If you wish to save money in the payments to your insurer and to only help the environment you must adopt a few passengers and do carpool” , that is to say, to travel in group to the work, the university, etc. Your passengers would have to cooperate for the gasoline with certain regularity. The advantage as far as insuring? You can assure several cars in a same plan and to be deserving to a discount. Nevertheless, you will have asegurarte of which the cover that offers your insurer to you is the adapted one for protegerte in case of accident. It considers that the accidents can be very expensive and that even demands until of your own passengers can traerte.

You must begin by means of the comparison of the insurance policies of those who are going to lend their cars for carpool”. Each member of the group must call to its insurance agent to make sure that having the necessary cover. Some policies automatically cover the passengers who go in the car, another no. If anybody in the group does not want to share its information on insurances of cars, can be a good moment to ask if that person it is necessary. Some insurers even recommend that all the members of the insurances of cars transact a document that guarantees that in case of accident they will be taken care of by the insurer. In case there is an automobile accident and if there is no a document that guarantees the protection of the other passengers, the owner of the vehicle will be only protected, if he or it was leading.

The proprietor of the car would have to pay by the damages in the passengers. It is necessary to have medical cover for the passengers, this he will give a little mental peace you in case of accident, which is very important when you lead. Although the increase of your cover with the insurer to protect your carpool” a little money can cost, at first, probably this is compensated with the savings that you will have when participating in carpool”. Besides being a way to coexist with the people of your labor or scholastic atmosphere, carpool” it is a good form to save in the insurance premiums, since the insurers usually give discounts in low kilometrage or to those who leads with smaller frequency. Llama to your insurer and finds out if you describe. carpool” also it is a good idea to take to several children to the school, but, as we indicated to you a little while ago you must review your policy with your insurance agent so that you have the endorsement of your insurer in case of accident.