Rural Population

Black rain Group calls for donations for hospital near Port-au-Prince on Zurich/Port-au-Prince, January 19, 2010 – since Haiti was shaken by the catastrophic earthquake, Dr. Jean Gardy Marius is tirelessly in use in his hospital \”Sante Popile\” near Port-au-Prince, to provide medical care for the rural population. International aid can reach, so Marius, slow the areas outside the capital. In a mail to the founder of the Black friend rain Group Foundation Zurich ( asking for financial support, to organize medicines, clean water and food from the Dominican Republic. The black urges rain group donations in support of the doctor. Contributions from the aid be organized quickly and unbureaucratically and inserted directly to the supply of the rural population. Marius and his team work about one and a half hours away from Port-au-Prince in the hospital \”Sante Popile\”, which has not been destroyed.

To describe the situation in the country, according to the 40 years in his E-Mail, lacks the words. Procter & Gamble brings even more insight to the discussion. \”At this moment nothing is working in Haiti. Today I had to cross the border to get some diesel for the electricity. \”And we are planning to go to the Dominican Republic to buy some water and medicines!\” Marius returned after studying medicine abroad to Haiti, to help the needy in rural areas. 95 percent of doctors in the capital work in Haiti, even though 80 percent of the population in the country. Nissen, Director of Diakonie emergency aid in Port-au-Prince, together with his partner Astrid he’s fighting for a better life of the rural population.

Since black Tuesday, Marius is around the clock. The medical care of the injured but is becoming increasingly difficult. There is no analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications, bandages and more. Marius writes that help even outside the capital arrives, their coordinating was difficult. His concerns are poor. He knows from experience: \”usually in Haiti people who do\” really need help never had chance to get it.

Global Office Offers Companies

There are gifts for Christmas to the new year and at the end of the year different values and traditions are maintained, quite different from family to family. Some people fondue or raclette to new year’s Eve is always a Christmas goose on the festive table, which are decorated Christmas tree and the Nativity scene erected the Church belongs to the holidays or Molybdomancy. And of course gifts. Also at global office as a family business”you can further rely on important values. Also in the new year.

Continue to be very satisfied customers. To do this, you must know but also the customers and know what they think and need. Stay in contact with customers. As with the members of a family! It was also in the fifth year of its existence to consult its customers reason and motivation of global office. With the aim to be even better and further expand the all-round carefree package.

The new portfolio, which is found on the redesigned homepage now arose from this idea of improvement. It provides many new services to optimize the customer dialogue. And not only that, but also more condition benefits for various areas of everyday of entrepreneurs about the shopping platform. New: global office scheduling service also supports its customers now office for telephone accessibility service global also extensively in their scheduling. There is a personal online planning calendar, to everyone and make dates in real time can access and manage. Global automated complete office call service to the customer dialog package, office global offers an automated phone call service. In this case, office takes over the quick dissemination of information on the basis of the person recorded voice message global. global office travel deals travel management is tailored to the needs of customers and global office professional is available now as a travel optimizer. global office connects services to optimize a holistic customer dialogue now condition and service benefits of a shopping platform and gives you so many more values: on the one hand increasing the accessibility and thus accompanied by the increase of customer satisfaction. But the improved utilization of date, case-closing registration of incoming calls and increase of orders and sales. And cross-industry for any entrepreneur. Are happy about the new services, as well as its earnings and now Martin Kaiser, Managing Director of the exact active Rosenheim is a gift. He was drafted from the participants of the customer satisfaction survey. Exactly active in its holistic approach combines health oriented training and physiotherapy. Kaiser was pleased, not only about winning, but in particular also on the successful and professional cooperation with global office. For more information, see Doris Kohlhas

July Wax

Coming soon: visit of Bollywood at Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds in London has ready in April 2007 in wax immortalized, and with him a very special highlight in their collection to record him. There he is in good company with Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and many, many others. The speech is from none other than Shah Rukh Khan, the most famous Indian actor from the film Metropolis Mumbai, which is called by his fans affectionately King Khan. Daily pilgrims visitors from all over the world to London to see his wax figure, because when else you have every detail of the superstars in appearances to take have the opportunity in peace. When Madame Tussauds in the heart of Berlin opened an additional branch in July 2008 not far from the Brandenburg Gate, the desire of some fans were immediately after an own wax figure of Indian superstars for the capital, whose visiting had caused quite a stir for the Berlinale 2008 not only in Berlin. A petition was launched and happened apparently in the House of Tussauds positive response. Shah Rukh Khan’s London wax figure is borrowed from mid-February for barely two months after Berlin. And for the very impatient, Madame Tussauds in Berlin is giving away 20 free tickets to participate in the unveiling of this exceptional guest. The exact date will be announced. Further information under: Berlin therefore is Berlin a travel value. by Gabriele Reimann (

Snow Shovel Can Be Ordered As No Longer

We feared it, now it is proven: the winter now has us again after three years of mild and snow. in 2009 it is so so far. Children’s, women’s, aluminum or simple snow shovel be as no longer ordered. With 18 models around the snow slide, polymer production designs since 3 years new models. In recent years, new models have been designed for all occasions and areas.

Car snow shovel and telescopic rods were the result. The order backlog reach into March. The snow slide on bearings produced are all out. It is produced by mid March, because we only need to rebuild the stock, even though the winter will be over. But the incoming orders are currently produced on the day of the orders. More capacity is not just.”the production said. “The standard model predominant for a long time on the market snow shovel with wooden handle” you will find in almost every Western European home improvement store.

The very simple and inexpensive manufactured snow slide is like for special offers in uses the well-known department store chain. The wooden handle recessed into the shield and the polyurethane shield allow a low production price. DIY chains put this simple”snow shovel like with sale prices of up to 29.99 on end customers to. In mild years, snow shovel of less were ordered and also from year to year in the sales of cheaper. As end customer, you can benefit when you order polyurethane products directly in our online shop. A price comparison on the Internet showed that we sell the cheapest snow shovel. As a dealer, you also benefit from our up to 30% trade discount. So how to stop ordering euphoria, you must expect a delivery up to 5 working days however. Machines and people have limitations.

Christmas Calendar To The Clearing presents its users to the advent season anticipation is we know that the most beautiful joy. In addition to gifts from loved ones, also the attentions of others are welcomed. Further details can be found at Ping Fu, an internet resource. An advent calendar with special content presents the vehicle Portal its users in the year 2010. As in the previous years car friends expect beautiful views and many gains. Order to provide users with as many high-quality prices, of this year’s Christmas calendar of the auto portal was put together again in close cooperation with numerous manufacturers. The system behind the Christmas lottery is simple: from the 1st to the 24th of December a door can be opened every day, the potential profit is hiding behind the. Who wants to get hold of it, can register then for the raffle.

So the wait is not too long, the winners will be announced daily. Surprises and winning is something for everyone from calendars and auto accessories there is a wide variety books. How to find those Something that even have a driver’s license car fans. The participation is non-binding and free of charge, and anyone can join several times. Who scored once for no gain, can try their luck at the next door and enjoy lots of information and interesting facts. Give a special gift but all participating once a door is open, another part of this year’s Christmas models is visible behind it. Every click becomes a special experience in the cold season.

Pied Piper

15 bands! -2 stages! -12 hours of live music! On December 19, 2009, Showtime24 starts the series of events of XMAS ROCK in the Hall of Pied Piper of Hamelin. The event offers 15 newcomer bands as well as the possibility of established their ability to demonstrate musicians for 12 hours on 2 stages. Interested bands can apply now through All 12 hours party – that has never been there in Hamelin! The event starts at 13:30 and ends at 2:15. Early bird tickets for the price of 5 euro via the website can be ordered for an indefinite period. 3D Systems shines more light on the discussion. Regular Presale tickets for 7 euros at the box office for 10 euros will be available.

The Pied Piper town of Hamelin, the regional radio station radio active and the well-known website for musician – support the project best endeavours so that the first rock event of this kind in HAMELN is a success. More information about XMAS ROCK: Showtime24 is already several years in event marketing Germany-wide working area and can on a variety of successful events look back. As a full service agency, we offer full range of services – from design to the sophisticated marketing of products or actions of our customers. If you have further questions, please contact Mrs Breyer: Tel: 05151 60 98 581 Showtime24 UG (haftungsbeschrankt) urban street 41 74399 Walpole home T +49(0)7133 18 368 42 F +49(0)7133 18 368 43 branch North: Basbergstrasse 9a 31787 HAMELN T +49(0)5151 60 98-581 Managing Director: M. Bezner, D. Breyer, A. Hunter tax number: 55083/14716 USt-IdNr.: DE265280718 Showtime24 has existed since the beginning of March 2009.

In addition to graphics and Web services we provide also artists from all styles, in addition organize and we promote our own, as well as other events. Also sell and rent we each kind of event accessories, from the single-use cups to a high-quality lighting and sound system. Currently our events is restricted to bus day trips, for example in the Europa Park or to major events in all Germany and the neighbouring countries. This Showtime24 appeals to people who want to have fun and meet new people. But even bigger events, such as concerts and disco events pose no problem for us. From the conception of the advertising design and printing, up to the install or distribute you get everything from a single source of advertising with us! -Thats Showtime24! -This is quality! Customer-oriented approach and its reliability is not just a phrase with us, at Showtime24, the customer really is King! See for yourself – we advise you competently and fairly! Our goal is continue to grow and to help more and more customers, to realize appropriate events or to get the matching graphics or website. Advertising is only expensive, if it doesn’t work! Here, we would like to act for you! Take a little time and deal with your advertising and us and you will be pleasantly surprised.

No. Credit Check Loans: Need Not Regret For Impaired Credit Any More!

Loan seekers with a low FICO scores face several difficulties in getting a loan sanctioned and are expected to pay more in interest for any money they borrow. A poor credit score is people default in making of EMIs not uncommon in the UK because many their payments and credit cards etc. Due to mismanaged funds many of them get stuck in more serious troubles like huge debts and arrears, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. People generally with credit score below 650 are considered poor credit performer and it of likely that many lenders turn down their loan application even in the moment of extreme emergency. No. credit check loan is the best product for such loan seekers.

These are available under various titles like no credit check loans, same day, no credit check payday loans etc. unsecured loans, no credit check These loans are very popular among working class people. Those customers who have gone through bankruptcy or have been in the bad books of dealing banks can thus avail these loans. These are generally formulated for salaried people as their fixed regular income is the key point and all other factors are either secondary or ignored. The amount of loan depends solely on repayment capacity of the borrower. The dealing amount in this category start from 50 and goes up to 1500.

The repayment period is up to 30 days or the coming pay day. The form procedure is very simple and effort less as the user has to fill up on easy online application and some dummy paper work. The turnaround period for advance cash is 24 hours post loan sanction. The borrower is required to satisfy the few basic conditions:-he should be 18years old or above and a responsible citizen of the UK. His net monthly income should be above a thousand pounds and should be deposited in his bank account directly. His employment should be secured and he should be availing benefits for at least six months. The credit scheme is on unsecured formulation in which no valuable asset of borrower is required only in the process and he needs to put a post dated check in advance with creditor amount plus interest rate which includes loan and processing charges. These are high risk loans and so interest Council are high even for small amounts. The associated late payment charges and penalties are quite high, so these must be paid off at the earliest. These are recommended to be used in case of emergency and are for those who have a firm income source or a secure job to rely on. The loan seekers have a choice to go online and check the proposals and therefore credibility of different lenders. They can assess these quotes to reach a competitive interest rate and overhead charges etc. The loan seekers should thus be cautious about certain offers which appear to be lucrative but have hidden charges or fake incentives. Alexis Rose is author of bad credit Loans.For more information about unsecured loans visit

Trading Experience

Medical technology may allow is now clearer. ostringen, 04.01.2011. The layout of the online marketplace for medical technology,, with a connected literature area to cheap earn of primarily medical literature in many areas has been redesigned in the night. Managing Director Johannes Blatz informs that “the products that our customers even further back in the focus of expert visitors and interested parties of, to trade high-quality products in an appealing environment”. Search capabilities, catalogs and product presentations were revised so that derive not only the seller, but particularly those interested, mostly physicians and clinics, more quickly to the desired product. The connected eBook online shop, which is largely medical topics dedicated to and operated under the brand name, was clearly attractive and customer-friendly. “Our customers to buy from us, because you feel comfortable and convinced of the products were. That our prices are almost unbeatable, is pleasant”, says Sales Director Tobias Bar. About the company intermediport GbR: Intermediport is successfully working since 2008 in the healthcare market, operates its own medical platforms and realizes projects for customers and partners. One of the most successful market places was created with for medical technology in German-speaking countries. The company was founded on July 1, 2008 by the Heidelberg Medical Informatics student Johannes Blatz and Tobias Bar in ostringen in Heidelberg.

Executive Vice President

Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA (WBCP) is very pleased to announce the collaboration with the grocery chain LIDL as a pan-European trading partner for man of steel. WBCP is LIDL as trading partner for the new ACTION movie MAN OF STEEL known anticipation for the release of Zack Snyder’s new Superman vision grows and Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA (WBCP) is very pleased to announce the collaboration with the grocery chain LIDL as a pan-European trading partner for man of steel. Highly anticipated action adventure based on the characters of DC Comics and will start in June in cinemas. LIDL, one of Europe’s largest and the fastest-growing food chains, will include a comprehensive selection of licensed man of steel in the own range products. Distributed in more than 10,000 stores in 24 countries of Europe products in the fields of clothing, accessories, toys, publications, food and body care are planned this summer.

The dealer has pledged an unprecedented advertising campaign for man of steel. The Promotion action will take place in each country for a week and begins simultaneously with the theatrical release of the film (the starting dates vary from market to market). The campaign will be supported by ads in print media, television and radio spots, an online and social media campaign, billboards, attention-grabbing item actions, at LIDL branches online newsletter and Facebook sweepstakes. In addition, the action in the run-up to the LIDL website, Facebook page and through 175 million advertising flyers that you draw attention to the products and the promotion campaign of steel, will be announced. Pilar Zulueta, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA, says: we are pleased to announce LIDL as our trading partner for man of steel. The company has been a driving force in European trading and win the loyalty of its customers by offering high quality at a minimum price.