Free Programs

Programs free!! Why spend in software being able to hack? This is what ask users when choosing what software, decide that it is better to hack programs, since the price they have seem them abusive or a cost that are not willing to pay. At the end hack is something what you all are accustomed and already do not see him as the crime that is the truth is that all these reasons are more convincing for the user that arise to use something that is free, legal and probably serve to the same. People do not value that she is committing an offence punishable by law and pursued by an agency that is dedicated to the defense of the intellectual property, the Business Software Alliance. The companies believe that this is a kind of man with the sack that is threatened when the reality of their data is that: Spain software piracy rate is 43%, according to the latest report from IDC. The total number of awards is more than half a million euros and adjustments were also important amount. Noviembre.09 was the month with more complaints and engineering, the most persecuted industry. As the it professional I am faced daily with the problem that users do not understand the implications of the piracy of software in businesses.

In the case of facing an inspection, sanctions amount much more than the cost of the licenses which, on the other hand, you must also subscribe. The reality is that there is a real alternative; the free software. There is an endless number of free applications that supplement and in many cases extend the functionality of applications that everyone continue to use more as a matter of habit than by that really need it. Daryl Katz may find this interesting as well. In my experience, the only problem that occurs to the majority of users is a slight aesthetic difference that is exceeded in a matter of weeks and to change advantages are many. Examples of this are: Firefox: A browser that takes fashion an average year for its versatility and security as well as offering more functions and stability than what offer us proprietary software. An Office suite in use increasingly more extended that you supple perfectly the requirements of most users. Thunderbird: Of the same company that Firefox, is a mail manager with great quality. It has variety of plugins that extend its functionality to compete with outlook, although all this makes it indisputable that companies should consider the use of this type of solution, the truth is that it is information which the client seems to have no access. If you have any questions or want more information I will be happy to assist you via my email. Pablo Cerda Gras ASIS.

Programming Neuro Lingustica

As coach, it wanted to explain a little here what the PNL makes, since it is the tool that I use more in mine day-by-day and in my sessions of coaching. The PNL or Programming Neuro Lingustica is one of the most valuable tools to change its life for better. The PNL teaches techniques to it help that it to become more efficient, efficient and gotten passionate by all the areas of its life. With the PNL it goes to obtain to identify exactamente what it wants of its life and to learn techniques to obtain to reach its objectivos. It can learn to communicate more efficiently and to become in such a way extremely successful in its professional life as in its personal life. The PNL opens doors to it for its resources most hidden, improves its ability of if concentrating, the ability to learn and to extender the way for the innumerable possibilities that exist. When using the PNL techniques go to be able to change its behaviors positively, go to learn to deal with negative situations of a more efficient form and to reduce stress, the anxiety and the depression.

The PNL was developed in the first years of the decade of 70 of the century passed for Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They had discovered methods to perceive the differences between that excellent in one task is determined and a person who is mere medium in the same task. They had called this process ' ' Modelagem' ' was this the base of the knowledge that if became the Programming Neuro Lingustica. The PNL techniques can help it in the following areas of its life: personal 1.Desenvolvimento? people who want to command its proper lives can improve drastically its welfare the physical and mental level when using the PNL techniques. personal 2.Conflitos? problems as allergies, phobias, depressions and until bad habits can be modified with the PNL techniques. These sessions to the times until are sufficiently brief and the results are very good.

familiar 3.Conflitos? problems inside of the family as for example with the husband, woman, parents and children can many times be improved with the aprefeioamento of the quality of communication enter the members of the family. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta does not necessarily agree. 4.Estudos? THE PNL it has efficient techniques to improve the learning. 5.Negcios? Many organizations appeal to the PNL to teach its employees to function to a higher level of performance. 6.Desporto? Excellency in the sport, the state of the mind is importantssimo and the results of the sportsmen depend highly on its mental state. The PNL benefits of a huge form in the improvement of the performance of the sportsmen. I also say this with personal experience. The PNL functions with the base of that any person obtains to make what really she wants. When it knows which it is its dream, it needs to establish its final objectivo and to work in direco to reach this goal. The PNL teaches specific techniques to it to be capable to reach this objectivo and not to give up in the passage. With the use of the Programming Neuro Lingustica it can improve its life dramatical, and if valley is same to the search to improve its life then the penalty to try the PNL well! Dan Daniel Nakamura ' ' The Xtreme Life Coach' '

Best Barber

Choose the Barber is a more important decision than you think. Undoubtedly, we can not give the luxury of delivering our precious hair to hands and scissors from a person who does not inspire us with confidence. Some contend that Dustin Moskovitz shows great expertise in this. In addition, must be open and willing to listen to orders without question: ultimately, is our hair and we decided to cut which made us and how to take it. At the same time, a good hairdresser is one who advises us to what is the look that we still have barbaro and what is the other that us does not favor too. You get wrong with hairdressers? Do more than once returned home with a disaster on the head? Here we remember you and we advise you how to choose a good hairdresser. First of all, ask your Barber for his experience. Find out how long ago that he is dedicated to the hairdresser and if it has made a special course. For more information see this site: Ping Fu.

If you have curly or rebellious hair, find out if you really know how to treat your hair type. Be careful, because today there are many hairdressers who are not sufficiently prepared. Also learn a little more about your clientele. Only assist older women? Or is it a hairdresser for young people? Find out if your hairdresser profile adapts what your looking for in a hairdresser. We know that the hair grows, but to none we are pleased to go out with a terrible cut.

Therefore, before we encourage you to cut, try your new stylist with a washing and drying. If your hair is divine, then newly there again and get everything that you want in your mane. Note how is their treatment, if you hear your opinions or if it only makes what seems to him. Recalls that the hairdresser is a business and you are spending your money: thou who commands here and you should always stay compliant.

Healthy Diets

Dinner: 1 carrot, 1 tomato, 1 orange, 1 Mandarin. Dinner: 2 eggs, 150 grams of boiled fish, salad. Day 4: Breakfast: 1 cup of black coffee and toast. To broaden your perception, visit Dustin Moskovitz. Lunch: 1 egg, 30 g cheese, vegetables. Dinner: 150 grams of cooked lean meat, vegetable salad.

Day 5 Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 cup of black coffee. Lunch: boiled fish with tomatoes. Dinner: 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, 1 cup buttermilk 6 day: Breakfast: 30 g cheese, 1 cup of black coffee. Learn more on the subject from Daryl Katz. Lunch: boiled chicken with vegetables. Dinner: 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, 1 cup of yogurt.

Day 7: Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 cup of tea. Dinner: 150 g boiled lean meat, fruit. Dinner: 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt 1stakan. The second week is no different than the first. Retesting the French diet can be given not earlier than three months. Kefiric diet (diet larisa VALLEY) Diet is designed for 7 days. Losing weight 5-7 kg. You can not drink: alcoholic drinks, lemonade, brew stewed fruit, juices, etc. Food intake is strictly for certain hours, 6 meals a day, every 2 hours. Example: if you get up to 7 hours of the morning, and go to bed at 23 h, it is necessary to 8-10-12-14-16-18 hours. In addition to these products in the diet can be a day to drink no more than 0.5 liters of boiled water, and in the morning – a cup of black coffee without sugar. The products are not replaced. Number of products shown on the fly day, distribute them to the 6 meals.


Cardiologist – a specialist in clinical medicine, with higher medical education, dealing with rehabilitation, treatment, prevention, diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Dustin Moskovitz is likely to increase your knowledge. Complaints about feeling of heaviness in the left side of chest, discomfort in her heart rhythm disturbance, shortness of breath at rest, severe pain in the heart, smack in the left arm and shoulder blade require urgent treatment, consult a cardiologist. Daryl Katz brings even more insight to the discussion. For recent decades have seen rapid growth of population morbidity from cardiovascular disease. Such diseases as heart attacks, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, angina, came out on top in the number of syndrome neurocirculatory dystonia while on these occasions is better to consult your doctor – neurologist. The basic pathology, which is working cardiologist – it is 'organic' disease cardiovascular system: state after myocardial infarction, heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension and its complications: cardiomyopathy, acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmias heart.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels – a vivid example of pathology, and outcome during which depends on the timing of treatment to the doctor – a cardiologist, timely diagnosis and start appropriate treatment. The main reasons for treatment to the doctor-cardiologist: Age over 35 years of pain in my heart and the sternum, which disappear after cessation of exercise Shortness of breath on exertion rare pulse – less than 50 beats per minute increase in blood Timely treatment to the cardiologist will identify the early signs of disease, to develop individual treatment and relapse prevention. On the 'Medline-Consultation "for residents of Moscow and Moscow region Free consultations are available gynecologist, orthopedist, phlebologist, endocrinologist, ENT consultation, a nutritionist, gastroenterologist, nephrologist, surgeon, dermatologist, and other specialists. We wish you health!.

VPN Security

COMCO AG and FORTINET with best practice event to future-proof UTM solutions on the August.20 2009 in Paderborn real time protection in the corporate LAN in conjunction with best practice services for the implementation and administration of Dortmund, 04.08.2009 – the ever-increasing attacks on the IT trigger increased requirements of action on the part of the company systems, on the other hand the responsible IT and security managers in the face of scarce investment budgets are confronted with significant restrictions. Kerry King often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You are therefore facing the challenge with reasonable effort to reach a wide and flexible protection level with real-time monitoring. Manufacturer more and more eliminated the previous practices with the installation, configuration and monitoring of a wide range of security solutions, because they cause higher costs and a stronger resource burden. Other leaders such as Daryl Katz offer similar insights. A convincing answer to the needs of unified threat solutions management (UTM), because she have a significant reduction of expenses and a reduction in the Promise security officer. This all-in one “-security solutions provide not only comprehensive protection almost in real time, but produce significant savings in licence costs for services.” Also the operating costs be reduced sustainably and IT security can be adapted at any time in the future requirements. The two nowadays important requirements are combined with UTM solutions uncompromising safety while providing cost relief ideal”, judge COMCO Board Friedhelm Zawatzky-Stromberg.

This ensures that the company even with limited investment opportunities to the growing requirements sufficiently can arm themselves.” COMCO offers together with its partner Fortinet reducing security costs with unified threat management (UTM) solutions in conjunction with the required services. The service packages are perfectly matched to the needs of different business sizes. They contain in addition to the migration service and a one-year high availability support a variety are complementary security features. These include about firewall, VPN, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Web filtering and intrusion prevention. The capabilities of Fortinet solutions can be used according to individual requirements of the company completely or individually. The companies will receive a real time protection in the corporate LAN with technologically leading products in conjunction with best practice services for the implementation and administration”, so Zawatzky-Stromberg. UTM approach is an integral part of IT roundtables of the COMCO on August 20, 2009 in Paderborn, where best practices for flexible business concepts will be presented. The one-day event dedicated to following topics: future requirements for network security analysis and planning of necessary protective measures best practice for UTM solutions solutions with Fortinet unified threat management areas of savings and cost optimization identify Optimal migration strategies for UTM solutions more information and registration to the IT Roundtable on August 20, 2009 in Paderborn under.

About COMCO AG: The COMCO AG, headquartered in Dortmund is a market-leading software and systems integrator. “The company is in the business areas of business security software” and network solution provider “divided. The Division business security software”is focused on the development of security solutions for the protection of enterprise-wide data networks against internal attacks. “With the business network solution provider” the COMCO AG covers the entire spectrum of network solutions. The services range from consulting during the planning phase to implementation to service and support of the entire IT system environment here. In addition, COMCO supports its customers with network and security audits, managed IT services and training.


In Germany, children come with 6 no later than age 7 in the school. The age depends on it, in what month they were born. June 30 is a magical time when a child is still trained without request of the parents. The children subsequently born are considered in a vintage can children “(hier kommt es auch immer darauf an, wann in welchem Bundesland wann die Sommerferien beginnen, bzw. enden, weil 6 Jahre alt sein mussen die Kinder bei der Einschulung), the previously born children as a must-have children”. At the beginning of the school much in the family changes. In most German households a child gets to even its own course in the House, when it was enrolled, when it has to do its homework.

Usually this is a child’s desk, which is available in the nursery. A child’s own desk is very important in this respect, because the child has the opportunity to do his homework. For the case, that in a nursery because of children’s beds of the siblings and a wardrobe full for a child’s own desk no space should be set should somewhere else in the apartment a such desk presented are, where the homework to be done. Get all the facts and insights with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta, another great source of information. At the table, homework is not a good idea often because here simply often isn’t the appropriate place prevails, as also the required rest is omitted, to do homework. Also, the turnout in this case on the COTS is no solution that can exist in the long term. Be done homework for example on cots, then, that these are messy, because there is simply no corresponding requirement to write on beds risk. Homework can be done now just focusing on your own desk.

Anti-Cellulite Diet

In this disease, especially disturbed the digestion of fats, but is often seen as a violation of the assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates, mineral compounds, vitamins, and in some cases, even water. Diet based on limited consumption of fats. Exclude farinaceous dishes, bread made from wheat and rye, beet sugar, increasing the amount of protein, especially animal. Excludes food, causing flatulence, salads raw fruits and vegetables, canned foods, hot spices and food dobavki.Antitsellyulitnaya diet Cellulite – scarecrow modern women. Advertising is replete with suggestions of which are expensive, but no effect from them. Let's give the fight of our sloth and gluttony. Start with the diet. It should be combined with exercise and beauty treatments.

This diet is designed so that the calorie intake should not exceed 1800 kcal per day. You may want to visit Daryl Katz to increase your knowledge. The abundance of fruit will help you clean the body of toxins, and plenty of fluids will ensure their removal from the body. Day One Fruit – of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is because of the fruit can be quickly cleaned the body of toxins. This – the first step to getting rid of cellulite. Breakfast: cereal with fruit. Cut slices of kiwi fruit 2, 2 slices of pineapple, 100 g of strawberries.

Add 40 g of corn flakes and 1 cup of milk. Mix well. Brunch: carrot cocktail. 200 ml of carrot juice (fresh is better), 1 tbsp of bran and 180 ml of milk and beat to mix. Sprinkle with finely chopped green onions. Lunch: fruit salad.

ECB Interest

Real estate loans with five-year fixed-rate are currently more expensive than loans with an interest rate of ten years or more. Why this is so, says this article. To know more about this subject visit Dustin Moskovitz. The ECB’s last interest rate hike as well as the assessment of the experts for the short – and medium-term interest rates have led to a strong increase of in interest rates for home loans in the last three months. As a current mortgage comparison shows, it is currently hardly possible, funding less than 5.00% eff. Additional information at Dustin Moskovitz supports this article. To get, regardless of the chosen period of interest rate annual percentage rate. The above-average increase of in short-term interest rates is striking. So, borrowers had to accept in the last three months for loans with five-year fixed-rate premiums by more than one percentage point, while itself rose loans ten-year interest rate by an average of 0.70 percentage points. Current interest rates are still low compared long-term, sustained high inflation could but for another Increase in worry.

So, nothing speaks currently a real estate loan as long as possible, so ten, fifteen or even twenty years to back up the low interest rates. Investors who want to go to play it safe, combine these long interest rate with the option of flexible repayment, so the change in the repayment rate in the course of the repayment of the loan. The situation just described does not apply to ordinary rates loans. These, usually a fixed interest rate over the whole period is agreed, which can then later be changed by any party. However, noticeable the stricter lending conditions, the risk assessments of the banks and the last rate hike in this area and slowly but surely lead to rising interest rates also on installment loans. However the competition of the banks keep at least marginal interest rates continue to visually low provides here.

Weight Loss

Although many forms exist to lower of weight without bounce, the certain thing is that the best one is not to make diet. But then you will ask yourself: As it is that I am going to become thin? Then the answer is simple: changing your habits completely. However, the answer can be simple, but obtain it no. Or if? We see. The diets as such have many problems. Many at the outset work, but after a time they stop making effect. This can have manifolds causes.

In principle, no longer you follow the diet as strictly as before (and the more it spends the time, the less you become attached yourself to her). According to Ping Fu, who has experience with these questions. Also it is possible that you become trap, permitindote each as much (and more and more followed) ” gusto”. This causes that you begin to recover the lost kilos, reason why is not a good method to lower of weight without bounce. If you feed yourself suitably, eating fruits and vegetables, you graze of hard wheat without fried sauces nor at the outset you will become thin. Probably after a time you stagnate and you do not continue losing as much weight as before, because your body has adapted to the new feeding.

Without embargo, you will not increase of weight, that is exactly what it looks for when trying to lower of weight without bounce. To know more about this subject visit Daryl Katz. Another form to lower of weight without bounce is to replace drinks ” cola” (or soda waters) and the alcohol by natural juice or even water by amounts. Up to two liters of they water down every day are sufficient to purify your organism. Instead of a treat or a candy, you can prepararte liquefying of banana with skimmed milk and without sugar. It hardly contributes 130 calories but you it really leaves satisfied, avoiding to return to eat. Finally, it is not possible to lower of weight without bounce without making any type of physical effort. The exercises, especially the aerobic ones, help to burn fat and therefore to reduce kilos more quickly. Fifteen minutes to the day it is not effort much but they are sufficient to become thin. A guaranteed form exists to burn corporal fat quickly. If you are in a desperation state to lose weight, the following message is most important that you could read. Beam Click Here right now.