English Hunger

dead cold, 30 degrees below zero, no teams of snow at 4000 meters of height, with a shirt, a pair of moccasins, pants and nothing else. Cold suddenly was terrible, then for 10 days we learned that they had suspended the search and that we had been sentenced to kill us all in the mountain. At the beginning it was very shocking, I did not understand as my family, my parents, the Uruguayan Government, how we left abandoned to die so many so young kids with so eager to live. However later, the avalanche that was the worst thing that happened we came. I spent 3 days with no shoes, no socks, with his feet on the snow without being able to sleep a second because he needed massage me your feet permanently because if not me gangrenaban.

Those 3 days and 3 nights were difficult to explain really terrible hell. It was one after another. And we said if God wants us to kill us mate once and for all, but to not make us suffer more. But I think that this avalanche was important because he a lot joined the group. There we were naked in the snow, we lost everything with so much effort we had managed to do and it provoked a very strong reaction in us.

We will be machines survive. There was nothing worse than Ramon, could happen to us today there are many people who are living moments adverse: Professional, personal, level for various reasons. What keys to motivation you give them? We always have our own ranges and importantly give forward. Not be delivered, when they are fallen on the floor know that they have within them incredible resources and operate. The action is what changes the reality of things permanently Ana Molina is degree in management from Bentley College (Waltham, Massachusetts) and advises on self-motivation and professional well-being. It helps people with simple techniques to raise morale and vitality in his personal and professional life (TRCD METODO). Visit. anamolina. for more info and tips is free. Blogs related to free abducted businessman Uruguay day OPI Santa Cruz Chubut featured the English are good prepared Forum against hunger as part of bicentennial Optimism, Resilience, and Empathy in Esperanza Rising EQ Library the hunger in the world, numbers that hurt intercambia.net extreme temperatures: Ice ages and warm periods Asusta2 last time blog archive continue low temperatures in ASSHDP Blog Archive emergency NIGER: hunger strikes more Don Omar was unhurt in an accident Rumba 105.