Who would like to have refunded the hair removal costs from the cashier, is mostly empty. Because the Fund pays only in some exceptional cases. Hair removal – cosmetic surgery or necessary action? Who wants to remove his hair, has many methods to choose from. In a slight to normal body hair it is sufficient usually the Shaver to access or to epilate hair. Who but suffers from a very strong hair, opts for a permanent hair removal method with laser or IPL. The excessive hair is due to illness, then you may submit the costs for permanent hair removal with the health insurance fund. But the chance that actually applied, is very low. The rejection of the assumption of the costs is usually so justified that the hair removal is an aesthetic operation and this performance will not be refunded.

In some cases it is worth but to contradict against the rejection decision. When paying the health insurance for a permanent hair removal? Legal health insurance funds take over the cost of a permanent hair removal usually so not. The reason is that permanent hair removal methods are carried out with laser, IPL, or power, are part of the cosmetic surgery and the expenses are not reimbursed for such treatments. Also applies to privately insured: the permanent hair removal with is only paid if the increased hair growth is due to illness. The body hair represents only an aesthetic problem, then neither the private nor the statutory pay. When the cost of a laser or IPL hair removal be a reimbursement of expenses for the hair removal is never without medical advice possible.

A need to do so can have only two causes from medical point of view: psychological stress or physical disorders. Who suffers from so his body hair and in his everyday life as a result feels severely restricted, should a psychotherapists or psychologists looking for before he decides for a permanent hair removal, of an appropriate Opinions can create. Even if for example, HIRSUTISM or Hypertrichosis are the triggers for an increased hair growth, should be from a specialist in writing certify itself – also before the treatment begins. That certifies the need for the hair removal is a medical opinion the private health insurance companies accept usually at least a share of the cost. Attention: Who has such an opinion, should never begin without consultation with the health insurance fund of hair removal. Because usually other obligations of the Fund associated with the acquisition of power. The patient must meet, to maintain his claim.

Sensational Teeth From Dr Candidus

Dr Candidus, not cheap but inexpensive. Dubai, London, Paris, Berlin Recently Dr Candidus in Europe was still largely unknown, but now the market leader in the MENA dared region the decisive step to Europe. The products were presented to an enthusiastic audience in the European capitals and are sold mainly through the own web shop at. Reseller search but also for the European market, because the benefits of the products in direct sales are even better. Originating from Dubai is accustomed bustle and fuss, because the products speak a clear language. It is a comprehensive package for teeth and teeth whitening offered his same looks. Credit: Ping Fu-2011. Not the competitor not similar products would have to find it nowhere but in this range and effectiveness as with Dr Candidus are. Whether you want back smaller stains on the body with a pen with the help of highly effective strips, the free speaking even during the application allow, or you it takes using a rail kit with stubborn dirt, bring the products from Dr Candidus the radiant smile back again.

With these products, an effect such as a dentist at a fraction of the price is possible. Interesting is also the toothpaste comes in a black tube. We wanted to put a deliberate contrast to all other toothpastes”says General Manager Ahmed Falouda by Dr Candidus. After all, who has been a black tube of toothpaste? After the application, users are surprised but”added Falouda. This all the more as this toothpaste really helps, not as conventional products no, promise, this black toothpaste makes really white, 2 degrees within a week.

These innovative products which are the result of the latest research in dentistry and cosmetics, have enabled Dr Candidus to take the leading role. It is probably not too long take to that in Europe the case will be that alone provokes the slogan already: Dr Candidus, not cheap but inexpensive. And if you only tried the products you will agree outright. Dubai, Dr Candidus

Bonn Online

10Th Annual Congress online trading: Flaconi the best online shop in the cosmetics sector Berlin named, 23.01.2014. First! Flaconi won 2014 cosmetics the German online trading award in the category. The Berlin prevailed against the also nominated Web shops from Douglas and Rossmann. The online trade award was in the frame of the awarded by the management forum of publishing group Handelsblatt organised online commerce Congress 2014. Consumers who were surveyed in the third edition of the customer satisfaction survey of ECC Cologne to the online shopping satisfaction decided on the evaluation of nominees.

The year’s Champion Freestyle took place yesterday evening in a festive event. Great joy at Flaconi: the online-shop of young perfume from Berlin 2014 German online trading award-winning in the cosmetics sector. Bjorn Frank Doherty, Managing Director of Flaconi, is enthusiastic: this award shows that Flaconi has established itself as one of the first addresses for shopping for beauty products on the Web. We thank particularly all Consumers who we certify this award that we are on the right track. The online trade award is a great recognition and a big incentive for us all!” The prestigious award yesterday in the context of online commerce Congress 2014 in Bonn. The online shops of Douglas and Rossmann Flaconi were nominated for the best online shop in the cosmetics sector. The winners of this year’s online trade award Kurten over 10,200 online consumers surveyed in the latest customer satisfaction survey of the ECC Cologne in cooperation with Hermes on their online shopping behavior. Including website design, range, shipping and delivery, user friendliness and service were assessed.

The yesterday’s award ceremony took place in a festive event with about 400 guests and is the culmination of the 10th Annual Congress online trading 2014 “, which was jointly organized by the trade association in Germany and the management forum of the publishing group Handelsblatt. The online-trading-Congress deals with current developments in E-commerce. Under the heading of digital commerce in transition ‘ including topics such as big data, customer experience management, international trade, and digital trends were on this year’s agenda of the two-day event. Offers Flaconi since July 2011 my new perfumery Flaconi (www.flaconi.de) in their online shop Flaconi.de an extensive selection of brand perfumes, toiletries and makeup. In addition to perfect customer service, a high-quality design and an intuitive operation also versatile product information make an emotional and unique experience shopping on the Internet. The range extends from current releases up to longtime classics: the weekly growing brands includes already over 10,000 products, including Hugo Boss, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Davidoff, diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jil Sander, Joop!, Kanebo, Lacoste, Lancome, Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne, Wolfgang Joop, Yves Saint Laurent. Press contact: Anette Keiser FIRST SCOUT IN strategic communications consulting phone: + 49 (0) 89 2090-0135 email: Klenzestr. 51 80469 Munich contact company: Katharina Junglass lead corporate communications FLACONI GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 030 288 848 753 E-Mail: lane corner str. 36, 10969 Berlin