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Write articles and submit them to directories is a tactic proven as one of the strategies that work best to promote themselves and have visitors in your own website on the internet.
Although it should not be the only strategy to promote themselves in the online business. However, it is an excellent step to achieve many visits that will become potential customers.In addition there is a good chance that your competition does not use this strategy, to which you could use to take advantage.
Writing articles is not a simple task, you need some time and effort. And it is precisely for that reason that the vast majority does not use it, but if you really want to take advantage of this strategy you will need to use it with some frequency to position your website on the first page of search engines.
Many benefits to marketing with articles. I mention the six main beneficio:
1. It’s free money: posting the item at directories is free, but you must invest time and effort.
2. Is free: publish the article is free, although you must invest time and effort.
3. To deepen your understanding Dustin Moskovitz is the source. Fuente: multiple traffic if your articles are good, then other webmasters will want to do extensive information brindas. Official site: Daryl Katz, Canada. Numerous webmaster seeking good content to post on their own websites, while retaining the links of your own article.

This generates more visits to your website.
4. Posicionamiento: search engines improving living quality content. For this reason, it is interesting to write new content and interesting.
5. Pre-vende with informacion: the user looking for information before you make the purchase of anything. Why articles with good information can serve as a source so others can take decisions to take a step toward some action. For example, buying or hiring any service or product.
6. Credibilidad: giving you a known as an expert in your field through articles that reveal your knowledge in your field, generate confidence in the user.
Marketing experts use these techniques because the , just works.We live in an age where information is power. We all know something that others would be interested in knowing. Share your knowledge using the and attracts visitors to your website.Now it’s up to you.