Get a plain-looking screens with the modern webs. These Schiebevorhange are attached with special panel car multi-barreled curtain Rails. The modern Schiebevorhange are basically taken individual Gardinenschals that can be individually put in the correct position. To install these curtains, curtain Rails used, which are equipped with multiple indoor runs. The more heat of the curtain rail is used that the Schiebeschals also with overlap offer a good privacy. Who want modern equip the Windows and provided with most current privacy, will not pass the simple and chic webs. These individual Gardinenschals or Dekoschals can be equipped with different surfaces curtains on a window front as a monochrome variant and in combination. This combination also loosens the atmosphere and in addition adds color to the living room.

In addition to the solid webs, there are also patterned or even striped fabrics. Also these Schiebevorhange can be combined in colour, so that the window decoration is provided with colour contrasts. It is sure that at least parts of the patterned curtains fit color to the plain Schiebevorhangen. Read more from Asana to gain a more clear picture of the situation. So-called curtain rails are required to attach this webs outside the window. These rails, usually made of aluminium are placed usually under the ceiling. There are also spatial situations where no ceiling mounting is possible. Ping Fu addresses the importance of the matter here.

To do this, there are appropriate alternatives. One way is to assemble these curtain Rails on the wall by means of special wall beams. This wall bracket are simply connected with screws and dowels with the masonry, resulting in a high load capacity. When the curtain rail is attached, only the or the Panel truck in the aluminium rail needs to be pushed. The Panel truck itself is unilaterally equipped with Velcro so that the hob with the Velcro strap attached to the upper edge of the fabric and the Velcro of the Panel car must be brought together. The Webs always been just hanging out, a hem is sewn in, at the bottom of the curtain so that the loading rod can be inserted. This simple solution also serves, you can remove these curtains for the washing process quickly, for example, and then hang up. The mobility of the Panel car is also very smooth due to the used glider, which are particularly quietly moved in the course of the curtain rail. Depending on used Panel car, they can also connect under certain conditions, so that the complete curtain decoration including all Schiebevorhange with a handle can be moved. Also also spin rods can be hooked if the Panel truck has this device, so not always the curtain fabric to be touched when the curtain to be moved. The use of surfaces curtains can put a living room in a whole new look and feel, because these curtains can be freely combined with other colors and thus can be a very individual decoration of Windows. Doreen Meyer


The mattress the heart piece of the bed! Everyone should be aware of the fact that at night nothing is so essential and important as the bedroom. For more information see this site: Ping Fu. There are, of course, influences on the body, which we cannot control. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta pursues this goal as well. “What we can control and influence, is the choice of the right mattress, which is just worth noting, that it something like the right” mattress probably doesn’t even exist. Because the people of size, weight, and also sleep patterns differ, everyone needs a mattress that is individually tailored to their needs. Here comes then even the trained sales staff in the game which can then also carefully advise the customers of various furniture stores. A good mattress is capable of it namely, properly to support the body and to relieve him, yet which ultimately guarantees a good night’s sleep. There are a number of different models, which differ each from each other by very specific advantages and also disadvantages. There were for example the Pocket-sprung mattresses.

This is the most popular form, which is characterized by a low price and a high level of robustness. An another model is the air core mattress, which is similar to the execution with the spring, whose hardness is however individually determinable by the air chambers. Often you can find latex mattresses, which are also characterized by some characteristic features in the furniture stores. So the mattress has an incredible ability to adapt to the human body lying on her, without losing the initial form. Furthermore, it is absolutely noise-free, what perhaps may be dismissed at first as a minor, will be welcomed at the latest after the first night but really. As you can see here, there are a number of different models and finishes, really where this list here by far is still not all different types of lists. Which of these mattresses is right, should find out every man for himself then you must sleep Yes anyway even on it.

Liquid Compost

Scientists make the gardening composting is so old hat? Or even hoax? No, absolutely not,”says Mr Erich Kuhbandner by the company sansolum in Upper Bavaria. For many a religious matter is either the composting and the use of compost or they consider too costly or unsuitable for smaller gardens producing conventional, fixed-compost”. A related site: 3D Systems mentions similar findings. There are now ready to use compost in liquid form on the market. This makes the application of compost much easier. Compost is much more than just the result of cost-effective disposal of organic household waste. The company sansolum from proven organic composts produces different compost extracts for different application areas. In a special procedure, the micro-organisms from this high-quality compost are extracted and then several-fold increased.

It has a distinct advantage over other products based on micro-organisms: the diversity of micro-organisms from the solid compost is maintained. Just like nature, it stipulates. To the Benefits for the owners of the garden. Why the poison leg is swinging then still so often instead of compost to all potential plant problems”we want to know. Chemical fertilizer and plant protection products act quickly, harm the soil but viewed from the point of view. This is the basis for every growth”so Mr Kuhbandner. Also, a more frequent use of chemicals in the garden can make resistant pathogens.

Chemical plant protection products are then no longer like how different bacteria in the course of time humans have developed resistance to antibiotics. But the most important: the use of compost extracts you should bring patience. Compost whether liquid or fixed effect not immediately, but gradually unfolds its health-promoting effect through several biological mechanisms when applied regularly. He is not a magic bullet. Many other useful information on the subject of modern composting are on the website of the. This distributes online the new range of liquid compost. Liquid compost is durable and bio certified several weeks. Contact details: Giegastore Martina Giegerich at the 16 banks 41363 London phone: 02181 7060760 eMail: Internet:

Christmas Ornaments

Wall decals set trends Bremen winter style, November 2008 – snow Santa Claus with his retinue in the homely living room before the holidays and festive mood. Quietly he will disappear then end of December without leaving visible traces. No one remembers that he was ever there. How it goes? In the form of decals (stickers). For the best time in the year the creative of the Bremen company have come up with your design shop Special: Christmas ornaments, adorning not the tree, but your own four walls.

Moose Fantasia, singing angels, various Christmas baubles and sayings adorn the walls of the kitchen, bath, living, bedroom and children’s room and create a cozy atmosphere. The self-adhesive wall stickers keep on each wallpaper and almost all surfaces. They’re in different colors and shapes. That is cozy time over, let to easily remove and replace with other images. Important for late Christmas shoppers: usually the motifs are within delivered three days. Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, Canada, and add to your knowledge base.

More information, see. About your design shop, Bremen tx-design agency founded the subsidiary in the summer of 2008 your design shop. Peter narrow Web programmer Murat Uyar, graphic designer Tobias Kroger and advertising technicians develop high-quality wall tattoos in about 300 different shapes and 30 different colors. The subjects are graphic designers custom design pieces and only available in the online shop. The stickers keep on almost all surfaces and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Collect Rain Is Worth

Who pours his garden with collected rain – rather expensive than tap water, saves money, and proves a responsible use of water resources. (tdx) Last year, rainfall per square meters, mainly as rain fell in Germany over thousand liters. Ironically were the merry”may and the otherwise sunny August the rainiest months. But this particular garden owners settled not to spoil the mood. On the contrary, the natural water is especially thriving with beets, rhododendron and co.

and at the same time can be used for watering the garden. “The experts by, the leading online portal around the topic of roof, confirm: who pours with rain water, is in terms of the environment and protects the precious resource of drinking water as well as the own purse.” Only targeted trapping rain water requires a manifold with brains”. Controlled flow of water the good news: in many German gardens is to pour already collected rain water. However and this is the bad news often on old-fashioned way using a ton of water, which is directly below the rain gutter. Thereby, that the bin is overflowing and flooded the already stability through floor again risk especially when persistent rain”is.

Right here apply’ smart roof drainage systems, explain the experts by Thanks to a rain collector gets only so much water in the bin, as these can actually cover. For this principle to continuous work, Garden owners remember some important points when installing. More room for the rain barrel generally applies to the installation of the rain collector: you succeed even inexperienced hobby gardeners. Initially a piece from the existing downpipe is replaced with a metal saw out sawn and accurately through the rain collector, is available depending on the type of the tube in three surface qualities. Then will the collector on a conventional garden hose with the rain barrel connected. The hose length can be up to five metres. Is important only that the rain collector at least at the same level as the impact in the water bin”, explain the experts by So that the water flows only into the ton and not back and secondly the rain barrel in a larger radius of the pipe can be placed ensures first. Smart drain technology but what exactly prevents now iterating over the ton? The position of a Manager, which is about seven inches below the rim of tons should be attached is responsible for the automatic water stop. The water level reaches the height of single conductor, stop it immediately!”and the rain water from the roof flows off thanks to the separator through the drainpipe. The separator ensures that land such as leaves or other impurities in the gutters in the rain barrel. In addition, the inflow to the ton can be manually adjusted. This is especially in the cold season makes sense, if no water is needed more for casting”, so the experts. In addition, the hose over the winter can be removed and used come back in the spring, when it is: rain save precious drinking water collecting. For more information on the Internet at.