Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of electronic commerce Advantages: Costs of distributors. Eliminate losses from stolen goods. Removes dead days for reasons to strike. Generates higher profits per unit sale of a product. Find a product at a lower cost. Make better deal with the seller. Accommodation in the acquisition of goods or products. Eliminates workers obligations for contracts. Disadvantages: Closeness between the seller and the buyer to proceed with a complaint of the product. Charge or power of warranty of the product marketed. You lose the ability display product marketing or physical knowledge of the product. Reduced communication between seller and consumer.


By successful personal experience, I invite to you to plan stopping smoking with a minimal priority of a month or two. Have obtained I it successfully, no longer I smoke and already I am free. The test was when after months without smoking volvi to prove cigarillo .me has made sick and I have badly been physically and mentally. If you, want to stop successfully smoking for example in April we are in February, consider it, are thinking that they are his last days from already. They are thinking that one week very hard waited for in April to them. There are two condicciones that are necessary: First it is TO BE CONVINCED and the second (she is not very hard) KNOWLEDGE THAT COMERAN convenciado MUCHO.Estar is basic and fundamental, is necessary to have cosciencia that the smoke is bad and can prove much damage to us, the smoke is bad for which they surround to us, the smoke is bad for the breath, the smoke is a vice of much money. About eating, because Better a sandwich than cigarillo, considers and est already. That if, soon they deberan to make activity physical, stopping smoking bucket an ascent of nonindifferent weight, I personally have raised 10 kg and not them I have returned to lose remote of 6 years. now my question is somebody can help me to lose them? Original author and source of the article