Business Administration

Beckham is a controversial player who, despite their unquestionable quality, it is almost better known for other sporting activities. Even so, it has a track record that is not affordable to many. David Beckham is a midfielder of great quality. Even his detractors admit that, for the quality of his passes and their accuracy in free kicks, has few rivals. a It is also a player, despite appearances, very professional, as recently defined Gatusso put Milan teammate. His natural position in the field is the right wing or in midfield as an organizer, or even half a point. Therefore, we could say that has some versatility, but always within an order.

The soccer example serves to introduce the importance of a correct definition of positions within the company, and how important that the characteristics of each worker be conformed to this post and the idiosyncrasies of the business. While Beckham can play multiple positions, hardly make a living as a striker, but I’m sure some coaches would pass by the head (remember when Clement took the goalkeeper Molina inside left, in the Spanish national team match and almost scored a goal). And what is more certain is that as a doorman would not get very far. Thus, in the company each employee must “play” in the position it deserves, working with the team, and be better equipped for some posts and others will be more prepared for others, which explains why in many cases a worker had done a brilliant job and shifted, going to play a mediocre work (for example, the classic case of the seller who is promoted to director of marketing, a post to which he is neither trained nor fits him personally). a On the other hand, would be the subject of positioning. That is, how the product is perceived Beckham.

Beckham is a player of great quality, professional and with an enviable track record: 100 caps, English only player who has scored in three World Cup-winning England Premier League, Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, and key player in the league won by Real Madrid, Capello, after spending half a season on the bench technical decision (which shows his professionalism). However, many football fans see as their dominant other facets of advertising icon, married to Victoria Adams, Posh Spice … So, the football goes into the background for a weak position, ie , Beckham has failed to clearly position itself as a player, has not clearly established in the minds of consumers what is the basic benefit of the product (footballer). But really, in this case is likely, perhaps influenced by his wife, more correct to say he did not know would say that would not (because the economic benefits gained by advertising and the “sale” of their lives have been much higher than those derived from the facet of football, despite have cache star of this sport).