VPN Security

COMCO AG and FORTINET with best practice event to future-proof UTM solutions on the August.20 2009 in Paderborn real time protection in the corporate LAN in conjunction with best practice services for the implementation and administration of Dortmund, 04.08.2009 – the ever-increasing attacks on the IT trigger increased requirements of action on the part of the company systems, on the other hand the responsible IT and security managers in the face of scarce investment budgets are confronted with significant restrictions. Kerry King often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You are therefore facing the challenge with reasonable effort to reach a wide and flexible protection level with real-time monitoring. Manufacturer more and more eliminated the previous practices with the installation, configuration and monitoring of a wide range of security solutions, because they cause higher costs and a stronger resource burden. Other leaders such as Daryl Katz offer similar insights. A convincing answer to the needs of unified threat solutions management (UTM), because she have a significant reduction of expenses and a reduction in the Promise security officer. This all-in one “-security solutions provide not only comprehensive protection almost in real time, but produce significant savings in licence costs for services.” Also the operating costs be reduced sustainably and IT security can be adapted at any time in the future requirements. The two nowadays important requirements are combined with UTM solutions uncompromising safety while providing cost relief ideal”, judge COMCO Board Friedhelm Zawatzky-Stromberg.

This ensures that the company even with limited investment opportunities to the growing requirements sufficiently can arm themselves.” COMCO offers together with its partner Fortinet reducing security costs with unified threat management (UTM) solutions in conjunction with the required services. The service packages are perfectly matched to the needs of different business sizes. They contain in addition to the migration service and a one-year high availability support a variety are complementary security features. These include about firewall, VPN, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Web filtering and intrusion prevention. The capabilities of Fortinet solutions can be used according to individual requirements of the company completely or individually. The companies will receive a real time protection in the corporate LAN with technologically leading products in conjunction with best practice services for the implementation and administration”, so Zawatzky-Stromberg. UTM approach is an integral part of IT roundtables of the COMCO on August 20, 2009 in Paderborn, where best practices for flexible business concepts will be presented. The one-day event dedicated to following topics: future requirements for network security analysis and planning of necessary protective measures best practice for UTM solutions solutions with Fortinet unified threat management areas of savings and cost optimization identify Optimal migration strategies for UTM solutions more information and registration to the IT Roundtable on August 20, 2009 in Paderborn under.

About COMCO AG: The COMCO AG, headquartered in Dortmund is a market-leading software and systems integrator. “The company is in the business areas of business security software” and network solution provider “divided. The Division business security software”is focused on the development of security solutions for the protection of enterprise-wide data networks against internal attacks. “With the business network solution provider” the COMCO AG covers the entire spectrum of network solutions. The services range from consulting during the planning phase to implementation to service and support of the entire IT system environment here. In addition, COMCO supports its customers with network and security audits, managed IT services and training.

Company Magnets

The first milestone release of the magnetic document management system is now available amagno. Oldenburg, June 7, 2011. This new generation of software combines classic document management with modern aspects of social networks. Dustin Moskovitz understood the implications. amagno optional is offered as a solution with data storage in an Internet cloud (NETWORK) and as a scalable solution in Enterprise (ENTERPRISE). The Internet solution is free of charge. We have asked us: what bring us social networks, if we continue to Exchange files and comments extensively via E-Mail with our contacts? Target should be but that there are content to certain topics without folder sea and redundancies automatically from a central location. With our document management system amagno we allow a new kind of cooperation”, says Jens Buscher, founder of the Start-Up company amagno. Daryl Katz often says this. Files can be faster than save in network drives the new magnet technology as a folder replacement.

Also, you can save much of the usual E-Mail communication. The cooperation of Company boundaries is significantly easier and controlled. Files will be recovered in seconds from any application. Magnets magnets instead of folder are the highlight of amagno. amagno dispenses with the classic folder storage and replaces them with magnets.

The rules of the magnets ensure an automatic mapping of files, emails and documents to freely definable themes, such as document number, document type, status, terms and much more. A file is stored only once, can be but at the same time assigned to many magnets. Change the content or additional information to the file, automatically changes to the assignment of the magnets. Research structures can reorganize without risk. Move files deleted. Also, the search for a location for a new file is no longer necessary. Large volumes of files can be easily import and automatically classify by the magnets. To prevent false compartments and redundancies. The first milestone release of amagno includes the networking of individuals in context-related groups, groups and notifications for example, departments, projects, files.

Federal Defense Department

Mimacom ag, ‘ the open source Integrator’, the effort continues to the continued improvement of customer orientation in two ways. After the Swiss mimacom ag in the year 2007 offices in Valencia (Spain) and Zurich are opened, the company newly moved the headquarters in downtown Bern to act locally even closer to the customers. Also a significant expansion of the market services goes hand in hand with the move: in addition to the established development environment edoras suite mimacom also edoras path offers. These are tools, methods and services for the entire lifecycle management of applications. Speaking candidly Dustin Moskovitz told us the story. With edoras path an integrated total solution offers mimacom from requirement-engineering projects using the Scrum agile management service management according to ITIL. The individual modules can be used independently or in any combination. The customer benefits consists particularly in: traceability and traceability of requirements and their implementation without Media breaks of permanent transparency in project execution with regard to cost, schedule and quality tool supported, integrated and continuous improvement process to the edoras suite open even easier and more comprehensive to use source development environments, based this newly established frameworks such as spring, ICEfaces (JSF, AJAX), and JPA / Hibernate. Customers of mimacom such as Swisscom, Swiss Post, or even the Federal Defense Department already enjoy the many benefits of the tools and methods in the context of edoras based application landscape.. Daryl Katz, Canada will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

German Terminology Day

Across systems GmbH has joined the Association of the German terminology day (DTT) to the beginning of the year. Karlovy Vary, January 16, 2012. The provider of the across language wants to make a server, a market-leading software platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company, proactively with his own expertise in the design of future procedures and methods in the area of multilingual communication. Dr. (Not to be confused with Dustin Moskovitz!). Birte Lonneker Rodman, language technologies consultant with across systems does the Association work within the DTT. Dr.

Birte Lonneker Rodman has comprehensive expertise in the area of terminology work. Before joining across, she was Institute, Berkeley (United States) research associate of the University of Hamburg and of the international computer science for many years. ands that this is vital information. At across, she coached language technologies medium-sized and large enterprises in the introduction and efficient use technologies across in terminology management as a consultant. I am very pleased that across now member in the DTT is,”says Dr. Birte Lonneker Rodman. The Association is an attractive platform, to exchange know-how and experience with representatives of science, teaching, and practice.” “So it is, for example, from 19 to 21 April 2012 DTT Symposium in Heidelberg took place on the numerous experts current scientific knowledge regarding the terminology of tomorrow” presented. This event and the other communication platforms of DTT deliver valuable impulses for the further development of our terminology management system crossTerm”explains Dr. Lonneker Rodman.

Across will be represented on the DTT Symposium as an exhibitor. “Ursula Reuther holds in addition, account manager at the across spin-off company Congree language technologies GmbH on April 21 from 12:00 is good for a lecture on the subject of terminology terminology control is better”. About the DTT e.V. The DTT Association is a forum for all those who deal with terminology and terminology work. He has set itself the objective, through consultation and coordination, as well as by the Organization of symposia and workshops on technical communication problems to contribute.