This is a good figure and normally will show that there is an interesting market related to the niche market, in this case Canine training. The following will be observed the number of ads in Adwords which returns the phrase. Adwords ads are those that appear right at the top of the page and the results highlighted in yellow (remarcados in red by us in the picture). In the most profitable niches, there will be more people paying to see these ads published. If your search returns a page without Adwords ads, it is best that abandon that niche market and look for a new one since there are big possibilities that even though the subject is popular, an audience that is leaving money there.

Now what you should do is write each one of the five key phrases and aim: 1. the number of busqueda2 results. How many people are buying Adwords ads for that phrase in particular. The following value – as already mentioned – is to get an idea of how many people are willing to pay Google Adwords ads, since this will be an excellent indicator of the amount of money that moves within the niche market selected. Then we can conclude is a product that is sold on the INTERNET! instead of relying on what you tell us or want us to convince. We made our own – and independent – market study.

Also accurately note that products are being sold in Adwords ads, since this will be a good reference to know the products you are buying people within the niche. This can assist you greatly in creating your own product. For example: what sold the first announcement of Adwrods appearing on the results page? In the case of dog training is: training PerrosEduca to your dog as LosProfesionales. Insurance results what sells this first announcement is a four hours about canine training video. We move on to the second announcement: education of the PerroTodo type of complementosBoutique of the trainer sells all kinds of accessories and tangible products related to the training of dogs. Please note that it does not necessarily have to be the best product to imitate, however it can give you a general idea of what It is marketing in your niche. It is an excellent study to determine the feasibility of your niche market.