain high Caucasian Mountains, sandwiched between two seas – the Black and Caspian. On the main Caucasus range forms the border between Europe and Asia. The water wears away a stone. Mountain streams, those that flow from the Caucasus Mountains to the north, formed a valley. The last millennium, shallow river channel, formed picturesque glade – the confluence of three rivers, the meeting place of the three gorges. To the north is quadruple – the widest Teberdinsky gorge. Here, three rivers merge into one – River Teberda.

Clean, clear, bluish-green Teberda on its waters into the river Kuban. His name Dombay Valley received from the word ‘dommay’, which translated to mean Karachay bison. Ski Resort Located in Karachay-Cherkessia Autonomous Region of Stavropol Territory at a height of 1650 m Dombay margins on all sides surrounded by a ring of snow-capped peaks. Highest – Dombai ELGIUM (4,040 m) peak of Ine (needle-3462 m.), Sofudzhu (3,785 m) Balalakskaya (3851 m) Dombay, OK Location: The complex is located in the heart of the resort at an altitude of 1650m Dombay above sea level. Distance to lift the pendulum – 200m, up chair – 100m to lifts (short-track for Beginners) – 150m.

Facilities: bar, dining room, cafe, sauna, swimming pool, health center, massage room, library, movie theater, billiards room, children’s room, night club, disco, hire of ski equipment, ski-storage, ski repair shop, post office and long distance telephone, ski shop, elevator, parking. Crocus, : Hotel is located 20 meters from the cableway, 50 m from the Pendulum lift, 50 meters from the lifts. In 2003, the hotel had made a complete overhaul and reconstruction. Customer’s service: a Turkish bath with pool, indoor swimming pool (18 m), solarium, massage room, billiard room, equipment hire, ski-storage, a fireplace lounge, hookah bar, nightclub Crocus – Plaza, karaoke, gaming machines, a parking area. Snowflake, Hotel Location: The complex is located on height of 1750 meters above sea level in Dombay Valley. Pendulum rise, the source Narzan (100 m), chair lift (150 m) rope tow (short trail for beginners 150 m), a village with shops – 150 m to the service: restaurant, night bar, billiards, sauna with a cold pool, disco, swimming pool, parking, taxi service, safe at reception, medical service, rental equipment and uniforms of Snow Leopard, Hotel Location: Hotel located in the heart of the village. Dombay, at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, 350 meters from the gondola of a new road, 250 m from the pendulum of the road and 450 meters from the chairlift. Facilities & services: restaurant with European and Caucasian cuisine, barbecue, room-service, bar, massage, rolling and drying of skis and snowboards, pharmacy, ATM, mobile communication, secure parking. Please note: the hotel to accept bank cards.

The English In My Life

It was one morning pparently normal. The little time wakes up and, in search of something good to attend in the TV, I impatiently pressed the buttons of the remote control. I heard a pleasant sound, a pretty, brown, lean woman and high it sang a beautiful song in ' ' Xou of the Xuxa' '. I thought that never my life had heard something so pleasant in all and was then that I stopped and perceb that it did not sing in our language, seemed something different. She was when the presenter spoke to the end. ' ' Vocs had finished to hear the American singer.' ' – I understood! It said ' ' americano' '. That legal thing – That I remember to me, I must have one five years of age and not wise person well on this. He wanted to hear more, to know more, to understand the direction of those words whose sound was so soft but so deep that, for me, the pleasure feeling would be inesquecvel.

Some years if had passed, however my will to learn English to sing, not. At that time, all did not have this easiness, did not have Internet. As it would go to learn then? I always liveed in a simple quarter of a small city of the interior and, had to the fact of my father to have lost the job, he studied in a state school. That is, we did not have English lesson until arriving at the time at basic the two (' ' fifth srie' ') It waits, its hour it will arrive, it said my mother. It tried to make the possible one to keep new vocbulos as ' ' hot dog' ' , ' ' self-service' ' , and it is clearly, without forgetting it to me ' ' hello' ' of ' ' bye-bye' '. Already I started to be happy, but


When judge others only reflects lack of self-acceptance, of tolerance. Many are the challenges that the present manifest in the commercial and economic scenarios of the countries that make up this planet Earth.They demand a proactive, visionary management, strategist, true agents of change allowing enterprises under their charge to perform efficiently on them. For scholars of administrative science, who have been identified with the career of administration, cannot ignore what represents the role of enterprises in the present century, where technology, political economy, exert a significant effect on scenarios, demanding to know interpret their effects in order to ensure a participation that favors him. In the Venezuelan case that concerns us, and is characterized in the present, for being a turbulent, risky, insecure, scenario product rather than all of the incidence of the State, which is decided to Institute what has been called 21st century socialism, leads to that the companies, their managers, stay tuned from the effects of the policies, government programs, laws, measures in order to not be affected seriously, not only in its operation, but in their survival. The graduate program of management of the quality and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, through the Chair of managerial topics is committed to provide to the participants, future specialists of quality and productivity, knowledge and tools that encourage you in your performance and know how to meet the challenges, threats and opportunities. To do so, are organized discussions, forums, talks relying on virtual classroom where participants, all exercise their functions in the companies where they work, exposed their views, suggestions on this subject in order to determine its scope, impact, importance, how also are released suggestions, proposals that favor him on his performance. Thereon the participant Gabriela Toro, manifest, is observed in the behavior until the moment of the century 21St as some companies have said, as they are prepared to compete, participating in the different economic scenarios is perceived that 21st century encloses an era dominated by the development of global information, the re-engineering of services and knowledge, all this, since then, is part of the new strategic resources used by companies in order to participate in the current trade scenarios.

Board Member Slobodan Cvetkovic

Emerging financial company is also the sports sponsorship no detours; Professionalism and accuracy called for Wurzburg, June. After his first victory in the Amateur Championship of the ADAC GT masters at the Sachsenring, Arjan van the Zwaan triumphed in the race in Zolder (Belgium) last weekend. Thus the native Dutchman clocked up a victory R8 LMS on his Audi for the second time and now stands after five races ranked two of the best drivers. The Zwaan UHC, a merger of Motorsportbegeisterter drives in the team of the sponsor Prosperia Brinkmann. Luximo holding Board Member Slobodan Cvetkovic, even passionate driving race, keeps this way for an important part of companies to promote social life sponsorship commitments. That he could make friends with just with the Motorsport, lies in the nature of things, because for him as CEO of a financial company, there are many matches between the two areas. But otherwise, Cvetkovic is socially engaged in a variety of areas.

Cvetkovic: when the Motor sports is perseverance, professionalism and innovativeness. Small, deliberate actions often targeted lead to great results. Ill-considered acts ever to crash. It is so similar to our industry: the financial products that we make, are characterized by focusing on the essential through precision in the conceptual design, as well as selecting the appropriate assets. Also the topic of innovativeness plays an important role with us, because at luximo holding, there are no products off the shelf!” The luximo Holding AG is an underwriter, which offers private investors as also asset management investments. The focus equity in private, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and multi asset. The chance to be invested together with leading institutional investment companies and banks due to the excellent networking of luximo Holding AG as a co-investor, resulting in these asset classes. For more information,


After all, all the people we always tend to remember the good things, trying to forget or to ignore those that were not it as much. It tries to remember always your relation as a whole, remembering always the reasons that took to you to break. After all, if everything had be perfect between you most probable it is than still you followed together. 3. It deals with centrarte in this new stage in doing what always you had wished to fulfill but never you had been able, because of your commitment or for want of time. This one will be a good incentive in your new life, that will allow to see the things you with greater optimism. You will discover that everything has its positive side. 4.

Tomato a certain time of reflection before lanzarte to know new people. Of another form, you could arriesgarte repeat errors and inadequate landlords of conduct in future relations. 5. When you know a new person with whom you believe that it could be worth the trouble to share something more than a friendship, it tries to go slowly and with firm step. You do not commit yourself seriously to first, and simply it tries to enjoy that new one that you feel in the day to day. If that person had crossed, like you, a separation process or divorce, in no case would have to allow that aspect became your point of connection, dedicndoos to criticize to your ex- ones pairs or to comment aspects on your previous life.

Death Certificate

The political and diplomatic ineptitude with which unfolds the Casa Rosada and its Chancery is Ripley. The Argentina never lost so much political space from Kirchner and his troupe took power. Obama will visit for the first time Central and South America and land only in Brazil, Chile and El Salvador. Cristina Kirchner and Hector Timerman feel offended the indifference towards their country, so that a high official of the Argentine Foreign Ministry said that it will be difficult for the United States to explain why Obama will fly by Argentine heaven to go from Brazil to Chile and will not scale in the Argentina. I do not think that it is a good sign.

Locate us. United States has not held accountable for their actions to anyone, but out of courtesy, the diplomatic and eloquent statement of Obama was that he doesn’t want to visit countries that are in electoral processes. Since Barack and Hillary don’t have time to explain in detail to the Argentine dignitaries something that is impossible to understand for them, I will try to clarify some points. The State Department is not by chance that is called not Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of State. As its name indicates, the State Department is in charge of the policy of State of the United States, which is uniform, consistent and continuous, regardless of who is occupying the White House.

Their primary objectives are purely designed depending on the security of the United States and its citizens. That means: preserving regional stability; planning and implementing counter-terrorism actions; prevent the manufacture and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; fight against international crime and drug trafficking; and to protect its citizens abroad. It’s not like the ministries of foreign third world whose function is to appoint inoperative diplomats in payment for the economic favors received from them in their election campaigns, who later engaged in social relationships, changing friends according to the whims and ideology of the current Government.

World Novelty Trading From The House Of DELO

DELO industrial adhesives has developed an entirely new system for non-contact dispensing of liquid media. Windach, 7th October 2013: The unique all-round Jet system DELO DOT PN2 has great advantages in installation, operating and maintenance costs due to modular design. Through two years of intensive research and development work we succeeded, to produce an optimum Jet valve. With DELO DOT PN2, the customer receives an all-round Jet system that is all along the line”, says Christian Walther, Sales Director Germany. The new system made in Germany”is compact, accurate, light and has a unique, modular design. DELO-DOT PN2 can be easily disassembled into its individual parts, it is easier to clean and each part can be exchanged quickly.

This flexibility saves in the manufacturing of the customer time and money. Another special feature is the robust actuator, the PN2 in the DELO-DOT with a long service life (> 1000 million cycles) and a very high Jet impulse equips. DELO-DOT PN2 DELO brings a Jet valve on the market, the new standards with regard to life, range and ease of use. About DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2013, 350 employees generated a turnover of 51.7 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and resellers. Press contact: Katrin Kirchgassner DELO industrial adhesives DELO-Allee 1, D-86949 Windach phone + 49 8193 9900-391 fax + 49 8193 9900-5391 E-Mail:

Bonn Online

10Th Annual Congress online trading: Flaconi the best online shop in the cosmetics sector Berlin named, 23.01.2014. First! Flaconi won 2014 cosmetics the German online trading award in the category. The Berlin prevailed against the also nominated Web shops from Douglas and Rossmann. The online trade award was in the frame of the awarded by the management forum of publishing group Handelsblatt organised online commerce Congress 2014. Consumers who were surveyed in the third edition of the customer satisfaction survey of ECC Cologne to the online shopping satisfaction decided on the evaluation of nominees.

The year’s Champion Freestyle took place yesterday evening in a festive event. Great joy at Flaconi: the online-shop of young perfume from Berlin 2014 German online trading award-winning in the cosmetics sector. Bjorn Frank Doherty, Managing Director of Flaconi, is enthusiastic: this award shows that Flaconi has established itself as one of the first addresses for shopping for beauty products on the Web. We thank particularly all Consumers who we certify this award that we are on the right track. The online trade award is a great recognition and a big incentive for us all!” The prestigious award yesterday in the context of online commerce Congress 2014 in Bonn. The online shops of Douglas and Rossmann Flaconi were nominated for the best online shop in the cosmetics sector. The winners of this year’s online trade award Kurten over 10,200 online consumers surveyed in the latest customer satisfaction survey of the ECC Cologne in cooperation with Hermes on their online shopping behavior. Including website design, range, shipping and delivery, user friendliness and service were assessed.

The yesterday’s award ceremony took place in a festive event with about 400 guests and is the culmination of the 10th Annual Congress online trading 2014 “, which was jointly organized by the trade association in Germany and the management forum of the publishing group Handelsblatt. The online-trading-Congress deals with current developments in E-commerce. Under the heading of digital commerce in transition ‘ including topics such as big data, customer experience management, international trade, and digital trends were on this year’s agenda of the two-day event. Offers Flaconi since July 2011 my new perfumery Flaconi ( in their online shop an extensive selection of brand perfumes, toiletries and makeup. In addition to perfect customer service, a high-quality design and an intuitive operation also versatile product information make an emotional and unique experience shopping on the Internet. The range extends from current releases up to longtime classics: the weekly growing brands includes already over 10,000 products, including Hugo Boss, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Davidoff, diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jil Sander, Joop!, Kanebo, Lacoste, Lancome, Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne, Wolfgang Joop, Yves Saint Laurent. Press contact: Anette Keiser FIRST SCOUT IN strategic communications consulting phone: + 49 (0) 89 2090-0135 email: Klenzestr. 51 80469 Munich contact company: Katharina Junglass lead corporate communications FLACONI GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 030 288 848 753 E-Mail: lane corner str. 36, 10969 Berlin